Music Mondays. 11.30.09

1) Wiz Khalifa- "Studio Lovin"
I love this song(off his newly released album "Deal or no Deal".)
I also love how they say Johnny Juliano. It's #adorable.

2) Wiz Khalifa-"Red Carpet"
Another dope song off the album.
"Gettin mo' scrill, deal or no deal, uh"

3) Tyga-"Heaven or hell"
I love the beat of this song. Hella happy.
This is off Tyga's latest mixtape "Black Thought" <--Cop it.

4) Kelis- "Acapella"
This song is different,I like it tho.
This is the first single off her up and coming album titled "Acapella"

5) John Mayer- "Do you know me"
He is the man. Nuff said.
This song is just one of MANY great songs off "Battle Studies"<--Cop it!



1) Girl Talk "That's My DJ"
GT is def. one of my favorite groups; it's crazy how talented they are.
"Thats my DJ" is an oldie, but a mos def a goodie.
They should have a new album coming out soon so I'll post ALOT more of their stuff!

2) Aerosmith-"Dream On"
One of my favorite rock songs.
I used to be jamming back to this in highschool man.
His voice is just sick and that guitar intro is funky as hell.

3) Kid Cudi-"My World"
I want to carry his seed.
That is all. lol

4) Sade-"Lovers Rock"
I am so happy I grew up on Sade.
I had a friend who hated her and I officially didnt trust their judgement. lol jk
But this has to be one of the most sensual, chill songs to grace my ears.
And then the Brasilian vibe is fresh.


A star is born.

You probably figured this post was about J.Cole (judging from the title).
But no, this person couldn't be further from talent.

I encourage everyone to point and laugh at Birdman right about now (and every day from this point on.)

That tatoo looks gross to me.
I think its the fact that it's red and its where his brain is(if he has one).
It just looks like his head is open. #EWW


No, not the lotion.

Nivea and Wayne had their baby boy today.
Good for them.

In other news, what the hell lol.
Wayne sperm are aparently of the highest quality and are putting in mad overtime.

On Twitter, lots of people are talking about how the other "baby mama's" and ex-wife are reacting to the birth of baby Neal.
This is the initial tweet and retweet from Lauren London and Toya Carter:
"MsLaurenLondon RT @antoniacarter Congrats to Nivea and Wayne...its a Boy!!! (Beautiful and blessed)"

And here are a few of the many responses:
Myfabolouslife: RT @MsLaurenLondon RT @antoniacarter Congrats to Nivea and Wayne...its a Boy!!! (Beautiful and blessed) <--this is a interesting tweet 2 me

LilDuvall: i just heard all of lil wayne's babymamas are congratulating each other on twitter. if that aint some nigga shit.

MsLaurenLondon: Our children's comfort and happiness is the most important thing to us. Life is too short. Peace and Love yall.

Crad1985: RT @myfabolouslife RT @MsLaurenLondon RT @antoniacarter Congrats to Nivea and Wayne...its a Boy!!! (Beautiful and blessed) <--Awkward Turtle.
I don't really have a take on things. Honestly, its life.
People have babies by different people all day. At least there is not drama.
Twitter was hilarious tho lol.


Lo siento.

Leslie and I have not been on our blog grizzy (we are no bona fide hustlers)...and we apologize.

This is the equation I came up with to TRY and excuse our abscence:
Thanksgiving + work + virus ass computer + kicking it too hard + no sleep + (>_>) + (-_-)=

I know its gonna be tough during the final weeks of this semester, but we are gonna step our blog game up with some funny ish, some interesting ish and some good music ish.
We have some discussion to partake in.

We back.
Don't go no where, loves....

Ms. Braxton if ya nasty...

If you missed the Soul Train Music Awards, you should watch this.
This is Toni Braxton and Trey Songz singing "Yesterday"

This is basically a hot topic just because they kissed, but they do both look great.

Toni Braxton is a sneaky one. lol
She was definitely about to go in for the kiss again right when the performance ends.
Mixing a little business with pleasure I see. (#notmadatit)


Its been a long time.

We shouldn't have left you(without a dope beat to step to.)

Anyway, me and Jai apologize for the lack of bloggage in the last week.
It has surely been a crazy one for us.

