Rihanna is sad.

So it's Friday night, I'm sick, watching The Soup(decent episode this week) and I see this little Rihanna/Chris update scroll across the bottom of my screen. The first thought that comes to my mind is "Rihanna is a damn doe-doe head!"

So word on the street, Eonline Ave.,is that Rihanna and Chris have reunited and they are staying a P.Diddy's Star Island home in Miami Beach. Are you fucking serious? Did he beat the sense out you hoe?

There have been rumors that he had hit her before and this pretty much confirms it to me. It also confirms that Rihanna has little intergrity, respect, and/or self-esteem. I mean this nigga beat you to a pulp, everyone in world knows about it and it's all good? Hell no!

And it's not like Rihanna is staying in the relationship for the kids or that she doesn't have any money to support herself, sorry to be judgemental but she is just stupid. It could NEVER be me. Chris must have something, something real good, to make Rihanna take him back. Also, if this is true, she is setting a horrible example for her fans. I wondered why she hadnt set charges on him and it's because they are cuddled up in Miami.

Im mad at her.


You came in with the breeze.

I should have blogged about this months ago but I have been waiting on the official tour dates. Anywho, No Doubt is finally going on tour after 4 long years of hiatus. 

I have been waiting on a new CD/tour for years, literally! 

I was 13 when their last album "Rock Steady" dropped in 2001, I got their "The Singles" album in 2003(which I have been jamming out to recently), and I copped all the Gwen Stefani albums but it just hasn't been the same! 
I have been a fan since I was 9 years old and I can still remember the very first time I heard a No Doubt song. ahhh, memories...

They were supposed to tour a few years ago but Gwen kept getting knocked up and it consequently knocked my dreams down.

They will be hitting STL on July 9th but I will be in Cali by then.  
I don't know what the hell I am going to do but I have to work this out. :(
No Doubt has a nigga fennin' over here.

And did I mention they are touring with Paramore?!!!!
Ultimate p-power tour! I fucking love it!

Here are some random videos by No Doubt though:

So Far Emo?

Again, I am late on writing this. It is 5;30 a.m and I have the flu so forgive me for my lack of writing skills, I just had to get this out real quick....

But am I the only one who thinks So Far Gone is extremly emo?
I am seriously concerned for this young man. Like I just want to send him a dang care package and bake him some cookies. lol And lets put the female issues aside for a second and focus in on the family problems (esp. concerning his mom):
it saddens me.

If you didn't already know, Drake REALLY reminds me of my lil brother(yeah that lil doe-doe head below). Like alot, alot.

I will watch interviews of him or some random youtube ish and it freaks me the eff out b/c they really favor(and I'm not talking physically). Plus, I have been watching Aubrey on DeGrassi since I was 13 so that doesn't help. And not to sound like a creeper, but between my brother and DeGrassi, it really seems like I grew up with the man or that I know him or something. So those two factors add even more to my "concern level".

And don't get me wrong, I TRULY appreciate his honesty on So Far Gone, but I just hope he finds true happiness and a really good girl.



It is going down in May!
If you didn't know, I am THE biggest Transformers fan 
and I have proof!

I sip Sparkling Grape Juice with my Transformers shirt on.

and my Jeep, White Girl, is even an Autobot.

haha, not solid evidence but good enough. 
But seriously I can't wait! I just love that weird sound they make(can't find a decent sound clip) and I swear I convulse a little every time I see the trailer.

And here is a little video to the soundtrack of Kid Cudi and Kanye. Enjoy!

I have so much...

...shit to blog about.

Like it's not even funny. I took over 1,000 pics and videos in 5 days from Chicago and New Orleans so you can only imagine.
I haven't been updating because I got sick Tuesday night, I got a "speeding ticket"(for going 60 in a 45, seriously?) and I spilled water all over my camera, iPod, and USB cord with all my important ish on it. So basically I had the worst day EVER! But I am starting to feel better(thanks to hibernation) and I dried out my camera with a hair dyer and I think it might be okay so Im happy about that. But I am def. going to start editing my pics tonight but I have class in 5 minutes so I'll holla.


Mardi Gras so far..

is the freaking bomb.com!

We got here late(thanks to the doe-doe's at United) but we got some fire food and kicked it last night with Brittani and all her crazy, funny ass friends!

