"Where Have You Been" BTS: Part 2

This is the wardrobe fitting.
And I feel like the video is about to be really dope.

"Big pasties for tiny boobs?"

Music Monday: 04.23.12

1. Lianne La Havas: "Forget"
This chick is up next.
Another UK artist about to leave her mark in the music industry.

She has amazing voice control, and sounds (is) beautiful live with just her and her guitar.

I downloaded her free EP "Live in LA" here, and then immediately bought her EP "Lost and Found" off iTunes....and I don't "buy" anything.

This is the official video for "Forget", but I prefer it live. The live version is below as well.

2. Jono McCleery: "Fears"
This was the first song I heard of his; and I instantly became a fan.

His album "There Is" became available last year, and it's quite enjoyable from what I've heard already.
His first album was released independently and partly funded by Vashti Bunyan.

His tone...there's something about it that I really like.
He's also from the UK...London specifically.

3. Danny Brown: "XXX"
Danny Brown...what a kid.
His style is sometimes reminiscent of Eminem to me and even Wu Tang  ...not sure why.
But I like it.

This song in particular is hype and just in your freaking face.
Which is pretty much what he is in general...crazy(looking) and in your face.

I just fear that he's gonna get out of control with the drugs and end up messing his life up.
The stars don't seem to know how much is too much.

*Cues up "Die Like a Rock Star"

Download Danny Brown's mixtape "XXX"  here.

4. Sade: "No Ordinary Love"
Let's throw a little Sade in there.
Just for good measure. ;)

5. Mac Miller: "Fight the Feeling" ft. Kendrick Lamar
Great song.
It gives me the exact feeling I love in music.
Light yet fully bodied, slightly dazed, and surprisingly crisp...especially when Kendrick breaks through the beat.


Download Mac Miller's mixtape "Macadelic" here.

Workaholics: Season 1.

I am abolutely in love with Workaholics.

Since I first started watching it a month ago, I've seen all of Season 1 like 10 times.

It is freaking hilarious and redunk!
If you are at all interested in over the top frat boy type of sarcastic humor, then ta da....here you are.
You're welcome.

Some of my favorite quotes from Season 1 include:

"Bitch better have my honey!" (classic)

I'm the God damn neighborhood watch!"

"I was never gonna move out...ya damn fools."

"Got a pee cart coming through."

"Oh, I like that!"

"Can a motherfucka get the check please?!"

"Catherine Zeta Jones....she dips beneath the lazers...Ohoooaa."

"I"m on a real spiritual high right now brother. Real high."

"Let's do it for the dinosaurs"

"I'm a wizard, bitch!"

Feel free to comment or include some of your favorites.
I can talk about "Workaholics" all day! Here's a compilation of highlights from Season 1 and 2. Enjoy.

"Where Have You Been" BTS: Part 1

Rihanna is gearing up to release the video for "Where have you been" off her newest album "Talk That Talk"(which is a fantastic album btw).
I'm so happy bc this song made me go crazy when I first heard it.
Like absolute techno club in my head.

I love this crazy chick. She says she didn't want to do this video unless it was heavy on the choreo. It looks like it's going to be dope though. I love all the island dances and it's great that she's incorporating where she comes from.


Celebrities Don't Have All the Fun...

...they just act like it.

Rihanna and Katy Perry apparently went bonkers at Coachella.
Probably the same way I felt at SXSW last month.

I'm trying to make it to Coachella next year, though!
Experience that "Thug Life" Rihanna is so proud of.
I need love, love to ease my mind.

If That's yo Hoe, That's my Hoe Too.

I used to be annoyed by Rihanna, but now, by golly, she's got me caught up in a girl crush.
She is so over the top and bad ass.

I still stand by the fact that she wouldn't really know style if it wasn't for her stylist, but who cares.
I'd style her all day long and let her take the credit.
Lord knows I would.

Here are some of my favorite Rihanna pics.
Werk girl:


Allure Magazine: March 2012

What a nice, whimsical spread.
I want to do some funky colors with my hair...
Perhaps I will. ;)


Get the look for less.

You have probably seen these adorable envelope clutches lately.
If you haven't, please peep game.
Here's the color block leather envelope clutch from Chloe:

It's adorable, but nobody over here is willing to drop $450 for it.
If you like the look, but want an alternative, I'd go with the Mossimo colorblock envelope clutch from Target(seen below).

Only $16.99 and mad adorable.

Holla at ya face!


I got one for ya.

I just finished reading this blog post about being effing awesome in life.
And I've been thinking about that same type of thing lately:
Life is what you make it.

When you grow old and think back on your life, don't you want to feel like it was ridonkulous?
Me does.

Anyway, here's an excerpt from the post:
You want a purpose to your life? I got one for ya.

From this day forth, your purpose is to be the most fucking awesome person you can imagine being.

Quick story: in my early 20s I used to hang out with piercers and tattoo artists a lot. It was the 90s, and a bunch of us were getting crazy parts of their bodies pierced.

One day I walked up to my piercer friend, Azl, who was pretty much covered with tattoos. Incidentally, he’s now an amazing poker player with a huge backpiece of a king of diamonds (with an axe in his head). Epic.

Anyway, I walk up to him one day in the studio and I ask: “What is it like to look down at your arms and know that all these tattoos are yours– that this is what your arms look like?”

Pausing for a moment for dramatic effect, he answered: “Julien, It is fucking awesome,” and smiled widely.

I can get behind that.
Read the full post here.


Beez in the Trap.

I'm not even going to act like I don't like this song/video.

It's fun and hood and I like to see the booty's 'a bouncin.
Don't we all?

