You say you want passion.

I think you found it.

P.S. Turns out one of my good friends, Erica, is cool with him? They went to the same college, twice (fyi, Erica has been to like 800 colleges yet we are graduating at the same time, lol)

P.S.S. I had to put this video up because I'm still not tired of hearing this song eventhough it's been on constant rotation on STL radio for 3-4 months AND he's from my homestate of Illinois.

P.S.S.S. Why are people tripping over the girl in the video because she "looks" white? First, I def. thought she was a black woman. I have people in my family who look like her who aren't even bi-racial. Secondly, who gives an eff? She's pretty regardless.


The MTV Movie Awards usually suck but this year is quite the opposite!

First of all, Andy Samberg is freaking hilarious! (seriously how funny was that opening, "Intervention!")

Everyone looks great and all the performances and short movies are dope but...
the stand out moment has to be the Eminem vs. Bruno debacle!

If you don't know who Bruno is, it's Sacha Baron Conen's (aka Borat) new ridiculous character.

Bruno came flying down from the ceiling to present an award in a crazy angel/chicken costume with his ace cheeks exposed when he got "stuck" and they had to reel him down but it happened to be directly on Eminem's face, vertically!

So basically Bruno's ace and blueberries were directly in Eminem's face.
Eminem's security/entourage then attack Bruno and Eminem storms out of the building.

It was probably one of the most classic TV moments I've ever witnessed!

And I honestly don't think Eminem knew about it.
Let's face it, there was a better chance of having Obama agree to be apart of it over Eminem.

My entire family was either jumping up and down, screaming and laughing hysterically or in awe, speechless!

I can NOT wait until they put the clip up on YouTube, I will most likely watch it every day for the rest of my life.

P.S. The Twighlight cast has officially taken over MTV.



I can't stop watching these.
This was one of my favorite crews from ABDC, SOREALCRU.
Im really happy for them.
Doing what they love with the people they love...

This one is for Leslie and G, they both love this song...


He can't win for losing.

I know it's old but I had to.
Mama punched the shish kabob outta him. lol
Oh Charlie, good grief!

Don't change, just change the game.

Watch this video and pay special attention to the segment when Kanye comes in.
Can anyone say awkward ten times fast?

Yeah, you fly and everything Ye (and I like you even more cause you're from Illinois), but I cannot stand when people can't take a joke and act cooler than the other side of the pillow.

I usually don't mind when Kanye acts like a cocky asshole, but I guess that's when he acts hella cocky concerning his music and how fly he is (because let's face it, he is a genius) but it's not a good look when he acts stuck up towards other people.

But internet high five to Rosenberg who didn't kiss Kanye's left ass cheek on this interview like most people would have and was on some,"Yeah, don't forget you are a human being like me, bro." type shit.

Even Drake kinda let me down on this one towards the end when he gave Rosenberg a bit of the,"Get away from me. Kanye doesn't appreciate you talking to him right now" face.

And then when Rosenberg asked about Drake's favorite albums, I'm not gonna lie it pissed me off.
Drake came off hella fake with the "I'm aware Ye is here"/"I want acceptance" look over to Kanye before he named "Graduation" as one of his faves.
He seemed like he was doing too much or being disingenuous trying to impress dude...

Damn, Aubrey Graham Cracker don't change, just change the game...brother.

Toddler neck snap.

This devilish face is nothing compared to this child in real life:
She is a hilarious mess!

Everyone meet Deja.

P.S. Whenever I go out in public with her everyone thinks she is my child. lol


Too blessed to be stressed?

I'm very blessed but the "no stress" part doesn't apply to me right now.

First of all, for anyone who reads this blog, I am so sorry for being on hobo mode. lol
I have been crazy busy/ stressed out/ trying to have fun in the 2 week break between the end of my spring semester and the beginning of my summer session. 
And LMo's internet was out so she couldn't contribute either, but it's up and running now :)

I've even been slacking on facebook pics.
Ya girl still has to put up photos from March and that's craziness from someone who has acquired the nickname "Paparazzi".

But let me fill you in on why I'm so stressed:


So for the next 4-5 weeks I am taking two summer classes.
One of them, Media Law, happens to be the hardest class for my major.
I'm talking about mugs have to take this class like 3 or 4 times to pass it!
And to make matters worse, the ONLY grade in the entire class for summer session is our final but I refuse to take this class more than once so Im studying my ass off!

