All hail King Charles!

King Charles is a one man band that I am kind of infatuated with right now.
He's from West London and his songs are really addicting; not to mention he is extremely toothsome(to me at least).

I mean, look at this adorable picture.

Anyway, be on the look out for his debut album sometime this year.
This is his first single "Time of Eternity."
Really pay attention to these lyrics. Beautiful.

This is one of his newer songs called "Love Lust".
I really love the video and honestly cannot stop staring at him(especially when he's sitting on the corner of the bed)! The lyrics are also really beautiful.
"Love will set your soul on fire"

P.S. It is my goal in life to get my hair to do that.

This is another video by King Charles called "Early thoughts of the final days" from 2007. The song starts off kind of weird, but just keep watching.

Helpful Hint: Dont be ashamed if you start staring...either at his dope hair or his "pants." lol. Give it a look-see.

Oh and by the way, I got dibs! *yea we in 3rd grade again lol


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