We are headed to eat and shop right now and later on tonight we are headed to a Kappa/Alpha party. mmm hmmm! I heard the Kappas down here play no games and besides, they could be hobo's and still swoon me with those accents. "Say red!" lol

Pics and videos coming soon.


United.....what a joke!!

So United Airlines think they tight!...No! They truly have been fooling with me and my sister since jump. The first plane last night was delayed an hour, then the connecting flight dipped on our aces(causing me to make the most dumbfounded look i've ever produced). So that began our night in Chicago. Nice room at the hilton but regardless we were pissed. Then we got up at 7 this morning to try to standby on a 930 flight and THANK GOD we got on..but again they tricked our aces bc it is now almost 11:00 and we are still sitting on this plane looking stupid. Customer service is also a FLIPPING JOKE!!! Just know that traveling on this airline is freaking ridiculous and risky as hell if you are on a tight schedule. FLYERS BEWARE!!!


Got my polka dot bag with____ international tags.

So, I'm all packed for New Orleans!


I am still b.s-sing and this is all I have packed. haha

I still have hella errands to run too.
One day my this is gonna catch up with me.lol
And did I mention that I had 3 horrible dreams that I missed my flight? No bueno.

And while I avoid packing, I wanna share this freak accident from my aunt.Youll never guess what this big ace thing is...

A freaking candle!

The pictures just don't do this gigantic candle justice!
And o-m-g it smells so good!
Like angel giggles and puppy kisses I promise. ha
But this mug was nearly $100. Too much playing.

Well Im off kiddies.



Hair weave saves woman's life.

I should be packing and doing other important ish but this was way too crazy not to post.
Way to go Missouri. lol

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Other than having a bit of a headache, a Kansas City woman was uninjured after a bullet fired at her ended up tangled in her hair weave. Police said the 20-year-old woman was in a convenience store parking lot late Wednesday when a man flagged her down and told her that her ex-boyfriend still loved her.

She replied, "Well I don't love him," then heard gunshots. She said she looked behind the vehicle and saw her ex-boyfriend firing a handgun at her. She stomped her accelerator and fled, then turned into another parking lot and called police.

She told officers she recently had ended an eight-month relationship with the suspect.

Police arrested the ex-boyfriend and his friend in a car.


Jai: Dude, he really did a number on her.
Erica: Fuck a number! He did a musical on her ass!

Well Chris did say he would "Take her Down".


"This is a real situation. You have to have compassion for others. Just imagine it being your sister or mom and then think about how we would talk about that. I just think we should all support her. She's going through a tough time. You have to realize she's a young girl, as well. She's very young."

How ironic. 



Monkey see, monkey don't do me.

(You get 2 stories in 1 with this post my little pretties)

So if you watch or read the news, you probably have heard about the horrible chimp attack in Connecticut. The chimp was raised by a woman and her friend was attacked when visiting. The owner of the chimp, stabbed the animal several times to try to stop the attack but the police were called and they ended up shooting and killing the lil monk-monk. The woman is in critical but stable condition btw.

First of all, this is a perfect example of why people shouldn't try to domesticate exotic animals and second, this story is so sad! The owner thought of the chimp as her son and said that when she was stabbing him, he just looked at her like,"Mama why are you doing this?". When I heard that, it just broke my heart! Especially being that I am an animal lover. I am known to turn around in my Jeep and try to rescue dogs that I see on the side of the freeway.lol
But this brings me to the second part of the post.

So imagine you are reading The New York Post.
On page 11, you see a story and photo about Obama signing the stimulus bill into law...
....and then you turn to page 12 and you see this cartoon.
What comes to YOUR mind?

I come home from school, turn on CNN as always, and see this story about The NYP cartoon and my mouth literally dropped.
Anyone with half a brain would look at this and understand why this is very offensive and insensitive. If you are even semi-conscious about race-relations in America over the last 400 years then should be familiar with alot of the slurs that black people were called, one of the most popular being a "monkey". As I said, Obama just signed the stimulus bill yesterday in Denver, you have the sad chimp story, you then TRY to put the two together in cartoon form and BAM!
Crazy insensitivity.
I mean this is The New York Post for Petes sake, not some rinky dink school news paper. Do they realize all the controversy this t-shirt below caused during the election?
And the fact that the NYPD is infamous for shooting and killing black men(alot of innocent black men at that).

