No one man should have all this...

Yesterday on Twitter, I sent this little diddy out:

Dear Kanye West,

Yes. You CAN talk your shit again. It fact, I encourage it.

Patiently waiting,

Well somehow I think he got my letter, because the very next day, "Power", rumored to be a single from his much anticipated new album, leaked.

This is gonna be the first and last Kanye leak I listen to until "Good Ass Job" drops, but of course it sounds DAMN good so far...

If the video is down, click here to listen and download.

We missed you Ye.

P.S. I started a blog a few weeks ago called "Dear Kanye West"...
I love that man. lol

P.P.S. I wonder if Esthero did any vocals or writing on this new album?
Because I think that's her voice on the "heyyy..." part starting at 1:20 on "Power".
She co-wrote three tracks on 808's and was actually the voice of Jane, the spaceship, on the "Glow in the Dark Tour".
Oh, yeah and Esthero is the shit so you should get all of her albums.
She's like the female Ye for me...heroes.

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The ArchAndroid

Janelle Monae's new album "The ArchAndroid" is delicious to say the least.

I absolutely fell in love with every song.
There is no need to skip a single track.

Janelle Monae does a really good job at mixing her classic voice with really different beats and melodies. I applaud her. Some of my favorite songs on the album include:

Locked Inside


Oh, Maker

Say You'll Go

Neon Valley Street

....actually this is really unfair. I'm going to end up listing every song on the album. :/

Give the album a listen for yourself. I'm sure you'll like it :)


I want my money.

Here's a quick video of this Will Ferrell skit featuring the infamous Pearl.
This skit will always be hilarious.
"I'm just buzzed."



Congratulations are in order.

Two of my most favorite people graduated from Mizzou this weekend!

My best friend since freshman year: Hanna Tesfamikael.

and my boyfriend, DOCTOR Stephenson Amanze Ikpe Jr.

Hanna graduated with a degree in Social Work and Amanze got his M.D.!

Hard work pays off, and I'm so proud of them both. :)


Is this what y'all want?

Drake: 9AM in Dallas Freestyle.
This freestyle is super clean.


The Statement.

Wiz Khalifa-"The Statement"



Trey's side of the bed.

Trey Songz gives us a trailer for his new single "Yo Side of the Bed."

I'm not gonna lie, even though a lot of my friends loved this song, I was never really fond of it.

The video on the other hand, seems like it's gonna be dope.
Keri Hilson's in it, and the whole concept just seems adorable.

Here's the trailer:

The video debuts on Essence.com on May 26th.

On ANOTHER note, I have to clown.

One of the comments under the Trey Songz trailer read:

My face = :/

I'm wondering why people have suddenly felt it necessary to type liiikeee thiss!
If I knew the girl that wrote that, I would probably sock-em-bop her.


"Black or White: Kids on Race"

The other night I watched the CNN special on race called "Black or White: Kids on Race", and it just left me shaking my head.

Dont get it twisted, I wasn't at all surprised by the results of the study, but it's just a shame that black children have to feel so inferior.

This is the background on the study:

Read what Bossip wrote about the CNN special below:

"Regardless of your race — if you haven’t started talking to your children about skin color, you might want to start now. Last night’s CNN special “Black or White: Kids on Race,” revealed that a racial bias exists even among young kids today. Pop the hood for video and details on the study
Last night’s special showed American kids may still have a long way to go when it comes to their beliefs about race.

Just watch the footage below of a 5-year-old white girl who is part of a CNN pilot study on children’s attitudes toward race.

The girl consistently identifies a white or lighter skinned child as “smarter and good” because she “looks like me,” while pointing at the black or darker skinned child when asked which is ugly, because “she’s a lot darker”. Her mother, who watches the study in near tears, says she has no idea where her child has picked up the beliefs, adding her daughter has never asked about color.

CNN hired child psychologist and University of Chicago professor Margaret Beale Spencer, a leading researcher in the field of child development to design the pilot study. She used a team of three psychologists to implement it: two testers to execute the study and a statistician to help analyze the results. Her team tested 133 children from schools that met very specific economic and demographic requirements. In total, eight schools participated: four in the greater New York City area and four in Georgia.

One of the major findings of the study was that white children have an overwhelming bias toward white, and that black children also have a bias toward white but not nearly as strong as the bias shown by the white children.

The difference in the kids seems to point to how much parents have discussed race with them.

Research and discussions with parents of the children who participated in this study, indicate that white parents as a whole do not talk to their kids about race as much as black parents.

A 2007 study in the Journal of Marriage and Family found that 75 percent of white families with kindergartners never, or almost never, talk about race. For black parents the number is reversed with 75 percent addressing race with their children.

Po Bronson, author of NurtureShock and an award-winning writer on parenting issues says white parents “want to give their kids this sort of post-racial future when they’re very young and they’re under the wrong conclusion that their kids are colorblind. … It’s in the absence of messages of tolerance that they will naturally … develop these skin preferences.”

Many African-American parents CNN spoke to during the study say they begin discussing race at a very early age because they say they feel they have to prepare their children for a society where their skin color will create obstacles for them."



Music Monday 5.17.10

Hey Guys!

I haven't personally put up a Music Monday post in a while, and its a shame because I have been rocking to some of THE DOPEST tunes lately.

Lets get started.

Actually,about half way through making this post, I realized that I need to dedicate it solely to Sebastien Tellier...aka THAT DUDE!
Thank me later.

Sebastien's cd "Sexuality" is pure bliss!
Just look at the cover lol.

I love this one. Perfect for (>_>)...

"Un Heure"
I can't find the words for this one, only body movements. I'll demonstrate later.

This guy's a hoot.

This video pretty much exemplifies his style. So freakin 80's.
P.S. Did he find Pandora? lol

And if "Sexuality" isn't good enough, there is an entire album of remixes. #joy.

Here's "Divine" remixed by the Midnight Juggernauts. They twerked it.

And this is "Roche" remixed by Kavinsky.

Now proceed to go make babies to this ish.



Dear Music,

So apparently, this is what you sounded like in 1969:

Yet this is what you sound like now:

Now Music, I have one question for you: WHAT.THE.FUCK?
Please, stop trying to be so "cool" with all the bells and whistles, and just go back to your natural, beautiful self.
We miss yo' fine self.


P.S. Oh and tell that nigga JaBar that our relationship is non-reciprocal.
It was not nice to meet him, at all.
Yeah...he seems polite, but in fact, JaBar is an asshole.

Watch out Justin Bieber.

I'd rather see this kid trending on Twitter everyday, just saying.