We're getting back to our regularly scheduled programming right about...NOW!



She wanted Jay-Z.

Wale, J.Cole, and UCB freestyling at Dennys.

I love J.Cole's chill.

P.S. Wale remind me of Beavis (from Beavis and Butthead) when he says "I'm gonna eat, it's gonna be great."



Is it just me?

So I was looking through some pictures and started noticing that ya girl Rihanna has not been on her game lately.

She's been looking real scraggly to me. I don't know if its her hair or what..but she needs to get it together.

Maybe her personal stylist went on strike lol.

Exhibit 1: The interview.

Exhibit 2: The hair.

Exhibit 3: The face.

(I will say this though, that motha freakin fanny pack is live lol.)

Maybe I'm just being picky, but I'm used to Rihanna looking nothing short of this:

My message to Rihanna: "Lock it up."



So a minute ago I blogged about the "Tron" movie.
The movie is going to be so freaking dope, but I was late as hell on one major detail:
Daft Punk is doing the score for the movie!

My brother, Brad, called me geeked as hell to tell me about it the other day and I am so stoked!
We LOVE Daft Punk but we didnt know what they were up to since their last album "Human After All" released in 2005 (esp. their projects in the States).

Im copin that soundtrack as soon as it drops.
This is going to be epic yall.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite mash-ups:
MGMT x Daft Punk-"One More Time to Pretend"

Follow these directions.

Media Takeout knows how to find em!

If you ever get the urge to do something this ridiculous, and think its cool, please follow these directions:

1.Go to your local grocery store.
2.Buy a large can of whoop a$$.
3.Go back home.
4.Open it.



Less than a week away.

Caution: Extreme groovability ahead.

Wiz Khalifa- Goodbye

And this is him performing part of the song over the summer.

I surely can't wait for Deal or No Deal on November 24th. :)



For all of you that are fans of the Real Housewives of Atlanta...

Next season, one of the Housewives is getting the boot.
Guess who:


Personally, I don't know how they can afford to lose her, but maybe she's just too busy with She by Sheree lol. I would expect them to maybe trade Kandi in for another housewife(even though I like her).

But hey, its still somewhat of a rumor, so I guess we'll know for sure once the new season starts.I guess they figure as long as they have crazy aka Nene, then they're good. lol.

But really though, yal know who needs a show to themselves?
This negro Dwight:

I could watch him all night long!


I was drizzle and she was hurricane.

(click play and read)

"I wanted so badly to lie down next to her on the coach, to wrap my arms around her and sleep. Not fuck, like in those movies. Not even have sex. Just sleep together, in the most innocent sense of the phrase. But I lacked the courage and she had a boyfriend and I was gawky and she was gorgeous and I was hopelessly boring and she was endlessly fascinating. So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was hurricane."
-John Green

P.S. If you know where these pictures are from, kudos.

P.P.S. In the song above, when she says,"He tells me all his secrets. He thinks nobody knows. We lay together in daylight..."

Do you think she means:
A) He thinks that nobody knows that he tells her all his secrets.
B) He tells her secrets that he thinks nobody knows.
C) He thinks nobody knows that they lay together in daylight.

-Yes, this is the kinda stuff I think about. lol
I've been wondering about that line for months now and I finally decided to bring in to The Clearance Aisle for proper evaluation and discussion.


Final score.

Black women: 1
White women: 0

If white girls have to wear these to achieve minimal thickness, we have officially won.
ha, jk

P.S. I thought this was a complete joke when I first saw this. smdh.

No smoking sign.

Real talk, Nicki Minaj has one of the craziest (and when I say "craziest", I mean weirdest) voice/facial expression combo's on Earth.

It's so hard not to watch her though, because no rapper in their right mind would ever think about looking like she does when she spits.

It's like she turns into this right before she starts rapping, lol:

I just don't understand it, but hey.
This video is the perfect example of how she just does the most.

(peep how all the guys are looking at her like.."She serious!?")

I can't get enough of how she says "No smoking sign."
She's such a damn cartoon. lol

P.S. Sorry Im late.
I drafted this post a while ago and forgot about it :/



Video, phone.