Some people just don't see it but I don't understand how you couldn't. Like I said, my first reaction was: mouth dropped and "What the hell...are you serious right now?!" But shortly after I turned off my negro vision, lol, and I can see that they were try to "poke fun at Washington". And you know what, forget about "negro vision", anyone with "commen sense vision" should be offended. It is ridiculous, violent, and not funny whatsoever.

And to make matters worse, The New York Post is not apologizing and they don't understand the problem.

Get with it or get lost New York Post,
you are so wack for this one.

Busy bee.

I have so much ish to do and I am stressing out!

!) I have a ka-blillion projects, tests, and presentations this week! And I just effed up my first 2 test of the semester so I have to be a pro in the game for the rest of the semester :(

2) Job interview on Thursday :) Wish me luck!

3) Clean up my messy ace room/do laundry.

4) Do hella homework/projects for next week.

5) Pack on Thursday/Friday. And I HATE packing(and un-packing)! Hell, I still have my half way unpacked suitcase in my room from a couple of weeks ago. lol

6) Contact these dang airlines cause I still haven't gotten my flight confirmed.
But there is a light at the end of the tunnel....
Friday, LMo is meeting me in STL so we can finally go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras!
Our sister from another mister, Brittani,(see pic below)
goes to school down there and it is going down!

We are about to kick it so hard!
Hopefully, Im able to update this thing from down there but I plan to be leaning all day, everyday so who knows. lol

Aww, check these miglets out at the tender age of 5. Adorable.

And present-day(well, 2007)


Thanks, Andy.

So I frequent a blog called The Segment and there is one post that is haunting me!
Andy posted this video...

...and I cannot get that dang song out of my brain, literally!

Diagram of my brain:

Notice anything? lol

Catchiest song on the century I promise.



*Me and Erica's convo about Jennifer Hudson's Grammy performance.

Erica: I can't believe she performed after what happened. I mean not one, but three family members at one time? I don't know if I could do it.

Me: I know! I couldn't perform if Quincy(my dog) died.

Erica: Girl, I couldn't do it if my plant died.

Me: Naw, my Tamagotchi died. Im through.

Erica: G my phone died...I barely had the strength to put it on the charger.

I love that lil funny doe-doe Erica.


Baby Daddy (literally).

He doesn't even look old enough to babysit that child!

Click here for the article.


Can you say...NeVeR AgAiN???

So, I'm a student at Mizzou, and this year in particular....I don't know what the hell happened!!!!!! lol These poor children have been doing THE ABSOLUTE MOST at parties and other events. I mean we're JUST in college....I didn't realize people were competing for the top slot on hotghettomess or anything lol. Judge for yourself tho. These are a few pictures that I found on facebook from this school year.

Disclaimer: My school is not usually as ratchett as this lol

Please notice this poor girl to the right...

emotion: mortified

Um.....privacy maybe?? This is where the phrase "get a room" can actually be used and not sound prude-ish.

Umm..is it not kinda wierd that all these niggas are standing around to watch their fellow friend floor grind some girl?? Definately a "no-homo: shoutout situation lol

And finally....the Mack-Daddy of them all..."ya girl"

This poor child in the middle thought she was GETTING IT!! A horrible mess and once this was posted on fb, it got an outrageous amount of comments, in which her friends were defending the hell out of that outfit...True friends will let you know you look bad....they clearly let her down!! lol

P.S. and she's pigeon-toed

I was gonna put up another picture of this girl p-popping on a handstand with just draws on, but it was removed....(appropriately) but still it was comedy.

Good-bye :)....and happy early V-Day

40+ hours of sitting, waiting, wishing...


So I go to sleep pissed.
Randomly wake up, hella late.
Jump on the computer.
There is only 1 freakin' comment on the post!
40 had JUST put up the mixtape right when I woke up.
(I think they were waiting on me. lol)

I will be driving around for NO freakin reason,
calling people up to see if they need rides and ish. lol
AND this will be my New Orleans Mardi Gras soundtrack.
I can't wait til I board that plane for 5 days of insanity.

But anywho this is bittersweet.
I feel like I bonded with my
fellow angry Drake fans on that blog.lol

"Im gone, goodbye I will miss yall."


Looks like weve found another angry Drake fan...

This is what 22 hours of waiting looks like.