My second class in Accounting and I am horrible at it!
I tried to take it during the spring and ended up dropping it, hoping that I would get an easier professor during the summer (b/c the man doesn't take any partial credit, as in if you miss one tiny step and he deducts 40 points from your test, yeah...bullshit)
So this morning, I walk into my 8:00 a.m. class (continuation of bullshit AND it's 3x a week) and who do I see? 
The same professor I had before! 
I was livid! 
Therefore, I am pretty much taking two of the hardest classes at the same time.


I have an internship this summer in California.
I was gonna drive out there right after my "hell on earth classes" ended and do like 40 weeks an hour to knock the 225 hours I have to complete.
But now I am having trouble finding housing!
I'm trying to graduate and this would eff up all my plans!
But thank God, I think I found one in ATL!
So I have to balance studying 5 hours a day and getting all my ish together and approved for my new internship by June 4th!

I am going to have NO life besides this party I'm going to on Friday and a photoshoot I have.
Pray for me y'all!

I am going to try super hard to get some pics/video up here cause we have been kicking it!

But I'm off to work so I'll holla.


Music Mondays. 5.25.09

So maybe I should change "Music Mondays" to something more appropriate like "Tuneage Tuesdays" cause ya girls are slacking. lol I just keep forgetting about it or I get my days mixed up but I'm gonna do better.

But I have two songs that are in heavy rotation at the moment!

1) Jay-Z "Beach Chair"

2) Santigold "Your Voice"

Both are all around good summer music and Im all for chill, summery mood setting music.



My pick has to be Rick Ross "Yacht Club".
His CD goes hella hard! I love it!

BOSS! lol

P.S. I guess you see where me and Jai's mindset is right now. "Yacht Club" and "Beach Chair"? Yeah, we on that island hoppin' tip from last summer. lol


Wiz Khalifa Yall.

Wiz Khalifa... I ADORE you!

This man is the ultimate truth!
His flow is sick and his beats....smh!

He is one of the best things out right now and has been in the game for a minute even though he's only 21.

If you aren't sure who he is, you may remember him from the song that dropped last year called "Say Yeah" (video below)

I know I should have put my Clearance Aisle readers on game before now, so I apologize now. lol

But, he has a whole 'nother plethera of songs now!
A few months ago, he released Flight School, which is STUUPID to say the least!
Every song is addicting in the most enjoyable ways!

These are some of my favorite songs from the mixtape:

1) "Mr. Righthernow"
I mean how can you go wrong when you sample Sonic the Hedgehog?!
2. "Material"
Got a date with Ms.Success and I can't stand her up."
3. "Wassup"
"When youre done giving your all, you give your everything."

Now tell me you aren't a fan after listening to those songs!

Also, Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y have been in the studio working on their new mixtape "How Fly."
Its scheduled to drop in July....so look out for it!
This is a lil silly promo commercial they did for the mixtape :)
And if you haven't done so already, GET FAMILIAR.
Download "Flight School" asap!



Say it ain't so hoe.

So according to the New York Post, Rihanna and Aubrey Graham Cracker aka Drake were seen making out all night at some bowling alley/lounge in NYC on Monday night.

Come on Rihanna.
First my boo Shia and now Drake?
Do you have to eff with all the fly Jewish boys that hold a special place in my heart? lol

I already had beef with Rihanna but this story just makes me want to light up my grill and cook it...well done. lol

Drake, flatter me.
How about you hook up with someone like, I don't know, Adrienne Bailon?
She's hella pretty,down to earth and all around cool.
Do that for me.

Anywho, read below for more details:
"The pair were locked at the lips for most of the event, as they drank the night away.
'She was drinking whiskey and apple juice and making out with him all night,' a spy claimed. 'They were really cute together.' They reportedly left together at 12 a.m."


Music Mondays. 5.18.09

I was going through some old cd's from high school the other day and I ran across the CLASSIC song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana.
(even though the lyrics still confuse me a bit, lol)

Nirvana literally changed music, a generation and pop culture. Also, not to mention, Kurt Cobain's voice is completely sick and beautiful!

