SweetLife Food & Music Festival 2012.

Sweet Life Music and Food Festival took place on April 28 this year.
Amanze, his sister Chi Chi, and I set out for our adventure in the sun...
except there was barely any sun, and plenty of clouds.

But we had a GREAT time.
All of the artists were effing fantastic.

Fun.: Me and my silly boy were out in the parking lot "preparing" for the show while they were on. We heard them from a distance, but I'm still pretty salty we missed them in person.

Haim: Their lead guitarist was so hilarious to watch. She made the most ridiculous faces while she performed, and I loved it to pieces.

A$AP Rocky and the A$AP Mobb: This was a decent preview for the show we went to see the next day.

Yuna: Who we unfortunately had to miss bc A$AP was running late on the main stage. BUT I saw her live just last week with Graffiti 6. She was great.

Fitz and the Tantrums: This came out of left field to me. Now I surely have heard of them, but never sought out their music. They were awesome. Soo much energy.

The Shins: Love them. I was so excited to see them live.

Cudderrr: This boy can perform..and white people LOVE him. The crowd went absolutely bonkers during this show. And I can't lie, it was good.

AVICII: We went back in the stands for this show, since it was dark and the stage was large. Bright neon lights..huge graphics on stage. It was dope and loads of electronica DJ fun.

A$AP Rocky (who I saw twice this weekend)

Please take note of the white guy in the jersey at around 1:00.
I nearly punched him in the face, until he passed me some grass.
I was satisfied with his enthusiasm after that.

Painting at the festival
Our view from the line for The Shins.
Free compliments!!

They had all types of cute little areas to hang out.
And most of the food was organic or locally grown.

It was packed everywhere...
And this is still early in the day.

Amanze and Chi Chi.


The Shins

He was really great on stage.
Great show.
Me and my boy
Visual dopeness. Peep the glowlights.
I was so mad that I left from down there when they
started handing those out. 

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