Even Obama is disappointed.

Im on an emotional rollercoaster and I want off.

Pink Floyd-"Time"

Checking in since Feb. 11 at 11:30 p.m.


It is 12:05 am and it still hasn't been released.


Alright, so this lil light skinned bastard named Aubrey aka Drake aka Drizlo is playing too much(oh and I call him a bastard because he shouldn't have had me waiting
so long on this mixtape) lol

Me and my other Drizlet(top-notch Drake fans aka only me and my sister,LMo aka the equivalent of a Waynehead,lol) have been waiting on this for years(literally).

I have been a fan of Drake's music since 2004/2005 and I just know this is gonna be monumental for his progressive career in music.

I can't wait....I just hope his blog doesn't crash. haha





25 ting-tings about Jai.

*You have to read this or else you pinky toe will fall off (and we don't want that, now do we?

1) I love my family so, so, so (one more: so) much and I am very blessed! 

2) I am a Leo and I think we are the best! (one word: Obama) And Cancers are at a close second :)

3) I sometimes wish I was born in the 1960s because of the revolution and the music. I would be a hybrid of a hippie and a Black Panther.

4) I know HELLA random facts. People always ask me "How do you know that?!"

5) I still have a hard time answering the, “Are you mixed?" question and I always have. I’m not bi-racial but my dad is and my mom is technically "mixed". I didn’t know what mixed was as a kid and it confused me horribly.

6) I am in the upper echelon of Drake fans and have been since 2004. Leslie and I have even formed a new breed of Drake fan called "Drizlets". lol 

7) I used to think that the government would tap into my phone on numerous occasions when I had "controversial" political discussions. Therefore, when I thought I was being taped, I would just talk shit about the government, the bogus war, and ex-Pres. Bush (and then laugh at "whomever" was listening) 

8) I have had this theory that Obama is the anti-Christ yet I still voted for him (therefore I have no doubt he will get us out of this economic catastrophe.) 

9) I also am very interested in the 2012 end of the world theory and I need to get a move on my life goals if it’s true. lol

10) I am in love with the idea of being in love but I have never had a "real" boyfriend.

11) I hate how the media focuses on a handful of cute, missing white kids/women each year and then ignores the thousands of other missing people.

12) I am serving in the Peace Corps after grad-school and I can’t wait to start my phase of service this year.

13) I have excellent pronunciation in Spanish but I’m not close to be fluent even though I will be in a few years. 

14) I think Nickelodeon should dedicate an entire channel to the infamous era of 90’s Nickelodeon nostalgia. 

15) I love to travel! I have a list of all the countries I’m going to and I can’t wait until Brasil 2011-2012.

16) I have seen "City of God" and "City of Men" so many times I should fluently speak Portuguese by now. But I only know a few words including "fuck you".

17) I have always had extremely neat handwriting. My professor once showed the entire class, I felt like I was in 4th grade again.

18) I hate when people say "Fiddy Cent" instead of "Fifty Cent" and when people unnecessarily add an "r" onto the end of words ex: idea vs. idear

19) I need a tape recorder and I sing a lot. I just randomly create songs with dope lyrics/melodies but I can never remember or write them down. Oh and I get mad at myself when people ask me to sing for them. I get so nervous that my voice messes up and I know I’m much better than that.

20) I think I could be a really good dancer if I would have stayed in dance classes as a child, actually I know.

21) I don’t understand the big deal with Blackberries and Twitter.

22) I’ve never been worried about having lots of friends; it's quality over quantity.

23) I hate when people kiss other people's asses (esp. if it’s just b/c they are attractive and/ or dress cute).

24) I love interracial love! I am not attracted to one race over the next whatsoever.

25) I am graduating a year late thanks to switching from pre-law to advertising. I still don’t know exactly what I want to do but I most likely will find out this summer most likely during my internship :)

26) I love being black but I also love Latinos and their culture! But I wish some would understand the difference between race and ethnicity/nationality and stop denying their African roots (cough: Dominicans)

27) I have been a DeGrassi head since I was 13 yrs. old and I have seen every episode at least 4 times.

28) I used to be obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley! Every Tuesday when a new movie was released, my granny would buy it in the morning and put it in my mail-box so I could watch it after school. ha

29) I am a big supporter of gay rights.