"Punk is musical freedom. It's saying, doing and playing what you want. In Webster's terms, 'nirvana' means freedom from pain, suffering and the external world, and that's pretty close to my definition of Punk Rock."
-Kurt Cobain, R.I.P


Dedicated to all my friends who just graduated and got those degrees!
May 2009 - Mizzou and Xavier University!


Pissed off in the rain, just pissed off in the rain!

Friday was unpardonable.
It wasn't unfortunate, unpleasant or just plain dreadful, that bia was effing unpardonable.

Let me explain.

So my lil bro-ham, Brad, needed help moving out of his dorm so of course my parents send me to assist (since Im such a pro at moving crap...NOT).
I had to do all this crap before I left on the two hour trip so I got a late start.
I head out at 3:37 p.m. and I didn't get to Mizzou until 7:12 p.m and you wanna know why it took me over three hours instead of the normal two?

Well, I'll you why.
A little thing I like to call a tornado.
Yep. It was horrible!

I knew it was trouble when:
a) the temperature dropped from 85 degrees to 58 degrees in 10 minutes!
b) there was a hurricane in the middle of Missouri

So when I finally get to his dorm I remember,"Damn, Brad doesn't have an elevator on his floor!" and this nigga is on the 5th floor!
Therefore, we had to move all his crap that was on the 5th floor with no elevator during a mu'fuggin thunder storm!

I planned to go out to some graduation festivities later that night but I just freaking fell asleep due to exhuastion. lol

So we chilled Saturday and before we jumped on the road, I turn on that classic Ru Paul "Bass in Your Walk" and the rest is drag queen history.
Before you watch the video, let me show you some highlights to look out for:

1. Brad knocks Leslie on the floor.

2. Brad's awkward leap frog in the air.

3. Brad vogues his butt and Leslie looks like a man.


BTW, in my sister's defense, she is not wearing giant underwear but rather a night gown that's tucked into her pants and she may look like a man in this video but she is actually a pretty, young vagina owner, lol, who normally looks like this:

Oh and shot out to the homie Nebula for putting this video up on her blog.

P.S. If you don't know about the Ru Paul show "Drag Race" this video will sum it up and bring sooo much joy to your life. Especially Bebe's verse at 1:21:

"Face. Face. Face! I need Face! Beauty. FACE!
You can take. It's OK! Watch my body go insane!
If you ever feel the need, that you want to be free, Come right now and walk the beat."
-Bebe aka Camerooooon

"You're a fierce bitch, man. I'm scared of you."



Face, face, face. I want face...beauty face!

Remember a few weeks back when I went to Mizzou to see my sister and the other ladies in the Kappa Kourt? Well here are the pictures...

And then we had to buy ads from her and here is my brother's. lol He is a fool!
If you don't understand his ad, I URGE you to watch this hilarious Power Rangers video.

"Did Drake really buy her an ad?!" "No, it was a joke." lol people, people.
So sexy Mary. lol
Why Leslie? Why? lol

Looking like prom. lol
Mar Bear and the bro-ham.

Nuplet! I swear his eyes are like sprightly elves when he smiles. lol
So pretty!
haha Erika was trying to fix her shoe and he took it upon himself to....haha

Obi One! lol

And this is her entry for the Project Runway portion of the pagent. It used to be a 3XL black t-shirt and look at it now...
And check the detail out in the back! Love it.
cute no?


Music Mondays. 5.11.09

Sorry on the late post, both me and LMo's internet is on bia-bia mode right now, but my pick is the utterly beautiful song "Blue Ridge Mountains" by the Seattle folk-rock band, Fleet Foxes.

My brother Brad, who has epic music taste by the way(which I like to think that I fostered, lol), got their CD last year and tried to put me on but, like a doe-doe head, I didn't really soak in his recommendation. However, I saw them perform on SNL on 1-17-2009 and their live performance of "Blue Ridge Mountain" made me shed a few tears. It was flawless and amazing!

Whenever I listen to this song, it just reminds me of the summers I spent in the South as a kid(especially in Tennessee) which I love because for some reason, it makes me feel closer to my ancestors.

I have had these conversations with my parents about how lucky they are to have grown up during the 60s and the 70s because their music was sick!
I always worried that our generation of musicians wouldn't leave a proper mark, but bands like Fleet Foxes ease my fear a bit.


I'm gonna go with Kid Cudi feat. Wale "Look up in the Stars" because this song gets me so hype!

