Laurence Fishburnes's Daughter's a Porn Star.

It's sad to say, but Laurence Fishburne's 18 year old daughter Montana is a new porn star. She seems to have gotten the idea from Kim Kardashian, which is just stupid, but I guess she's going to have to figure this one out the hard way.

Her manager is Brian Pumper(who is all over the porn scene), and she's trying to get exposure for her and her puny boyfriend that looks like Zero from Disney's Holes.

I know there's a job for everyone, but a porn star? AND your dad is Laurence Fishburne?!
She acts like she can't get exposure just from having a famous dad. Idk, but I sure as hell feel sorry for him. Fathers usually don't even like the idea of their daughters having sex, but the fact that his daughter is making a career out of it has got to be tough. Stay strong Laurence.

And as for Montana aka Chippy-D, girl get it together.
"I know what I do, and I do it well"....girl you sound like a hoe. Smh.
P.S. Doesn't she look like her dad?



This world is still afloat.

Zero 7 has been one of my favorite groups for many years now.
Their music always has a great vibe and their lyrics are incredibly honest.

The song below isn't new by any means, but I think people need to listen and really take it in.
Not only is it an all-around good song, but I just love the message behind it: HOPE.

I've encountered so many jaded, pessimistic people, always complaining or holding a grudge against someone, some establishment or some less that pleasurable occurrence.
And the most unfortunate thing is, some are so held up in that negativity, that they are blind to how blessed they truly are.

Cynicism will do no good, and that's why we should start centering our thoughts around the positive things we do have and the positive possibilities we can create.

Even if things are not going your way and it seems like the shit cant hit the fan any harder, just know this too shall pass.
I've learned no matter how bad the situation may seem, good will come from it.
You may not see it initially, but you've been taught a life lesson.
There is too much beauty in this world to harp on the ugliness.

As I say: "I'm positive that being positive can only lead to more positive things."-me, Jai$

Okay, I'm going to get off my soapbox now, lol, here's "This World":

This world is full of love, we still have hope...