I'm applying for my passport.

That's it; I've been meaning to apply for months now.
Last time I was out of the country, I had to carry all these important documents around and I can't do that next time...

I mean, I'm passionate about travel.
I think it's one of the most important things a person can experience, so for that reason alone, mama needs to apply for her passport.

Welp, actually, I thought those were the only reasons I needed, until I experienced this beyond solid sneak peek from the upcoming mixtape "I Want You" from no other than my main man, Theophilus London (and that's his real fucking name, ha).

You may have heard us mention Theo several times while shopping on The Clearance Aisle, and you can actually "purchase" both of his mixtapes here...for the price of $free.99 :)

But yo, after listening to this song, whatever place Mr. London is singing about, I need to be on the first flight, immediately...if not sooner.

Trust me, this.shit.does.NOT.suck...at all.

Whatever song this is...
the beat is rockin steady, the ambiance perfectly glides over and that guitar riff is funky...then Theo drops in, singing some Calgon...take me away, type lyrics...
His vibe is a combination, reminiscent of General Public, Prince and Neon Indian, but it's perfectly him...and it's lovely.

Plus he can rap, so... *throws hands up...kanye shrug*

As expected, I cannot wait for this "I Want You" tape to drop.
Plus it's coming just in time when the warmth seeps back into the air, my windows are half full and the volume is turned a l l t h e w a y up...to 38.

P.S. Btw, this General Public link is actually worth looking at.
Especially if you wanna see some damn awkward air clapping (at min. 2:22) and a black man's hair that looks like a jar of Goober by Smuckers. lol

P.P.S. I wanna hang with Theo and Dev Hynes...bad. Somebody hook it up? :) ha...

P.P.P.S. If any of yall live in the STL area, and you're into creating music, please get at me on Twitter @vivalablackgirl
I've started writing, I have a decent voice and I'm ready to jump in...I heard the water's great.

P.P.P.P.S. Oh, and um, eff my place of employment.
I planned to be a SXSW this year, vibing to some of my favorites, like Theo, but...maybe next year.

P.P.P.P.P.S. This video is 2:22 min. (my number) and that nigga still looks like a shrunken version of King Lebron James. lol



It's bigger than hip-hop.

Since I'm a blogger, I normally browse different sites to see what's new.
One of the main sites I'll visit from time to time is World Star Hip Hop.
Today when I visited the site, I definitely came to the realization that they must believe hip hop is synonymous with violence or ignorant people.

You'd figure that a website called World Star HIP HOP would be all about anything related to hip hop. But instead, half of their clips are about someone getting violently attacked/killed, being extremely ignorant, or somebody's booty popping. If this is what they think hip hop is about, then Houston, we have a problem.

It's so irritating to me when I go on their site and have to dodge the posts about some man setting his wife on fire or a video of a man shooting a Rottweiler. That has nothing at all to do with music or music artists, and I sure as hell don't wanna see it anyway. I feel like the people that run that site(whether they're doing it on purpose or not) are trying to make some sort of tie between all of that stuff and hip hop, and its not right. Especially for those people that don't know anything about real hip hop. I also believe that some people use hip hop music to try and understand how black people are. They listen to the songs and look at the videos and think that gives them a sneak peak into our lives. But if World Star Hip Hop is what they're looking at to learn about "hip hop culture", then they have no effing clue.

This is what I feel like hip hop is (the older joints):
Dead Prez: Hip Hop

The Roots: What they do

Black Star ft Common: Respiration

Camp Lo: Luchini

The Fugees: Fu-gee-la

Common: I used to love H.E.R.

Common ft Lauryn Hill: Retrospect for life

I could go on and on and on, but I'm going to go ahead and end there. :)



XXL 10 Freshman for '10

XXLmag.com JUST dropped the new mixtape for the 2010 Freshman class this morning. DJ Whoo Kid is presenting this mixtape with 17 new songs from all of our favorite freshman.

I personally would have loved to see more J. Cole and Wiz Khalifa songs on this mixtape, seeing as though they are my favorites, but hey. And how the EFF did OJ the Juiceman get 2 songs?! #juswondering.

To download this mixtape, click HERE.

And for the complete list of the 2010 XXL freshman, check our earlier post.



All hail King Charles!

King Charles is a one man band that I am kind of infatuated with right now.
He's from West London and his songs are really addicting; not to mention he is extremely toothsome(to me at least).

I mean, look at this adorable picture.

Anyway, be on the look out for his debut album sometime this year.
This is his first single "Time of Eternity."
Really pay attention to these lyrics. Beautiful.

This is one of his newer songs called "Love Lust".
I really love the video and honestly cannot stop staring at him(especially when he's sitting on the corner of the bed)! The lyrics are also really beautiful.
"Love will set your soul on fire"

P.S. It is my goal in life to get my hair to do that.

This is another video by King Charles called "Early thoughts of the final days" from 2007. The song starts off kind of weird, but just keep watching.

Helpful Hint: Dont be ashamed if you start staring...either at his dope hair or his "pants." lol. Give it a look-see.

Oh and by the way, I got dibs! *yea we in 3rd grade again lol



Music Monday 3.1.10

1) Broken Bells-"Vaporize"
Again, I love this collaboration!

2) Thievery Corporation-"Illumination"
I like putting this song on and just vibing out.
All instrumental (lets the mind do the speaking).

3) The Fugee-"Zealots"
I was just arguing with someone yesterday about the crazy lyrical impact Lauryn Hill has. I personally think she's the best female lyricist(and singer.)
"And even after all my logic and my theory, I add a mothaf*cka so you ig-nant niggas hear me"

4) Washed Out-"Feel it all around"
Talk about putting a song on repeat!
Shoutout to Jai! :)


Meet your incoming Freshman class.

Class roster:
1) @RealWizKhalifa
2) @Big_Sean
3) @DonnisxDonnis
4) @FreddieGibbs
5) @JayRock
6) @JColeNC
7) Fashawn
8) Pill
9) Big Sean
10) OJ Da Juiceman
11) Nipsey Hu$$le

Now lets see who actually graduates out this mu'fugga...

P.S. OJ Da Juiceman? Really XXL?
I have only one word for that selection: EGREGIOUS.
Fuck "Freshman class", I wouldn't let him in my kindergarten class...