Kid Kudi has a chill way of doing things that I really like.
It's where it's not too much but it's just enough to have his presence known and appreciated on the track.

<3 Lmo


So Rihanna has nudey pics?!

So basically EVERY celebrity has nude pics on the internet...but I never really expected to be seeing a naked Rihanna booty or boob picture any time soon.

But boy was I wrong! lol.

Nude photos of Rihanna(or supposedly Rihanna) are floating around the web.
Seven pictures being hosted by
imagehaven.com show various body parts, including two close ups of what is clearly Rihanna's face and a third photo of Rihanna head-to-knee reflected in a bathroom mirror with a message of "I love you" scrawled on it.
All seven shots seem to be self taken in the same white bathroom and bedroom area.

*Her camp is all over it...this is what TMZ.com featured:
Rihanna Fights Alleged Nude Pics

Rihanna's camp is firing off the first response to nude pictures, allegedly of Rihanna, that hit the internet

TMZ has learned the legal department at Island Def Jam Music Group, RiRi's label, sent a letter to at least one website that published the photos. The letter refers to "unauthorized photos purported to be...Rihanna," demands that the photos be removed from the site, and calls the photos a violation of "the Artist's rights."It's not clear whether Rihanna really is the woman in the buff because you can't see her face in the nude shots. She is clearly pictured in two fully clothed pics.Interestingly, the letter from Island Def Jam does not deny (or confirm) if it's really Rihanna....


Is this not the worst year for Rihanna?

First she gets beat and a pic is leaked and then she has nude pictures that are leaked?!

So, I just wonder how celebs keep getting exposed. I mean seriously, don't be so wreckless and you wont wind up all over the internet with your azz out!!

How do you all feel about these photos???
Personally, she kinda makes me want a nipple ring, I'm just saying. lol

And yipee for me! Two posts in one day! lol

<3> LMo

I'm wiggly bitches.

So, a few weeks ago Jai went missing. lol
No one talked to her for like 10 hours (and that niglet usually calls me every hour on the hour lol). It was like past 12 and she wasn't home, phone was dead, etc.

So, I decided to make my facebook status about her to see if I could find her.
Turns out, she had been changing her status on facebook and all that jazz, just living it up while I was worried sick. lol

So she saw my status and so did our friend Tony and from that point on, it was history lol

This is the convo (that was under my facebook status)

between me,LMo:



...and it had over 50comments!


(for the record, "b.b.d.s." stands for "Big Billion Dollar Swag" which is an abreviation for what Tony calls his swag from an inside joke we have)(for the other record, my swag trumps Tony's ALL DAY)

This first line is my initial status...


Leslie Lmo Moore saying i hate you! lol try charging you phone! and not being MIA

Jai Moore at 12:31am April 22

Leslie Lmo Moore at 12:41am April 22
dont laugh u little freak! the homey was about to form a search party covering lebanon to fairview lol. i was gon get araina to cover the eville area! lol

Jai Moore at 12:43am April 22
lol I didnt think you cared. I thought I was just some curly haired, light skinned girl with glasses that you talked to every once in a while. But sorry, it's not my fault.My swag made me turn off my phone. The haters kept blowing my phone up in class...

Tony Mr.fantastikk Mitchell at 12:45am April 22
do NOT i repeat do NOT use swag as an excuse...LMAO...its just not acceptable..me and maxine (my car) were driving around everywhere looking...LOL

Jai Moore at 12:49am April 22
LMAO. Leslie told me about yall lil swag battle so I figured it would work. Lol tell Maxine(what kinda name is that anyway?) that I am sorry. Maybe her and White Girl will have a play date to make up for it. lol

Tony Mr.fantastikk Mitchell at 12:52am April 22
First of all...u dont know nothing abt the "Big Billion Dollar Swag"...LMAO..and...Maxine..now thats a smooth A name..she just sound sexy...LMAO..and she is..BELIEVE DAT!!!

Leslie Lmo Moore at 12:53am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
haha hehe hoho.... lies! and i dont like liars...i like truthers!!