30) I admire those who are different, don't give a flip, and speak their mind.

31) I can spot a trend YEARS in advance.

32) I NEED A JOB! fuck you, pay me (please?) lol

33) I would like to get a tattoo of the African continent and “It’s not how far you fall, it's the way you land.” in black ink and “La vita è bella”(“life is beautiful” in Italian) possibly in white ink but I don’t know where.

34) My favorite cartoons: Doug, Recess, Pepperann, Hey Arnold, Wondershowzin, and Rugrats.

35) I wish Bob Marley were still alive.

*I like inspirational quotes therefore I will leave you with this:
“Let the world change you and you can change the world.”
“Holy bologna stuffed in rigatoni” lol



Knock, knock: Irony is at the door!

So I have been rocking out to Rihanna's new music "Bad Girl" ft. Chirs Brown and "Emergency Room" for about 3 weeks now and my friend Erica just brought up the irony of this whole drama with the song "Emergency Room".

Wow, as Rihanna was spotted at an ER in L.A yesterday.

Dope song though check it out below:



Chris Brown is officially under arrest and the woman he beat up was Rihanna(her rep confirms). Craziness! She has visible bruises on her face and he turned himself in at 7pm in L.A. I expected this from Bobby Brown but Chris Brown?! Come on dude! I guess the men will be singing "GIMME DAT!" in jail to Chris....

Woman beater Chris Breezy?

So I am super excited for the Grammys(as I am every year)
and I just found out some crazy news:

Ya boy Chris Brown is now under investigation with an alleged domestic violence felony! Last night around 2:30 a.m after an industry party, Chris Brown and a woman allegdly got into an altercation in a limo. The woman called 911 but Chris Brown had already left the scene by the time police showed up. The woman also has visible injuries and has identified Chris Breezy as the attacker. Wow, so lil lite brite might be losing his marbles. And to make things even stranger, Chris Brown is not performing at the Grammys anymore(they are trying to get JT or Al Green to replace him) and Rihanna(who I REALLY wanted to see) is a no-show as well. The two are both up for multiple awards and were scheduled to perform.
So who was this chick, R-Ri?

I know these are "mean" but hell I find them amusing.

And pregnant M.I.A performs tonight, on her due date with Kanye, T.I, Jay-Z, and Lil' Wayne for "Swagga like Us".

And of course, big ups to my girl Adele for winning one Grammy already!
Ive loved her for a minute and she is blowing up right now.
And goodluck Kings of Leon!


"I love Jesus but I drink a little."

Let me just say that I love Ellen DeGeneres!
I have a freakin crush on her and I'm not even a lesbian. lol
One of my friends sent me this video of an 88-year old woman named Gladys Hardy who I now consider an American hero. lol J
ust watch and pray you will be half as cool as her someday.


"(Beyonce) is gonna get her ass whipped." -Etta James

So ya girl Etta James is P.O'ed!
She has just sworn off Pres.Obama and called out Beyonce for a beat down all in one night during a concert in Seattle.
She is apparently upset that she wasn't chosen to seranade Mr. and Mrs. Obama during their first dance. Instead, Beyonce sang Etta's legendary "At Last"...

Hey, Beyonce said it best:
"A diva is the female version of a hustler!"
Looks like Ms. James is the biggest diva of them all.
Read below for the craziness!
"You guys know your president, right? You know the one with the big ears? Wait a minute, he ain't my president, he might be yours, he ain't my president. You know that woman he had singing for him, singing my song...she's gonna get her ass whipped. The great Beyoncé ... But I can't stand Beyoncé. She has no business up there, singing up there on a big ol' president day ... singing my song that I've been singing forever."


El Hermoso Poema

The Beautiful Poem
by Richard Brautigan

I go to bed in Los Angeles thinking
about you.

Pissing a few monents ago
I looked down at my penis

Knowing it has been inside
you twice today makes me
feel beautiful.

3 A.M.January 15, 1967

*I read this to a friend a while back, they thought it was gross.
And I, the Virgin Mary, thought it was lovely.

What do YOU think?


Murder she sang.

I'm watching the Superbowl along with every other American and IL's very own Jennifer Hudson just fucking KILLED the National Anthem!

I have NEVER heard it like this! I thought Beyonce sang it well but she took it to another level...like Whitney Houston level(actually better in my opinion).