The new Beyonce video was leaked a day early.
Check it out :)

Beyonce ft Lady Gaga-Videophone

Is it just me or does it look like she's topless in this still shot?

Anyway, I liked it.
Gaga and Beyonce go hard


Music Monday. 11.16.09

1) Jet Audio-"Lose Your Mind"
Im digging this.

2) Samantha James-"Send it out to the Universe"
If you are ever feeling uninspired or hopeless, listen to this song.
The lyrics are the truth and it makes me feel happy.
Plus, I truly believe it:
"Send it out to the universe. Let it fly away. Send it out to the universe. Whatever's meant to be will be." = instant comfort.

3) K-OS- "4,3,2,1"
We can always count on K-OS to have some catchy tune celebrating b-boys and b-girls in the video.

4) The Kickdrums ft. Kid Cudi-"Sky High"
Not new by any means, but damn I love this junt.
And please do yourself a favor and jump on The Kickjumps if you havent already taken that leap.
They are the shit; Im just saying.

1) Wale-"Shades"
This song is so real.
Its a shame what black people have to go through just by being black.
Plus Chrisette's voice sounds great on this track!

2) Cherish- "Show and Tell"
This song has always done it for me.

3) Heatwave- "This night we fell"
I love this group.
They can do no wrong in my eyes.
This is exactly where they get the term "oldie but goodie" from.


#whenwewereyoung getting the Toys 'R' Us Big Toy Book in the Sunday paper was one of the highlights of the holiday season.
*aka my life season. lol

I dont know about yall, but about a month before Christmas, I was like a 4'11 crackhead for that big ace, sparkly Toys 'R' Us Big Toy Book.
I would have my markers on deck, ready to circle all the craziness I wanted.
Oh nostalgia...

But now, most of us are grown as hell and we arent getting hella gifts from our parents like we used to.
And that's probably a good thing because hopefully, by now, we have realized that the holiday season is more about giving than receiving and thats exactly what the homies are doing....

My friend Brad and his guys have decided to pull a Spike Lee Joint and "Do the Right Thing" by throwing a dope event for a deserving family this Thanksgiving.

They have hooked up with Jesus Kids Outreach (a more grass roots organization than the typical Salvation Army route. ow.) to adopt a local St.Louis family, the Majors.

The Majors are dealing with an unfortunate situation.
Their house was flooded and they were forced to abandon their home.
And now Ms. Majors, a single mother to three young children, is having a tough time paying for both the mortgage of the flooded home and the rent at their current location.

But, thats where you come in!

On November 25, at Club Mercury in St. Louis, we are asking you to come out, support this family and of course, have a good time doing it.

Basically, we are accepting anything that will help including...
-Art supplies
-School supplies
-Hand Sanitizer
-Cash Donations
-New or slightly used clothing and shoes (sizes listed below)

*9-year-old girl- Size 5 in clothes, size 5 woman shoe.
*13-year-old girl- Size 16 in clothes, size 11 woman shoe (or 9.5 mens shoe)
*Infant boy- Size 12-18 in clothes.

I will have more information about this shin-dig in the next week, but in the mean time, please gather all you can for this deserving family because they could really use our support.

And if you would like to get in contact with the man with the plan aka Brad aka dude in charge of all of this, please contact him at b.edwards314@gmail.com

And remember...
"Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more”
-Anthony Robbins

P.S. Listen to Kanye and "tell everybody that you know".
Thank you and we appreciate it!


Beanie baby.

I cant fucking take it.

Egregious, in the best way possible.


Find your CENTER.

Curren$y + Jay Electronica + Mos Def = Center Edge Territory

On Friday night I found out they are forming a group together with the help of...Dame Dash?
Yes, it is going to interesting, but it also going to be fresh.


Music Monday. 11.09.09

1) Robin Thicke ft Nicki Minaj-"Shakin It For Daddy"
That nigga Nicki is starting to grow on me.
I think its the fact that she's retarded lol...
and sometimes you can't help but stare at retarded people.

2) Curren$y-"Life Under the Scope"
I love the vibe of this song and the video.
Super refreshing.