Tony Mr.fantastikk Mitchell at 12:54am April 22
ok Ms. V.I.P..M.I.P...ABC..DEF..G face A..LMAO

Leslie Lmo Moore at 1:00am April 22
omg why did i just get a text that erased everything i was writing!!! ahhhhh. anyway tony: lol in general. Jai, redbone can come down to battle whitegirl(and maxine-get ya big living single enthusiast) and why did my swag just tell me that b.b.d.s. was on the swag network and reportedly that nigga jus went bankrupt. dang tony. im sorry 4 ur loss. if u need anything, me and () ,which is my swags prescence, not name) got u. ;) lmao

Leslie Lmo Moore at 1:00am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
not the ALPHAbet lol

Jai Moore at 1:02am April 22
Dang, Nuplet I knew the economy was getting hit hard but I didnt think your swag was losing investors like that...Man, R.I.P. smh..and Redbone? I thought it was McLovin?And por favor, you know White Girl is an Autobot. nuff said

Leslie Lmo Moore at 1:07am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
naw thats def my redbone hoe! and yea the economy just brought poor poor b.b.d.s. down. that just really sucks 4 u tony. swaggless...damn shame! anyway. we should hold a service for b.b.d.s. i can free my schedule whenever..ok...im there 4 u. it must b cold out there w/o swag.

Tony Mr.fantastikk Mitchell at 1:09am April 22
WOW...its funny how Big Billion Dollar swags name is always in you mouth leslie...i just don't get it.LOL..and please dont try to make initials of my swag's name...it doesnt work like that.. who has a swag with some parenthesis as a presence???? that has to be the wackest thing. So since u seem a little slow today i guess i'll teach u...the word ... billion means- a cardinal number represented in the U.S. by 1 followed by 9 zeros, and in Great Britain by 1 followed by 12 zeros. Dollars happen to be currency..which u need to have your internet working...there for by the process of inductive reasoning...BILLION DOLLAR SWAG cannot..i repeat cannot be bankrupt...thank you and i just sent u some super glue for ur cracked face...HAHAHAHAHAHAH...yada yada yada...oh..and HA

Leslie Lmo Moore at 1:14am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
im happy webster works on your computer TONY! But the fact of the matter is...B.B.D.S. or whatever u wanna call it is going bankrupt. so sorry. i bought him some american living and u.s. polo association clothing so he can stay warm on the cold streets of lebanon. and i want u to kno that im literally laughing out loud while typing this. good work ... defining billion and everything but it has no relevance to u. im going to forward that glue right back to your house right after i use to to fix your cracked swaggs reputation. yada yada yada etc etc lmao

Jai Moore at 1:16am April 22
LMFAO! You have both fallen into my trap! Your arguments are my entertainment. insert evil laugh! HA HA HA HA

Leslie Lmo Moore at 1:18am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
and i PAID for my internet! lol didnt do the job tho :(

Leslie Lmo Moore at 1:19am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
JAI IM HELLA WEAK OVER HERE! like foreal this is hella funny.

Tony Mr.fantastikk Mitchell at 1:19am April 22
Naw...my swag can't be cracked but your swag on the other hand...HAHAHA..Leslie y does it keep saying facebook mobile when u type something thats odd???...is ur internet working at home??? anyway thats irrelevant..but did u get to watch the game on BET today?? or is ur cable not working either...i mean i guess what im saying..to have such ... extraordinary swag...u sure are hurting quite a bit...btw...my swag doesnt wear fashion from the place u work..but hey..im sure u gonna be lookin real cute with ur american livin jacket..ur el tigre shirt..and rocking ur fav jordache jeans at the party this weeek...dont hurt em too bad...LOL

Jai Moore at 1:24am April 22
LMAO. Why you gotta hit her with that cable?!! haha

Leslie Lmo Moore at 1:25am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
i wont hurt em tooo bad. but thats def not wat ima b rockin. u kno u the one wit ur american living jacket...str8 christmas style! dont do me tony lol. and like u kno...i paid my bills...but still get penalized for the decisions of others! bomp for trying tho! and if ur swag cant b cracked then why is it over here now trying to get put back together. U GOT THAT OL HUMPTY DUMPTY A SWAGG lol im sooo weak!

Jai Moore at 1:27am April 22
lol is this you Tony pre-fall?

Leslie Lmo Moore at 1:28am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
and swagg is priceless my good man! while u keep putting a dollar amount on yours. yours is worth a billion huh...yea thats cool.....i guess but its def not the best! halla at me when u tryna get on my swagg's level...u def wont reach it...but we can try to get u out of that bankrupt state u in now.

