Can you say...NeVeR AgAiN???

So, I'm a student at Mizzou, and this year in particular....I don't know what the hell happened!!!!!! lol These poor children have been doing THE ABSOLUTE MOST at parties and other events. I mean we're JUST in college....I didn't realize people were competing for the top slot on hotghettomess or anything lol. Judge for yourself tho. These are a few pictures that I found on facebook from this school year.

Disclaimer: My school is not usually as ratchett as this lol

Please notice this poor girl to the right...

emotion: mortified

Um.....privacy maybe?? This is where the phrase "get a room" can actually be used and not sound prude-ish.

Umm..is it not kinda wierd that all these niggas are standing around to watch their fellow friend floor grind some girl?? Definately a "no-homo: shoutout situation lol

And finally....the Mack-Daddy of them all..."ya girl"

This poor child in the middle thought she was GETTING IT!! A horrible mess and once this was posted on fb, it got an outrageous amount of comments, in which her friends were defending the hell out of that outfit...True friends will let you know you look bad....they clearly let her down!! lol

P.S. and she's pigeon-toed

I was gonna put up another picture of this girl p-popping on a handstand with just draws on, but it was removed....(appropriately) but still it was comedy.

Good-bye :)....and happy early V-Day


  1. lmfao @ dark winged duck in the middle of the last pic hahahahahahahaha


    was it halloweeb out that muh fucka

  2. Sadly, no, I think it was Homecoming!lol

    And Leslie, I think I have that p-popping photo! I HAD to save that one. And dont forget the Halloween picture with Ms. Officer humping the floor while her friend's nipple was waving at my camera. lol ratchettness