3) Jamie Foxx ft Gucci Mane-"Speak French"
Gucci Mane is officially the Tpain of this year bc he is on everybody's song!
I love when he comes in the song tho.

4) Neako-"Cold Shoulder"
Me and Neako are cool on Twitter (@Neako), and he put me on his mixtape:The Rubix Cube Blue Edition Mixtape.
I like.



1) Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum and Durr-"You Cant Blame Me"
If you downloaded the "Burn After Rolling" mixtape, chances are youve had this song stuck in your head without even hearing the sample song Wiz Khalifa used on "When You Find".
Well here it is.
The original is the un-jealouus!

2) Heatwave-"Star Story"
LMo featured this song in a post a little while ago but I had to put it up again.
Ive been listening to it non-stop lately; the vibes are so lovely.
I even proposed to my best friends bicep, which I named "Bucky the Bicep", while this song was playing.
I was on some (*_*) stuff, of course. lol

3) The Joker-"Blow Ya Back Out"
Ive been bumping this song forever and we listened to it all night on my 21st birthday (7/29/08 was pure, random craziness fyi, lol)!
Still love it.


Welcome our special guest Music Monday Blogger:
Dru Dynamite

1)Cop shoot Cop- Migration

2) The Black Ghosts- Full moon


Tremaine Aldon Neverson, (1984-): Inventor of sex.

I, for one, am a believer...

Because at this point in time, I believe Trey Songz was snooping around in the Garden of Eden, and in fact, did invent sex. lol

Just watch.
So sensual.
So intimate.
I could go on, but I would end up going too far. lmao

P.S. If he licks her one more time!!

P.P.S. He bites that lip like a true champ.

P.P.P.S. Tremaine Neverson is Trey Songz' real name. lol

P.P.P.P.S. If you want more sexy screen shots from the video, like the pic below, click here.



Music Monday. 11.2.09

In celebration of that dude (aka Wiz Khalifa's) mixtape ("Burn After Rolling") dropping, we are dedicating this Music Monday to him!

On my birthday, July 29, Wiz had a show in STL, but I couldnt attend.
(I was in ATL for my internship where I got to stuff like this. ow.)
But my sister, LMo, and some other friends went.
Leslie drove two hours to get to the show which ended up getting shut down.
(Venue jealouused him for smoking. Have you never heard a Wiz song? It's expected cuz. lol)
But they still met up with him afterwards and got to chill.

I ended up talking to him on the phone for a good minute.
He wished me a Happy Birthday, did an authentic Wiz Khalifa,"Okkkaaaaay!" and is basically an all around cool dude/sweetheart.
But I was like,"Dude, just Tweet my sister @LMO4 for my birthday. It will make her life." and eventually he did.
Now they have this strange "Vampire Society" inside joke thing on Twitter and theyre cool.
(I guess they are both dorks with that Vampire Society thing? IDK. lol jk)
But naw, he's cool as hell AND his music is sick as hell!
(as we've said a million times on this blog)

Also, he shops The Clearance Aisle:

So if you havent done so, download "Burn After Rolling" here not now, but right now!

Sidenote: Alot of these songs are kinda old, but they are still fire nonetheless...

1) Wiz Khalifa-"When You Find"
If you dont find this song dope, do me a favor and click that X at the top of the screen and get the fuck off our blog.
Your kind are not welcome. lol

2) Wiz Khalifa-"Miles"
This beat needs a warning from the Surgeon General; it's that sick! (and yes, Im that corny. lol)
Both Leslie and I complained about the fact that this song is far too short, but then I understood that nigga is not stupid...
With a beat this ill, it's better to let it speak for you and let it ride out...

3) Wiz Khalifa-"Say You Will Freestyle"
Check that Biggie rhyme. lol

4) Wiz Khalifa-"The Thrill"
LMo Music Monday'ed this last week.
Of course, you cant go wrong rapping over Empire of the State...
"The show is far. You the only one with a car with yo girlfriends, but being that she's a big fan of course she made it..."

5) Wiz Khalifa "B.A.R"

P.S. Okaaaaaaaay!

P.P.S. Yeahhhhh bitch!

P.P.P.S. Go cop his album "Deal or No Deal" when it drops 11.24.09.