Leslie Lmo Moore at 1:28am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
jai lmao

Tony Mr.fantastikk Mitchell at 1:30am April 22
Now leslie...u know u over there tryna watch old youtube episodes of my brother and me on your phone..but u still got the nokia 100, now humpty dumpty??...is that the best u could think of?? U were the main 1 who didnt even know if ur swag was a ghost or an aura of whatever...u need to step ya game up. I mean i tried to text u and let u know that swag surfin was the new joint on BET...but u couldnt even watch it...damn shame..i mean im sure if u grab some aluminum foil and make an antena u mayb able to pick up cbs and watch arthur and teletubies face A!!!!!!!!!

Jai Moore at 1:30am April 22
Everytime I look at Tony's pre-fall sawg I bug the eff up! LMFAO! It is so weak looking!

Leslie Lmo Moore at 1:30am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
please show this mans swagg post fall! lol cuz i def got the super glue out(that tony sent me) tryna fix his swagg! lol

Tony Mr.fantastikk Mitchell at 1:32am April 22
Jai...u wanted nigga...nigga here now..!!!

Leslie Lmo Moore at 1:34am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
and arthur is my damn SHOW! Real talk, so while u was tryna flame, it didnt really work out. and no no buddy, YOU didnt kno wat my swagg was...and thats ok...bc its not easily understandable. its for the most complex of minds. but thats ok cuz while your swagg is surfing, my swagg is just laughing from the beach watching you strugglin to stay above water!

Jai Moore at 1:35am April 22
During: http://tinyurl.com/ch5zd2
"Im wiggly bitches." lmao!

Jai Moore at 1:35am April 22
LMAO! Nigga hea naw! Thats my movie! Imma watch it when I get home.

Leslie Lmo Moore at 1:35am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
nigga here na! lmao. thats one of my favorite quotes

Tony Mr.fantastikk Mitchell at 1:39am April 22
Leslie...now c'mon..u know its not just arthur...u bout the only person i know who miss classes to watch the morning lineup ol gullah gullah benya benya face A...u keep on ima get some ladybugs to scare yo scary A...and Jai..u shouldve left ur pen and pad at the house w/ yo cosigning sister sister..tia and tamara..muff and francine frensky lookin A... ima take it easy on u for that humpty dumpty..but if u continue to go...lets just say me and my man sterling gonna have alot of fun tomorrow...!!!!..LMAO..and yes leslie..u do look like francine off arthur w yo jcpenny jean wearin A...LMAO

Jai Moore at 1:40am April 22
Did you just threaten to rape my poor dog Sterling? GA-ROSSSSS! lol

Leslie Lmo Moore at 1:44am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
lmao!! tony you're a dog raper! ewww. so thats what puts the stikk in mr. fantastikk. you're tryna stikk it 2 my dogs.eww keep it away from the both of them! lol

Leslie Lmo Moore at 1:45am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
btw...you're pretty knowledgeable of these cartoons buddy...hidden hobby...i think yes!

Tony Mr.fantastikk Mitchell at 1:45am April 22
WOW..for real???ok...the line has officially been crossed

Jai Moore at 1:46am April 22
Line was crossed 9 comments ago my brotha.

Leslie Lmo Moore at 1:47am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
the line crossed? lol shhhh

Tony Mr.fantastikk Mitchell at 1:47am April 22
btw...leslie im feelin the new blogsite

Leslie Lmo Moore at 1:48am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
tony u drowning over here! thats what u get for tryna swagg surf without knowing how to swim! (in-deed)

Tony Mr.fantastikk Mitchell at 1:51am April 22
Not at all....u prob cant see pics on that phone of urs...its cool i totally forgot...i do apologize..LOL

Jai Moore at 1:52am April 22
LMAO! Did you have that bookmarked on your laptop? You a fool.

Leslie Lmo Moore at 1:54am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
um my phone is legit thank u. and please dont try to share your favorited sites with me mr. i kno u got a crush on the yellow ranger, but i thought u wur tryna keep that secret. oh well...u made me spill the beans darnit

Tony Mr.fantastikk Mitchell at 1:55am April 22

Yeah.. my bad... but jai, why u aint put that fly pic i saw of up on the blogsite...
http://media.photobucket.com/image/old%20school%20queen%20latifah/haylough/17215133-17215137-large.jpg. FIGHT THE POWER SISTA

Leslie Lmo Moore at 1:55am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
my thoughts exactly: this negro making late nite trips to the purplelagoon when his roomates r asleep. got nicknames for it and ish...callin it his 'purp' and stuff.