And I thouroughly enjoyed 2 Chainz dancing around Nicki with his lanky self.


Drake Double Feature.

Drake ft Lil Wayne: "HYFR"

Drake ft Rihanna: "Take Care"

They certainly kicked it in that HYFR video.
And little Drake and that fancy arm dance?
Whew. Buddy had skills.

The Rihanna video was dope in it's own right too.


Girl Walk.

Amanze's homeboy hit us up talking about 4 Loko's and Girl Walk.

So I thought to myself "Girl Walk, you say? Que es eso, mi amigo?"
"Are we about to partake in some sort of drunken trail walk for vagina holders?"

I was a little off.
Have you ever heard of DJ Girl Talk?

He's a dope DJ with sold out shows left and right.
He makes the crowd go wild.
Pretty much like this.
Jai has had the pleasure of seeing him live.

Well, his new CD gave us a reason to dance...
via this movie called "Girl Walk."
The movie is set to the entire 71-minute mash up of DJ Girl Talk's "All Day" album.

Download "All Day" for free here.

This group of crazy dancers in New York literally danced to his entire CD throughout the whole city and filmed it.
It's just awesome and pretty funny as well.

Krupnick, the 28-year-old creative mind behind Internet sensation:

“I think people feel a certain kind of repression in New York whether they realize that or not — there’s not that many directions you can walk in. So I really like the idea of trying to promote that experience of freedom of movement.”

The feature-length music video chronicles one girl’s journey to New York City in search of just that sort of freedom — and she finds it in the form of freestyle dance along the High Line Park, through Chinatown and even down in Zuccotti Park through the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

And you know we were in the club going crazy because partying with white people is just a whole 'nother ball game.

Dancing with no reservations and loving every moment.
Add a 4 Loko to the party and things really get out of control.

Here's a little clip so you get the gist of things.

Poor Amanze, lol.

P.S. There is a Poco Loko now.

They're available in 16-ounce cans at 8 percent alcohol by volume, and comes in four flavors: Green Apple, Black Cherry, Mango and Lemonade.


Do what the fuck you feel.

Lately, I've been going back and forth trying to figure out what I want to do in life.

Am I all about this Masters in Public Health, or should I go full force with this fashion jazz?
My conclusion: I'ma just do both.

I guess my whole point is, it's hard enough in this world.
No point in stressing yourself out over specifics.
Just do what you feel.

I think it's hilarious when people try to say that at this point in your life you should know what you want to do and have it figured out.
In a small sense, yes, but generally, fuck that.

I am 23 years old.
How the hell am I supposed to know what I want to be in life.
And why should I be limited to one career.
It's just not that easy.

I didn't wake up and say "I want to be a police man when I grow up."
I woke up and said "I want to be successful."

And if that means I'm going to pursue my Master's degree while doing this fashion stuff on the side, then there it is.
But I'm done stressing.

I believe that if you are passionate about something, then you are blessed to have that passion.
Why not use it in your youth and go for something risky.
This is the time to do it.

I'm gonna ride this one out to "The Question."


P.S. Macadelic is an AWESOME mixtape.
Review to come later.

SXSW 2012

Three weeks ago Jai and I went to South by Southwest, and in short, it rocked our worlds....Epically.

For those of you that don't know, SXSW is a annual festival in Austin, Texas.
Its not only for music, but a film and interactive conference as well.
I was there for the music of course.

If you are excited by new experiences, a mix of unique people, and all types of spontaneous music adventures, then SXSW is the festival for you.

You'll also like Austin. It's a beautiful city.
Seriously wouldn't mind living there.

We were in Austin for about 3 days and each day was jam packed with events.
We saw lots of dope up and coming artists,and the cherry on top was that every concert we went to was free....aka: I'm about to lose my mind in this hoe.

And lose my mind, I did.

What's Next Battle Showcase.
Prodigy of Mobb Deep

Bat Bar.
Jhene Aiko

*Notice the frightening bald guy in each picture. Creeper.

Oh, and if you ever plan on going, don't forget to eat.
Usually when I'm on vacation, I expect to gain weight, but not at SXSW.

There is so much going on, and you are literally walking the entire day, that you will forget to eat.
We typically ate one meal and one snack.
We were hungry for talent......yep, I said it.

Tony Williams showed love to STL rapper Rockwell Knuckles by blessing his track.
It was a good look.

S.O. Terik aka dopest show ever.
Kendrick Lamar
ScHoolboy Q
Ab Soul
Jay Rock
BJ the Chicago Kid

*This was my first real mosh pit.
And by real I mean I was a willing participant.
It won't be forgotten.

I'm obsessed with the whole crew(minus Jay Rock)right now.
Sorry Jay Rock.

The Illmore Mansion Party.
Juicy J
Wiz Khalifa
Lola Monroe
Chevy Woods
A$AP Mobb
Big Sean
Theophilus London
Mac Miller

*Juicy J performing "Slob on my Knob" was the crunkest hoodrat shit ever.
I was surprised to have a voice on Friday.

Some Random Venue We Walked Up On
Treasure Mammal

*Yes those are real Shake Weights.

Beauty Bar

*Very talented band.
The lead singer's voice is haunting.

Red Bull Tent.
Erykah Badu
Quest Love

*We met Erykah Badu backstage.
She literally took my phone out of my hand to take the picture of her and Jai.
She's beautiful inside and out.

*Oh, and Jai ganked a bottle of vodka(LIKE A G) from the bar and we got lit...
even though the liquor was free anyway lol.

I'm excited for next year...
You going?