Jai Moore at 2:00am April 22
LMAO! It aint justice...it's just us!And look at poor Tony....he has to resort to looting with his swag stock at the lowest since the Depression.

Leslie Lmo Moore at 2:03am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
lmao! this nigg hair line is falling wayyyy back. and i see you Ace, being an innovative Thinker over there wit the beer in your back pocket like that! get it boy!

Tony Mr.fantastikk Mitchell at 2:06am April 22
NICE UNO...and leslie..if u dont know that jai is doing this for her own personally gain...then...idk..but i refuse to be another statistic in jai's book of statistics...LMAO so i'll leave yal with this..
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZVxjH04aIY LMAO

Leslie Lmo Moore at 2:13am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
thats ok boo...you gave it the good fight! and thats all u can do ok? and this is for my gain also...bc i was weak the entire time.

Jai Moore at 2:20am April 22
too late, your ink has dried in my evil plan notebook and now Im just doing this...

Leslie Lmo Moore at 2:23am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
yea but tony is you're done then(for tonight) im done too. fun times tho. we should do this again ;)

Tony Mr.fantastikk Mitchell at 2:23am April 22
lol.....touche...mos def touche..LOL

Jai Moore at 2:27am April 22
2 hours straight. Record breaking.

Leslie Lmo Moore at 2:29am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
i know!! 54 comments....record breaking! i swear we all hella foolish lol

Jai Moore at 2:30am April 22
If this were on the blog I would tag this post "foolishness"

Tony Mr.fantastikk Mitchell at 2:30am April 22

Leslie Lmo Moore at 2:32am April 22 via Facebook Mobile
like i put on ur wall...im putting this up there. tony can finally get his shine on on the aisle. lol.


and that concludes our segment of swaggerless nation (in Tony's case, lol).
I hope you found that to be entertaining because I sure am tickled pink over here. (hence the font lol)

until later,


Sneak my peak.

Man, I need to get a good camera (and Photoshop) so I can stop stealing Maria's.

Photographer: Jai aka me
Model: Hana aka the girl in the picture


Get familiar.

So, I'm running through my normal blogs and I see that over at Coco & Lowe, they have this contest going on for the Petite Feet Sample Sale.

Whoever wins gets to pick their favorite designer bag so of course, I'm all in like fall in! lol

They picked several shoes and I had to choose which shoe I liked best, tell them why I chose that shoe and what outfit I would wear with it.

I picked this black, Jodeci-like combat boot and this was my entry in a nutshell:

and guess what?

I had to attend the Petite Feet Sample Sale in Toronto to pick whatever bag I wanted
and of course, I'm in the St.Louis area so that wasn't happening. lol
But, they set some bags aside for me and I picked this sweet lil niblet.

Besides being cute, I picked it because according to Patone (the "color people"), Mimosa is the 2009 color of the year.
And Patone is usually right on!

I just love it and I wore it for the first time yesterday.

But you guys should really head over to Coco & Lowe's blog!

From their video beauty tutorials to their traveling and fashion tips to their contest and their inspirational post and quotes like:

"For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness."
"Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it."
-authors unknown, PREACH! lol

oh and these funny and awkward pictures:

it's an all around sa-weet blog with equally successful sa-weet authors.


P.S. I keep forgetting to post this note I wrote after talking to Lowe(as I just woke up, so I probably sounded like a dang hobo on the phone, lol)

She is hella cool though and she hit me with some stuff that really made me re-evaluate some things in my life including a simple success tip of, "I learned, you have to be nice to everybody." lol Gos-ta post it soon.

White picket fence.

So when one of my best friends, Maria aka Marianeth aka crazy Pinay, was in town from Chicago a few weeks back, we decided to drive around to random towns and I got to test out her new camera.

Photography: Jai aka me
Editing: Jai and Maria

Also, please do not take any of my photos without my permission. Thanks!

Rocking out in the car : )

Reminds me of New Orleans.

Run, run, run...

R.I.P lil birdy

Juuuuu like?