Halloween x "This Is It" =

List of "Things to Do Before I Die":
#65-Learn the "Thriller" dance.

Happy Halloween everyone!

This entire weekend is gonna be the un-jealouus!
It's gonna be like...
Homecoming part II x 2008 Halloween
(click here to see pics from last year's Halloween party!)

My cousin Jennifer and our homegirl Jessica came up from ATL!
Plus, LMo, Hanna and Jezo are coming back from Como!

Yesterday we went to Brad's house for game night aka chilled and watched "Fade to Black" and get my mind ba-lown by the awesomeness of Jay-Z. (*forgive me for my tardiness)
And tonight, we are going to a Halloween House Party!

But everyone...
Follow these directions:
1) Stay safe.
2) Have fun.
3) Treat some tricks! (cause they deserve getting treated, lol)

P.S. So what is everyone gonna be tonight?
Im going as a chola!

...and LMo is going as Nicki Minaj!
(butt pads and all)

So basically we are gonna have ALOT of funny ass pics and videos for yall to laugh at!

P.P.S. I say Ivery and my little brother, Brad, finish out the Young Money fam and go as Wayne and Drake. lol


Angry white man.

He's an adult!

P.S. As Andy Samberg continues to be THAT nigga....

P.P.S. Moral of the story: You can't trust the system, mannnnnn.


There is no ceilings; there is only sky.

Wayne has done it again.
He's on his "Da Drought 3" shit mannnnnnn.

I'm happy I can actually say that Wayne is one of my favorite rappers again (like he was back from 2004-2008).

He fell off so hard to me to this year.
All that auto-tune and "martian talk" had me looking at him sideways.

As I said here, back in a August 2009 post:
"Can Wayne's egregious ass go one bar without mentioning anything martian and/or outerspace related?!
Someone needs to quickly give him this patch cause damn homie...
(in highschool he was the man homie)

But, this "No Ceilings" is a real good look for Wayne.
Gooooood looking.

Listen and download here:

P.S. Is it me or do most of these beats sound doper than they did on the original song?
Just saying.


We the people.

"The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness.
You have to catch it yourself."
-Benjamin Frankin


Look who's bi-zack!

P.S. As expected, very dope video.
Internet high five on this one Chris.


When he kissed me?

Something doesnt belong.
What is it?

Yep, the second one.
I saw that and my face automatically was looking like...

I mean, I'm not trying to come at my homosexual homies, Lord knows I love you, but dang
"Female demo" or not, youre setting yourself up for a world of trouble with this song.
(Your lips already have niggies talking reckless).

P.S. Speaking of Ne-Yo's lips, it is so stupid how people judge others as "gay" over stupid ish that has nothing to do with sexual orientation.
Lips? Forreal yall?

P.S.S. Song kinda sucks...

P.S.S.S. This reminds me of my dad.
He took my iPod to workout, came back and was,"Is there a gay singer out there now? There is a guy on here talking about kissing another guy in the club."
Im like,"Uh no Dad. That's just a demo for a girl song."
I was weak. lol

Music Mondays. 10.26.09

1) Mew-"Introducing Palace Players"
I blogged about this saucy group last week.
Ive been listening to this song non-stop for about a week and I'm still not at my,"let me slow down before I get tired of this song and I dont want that because I love it too much" phase.
Im telling you, at minute 0:54, it is nothing less than euphoria.
It's like "Edward Scissorhands" in music form yall.

2) The Clipse feat. Pharrell and Camron-"Popular Demand"
As they continue to drop quality music...
(and speak the truth on chicken relations because if you aint fucking with Popeye's chicken, we have a problem.)

3) V.I.C-"Beat Dat"
It was kinda a problem when this song came on Saturday.
Mizzou Homecoming 2009 was one for the record books.

4) Travis Porter-"Turnt Up"
Another homecoming 2009 favorite.
We were turnt up, but high-key, someone should turnt our asses down; we were some fools.

5) Weezer ft. Lil Wayne (?)-"Cant Stop Partying"
Not because I like the song, but because I have to pose the question,"When did Weezer start fucking with niggas like Lil Wayne?"
They took it there and they really need to bring it back.
In the words of Weezer,"say it aint soooo!"

6) Wilco-"You Are My Face"
Give this song a chance.
It starts off kinda slow, but I swear when that song change hits at minute 1:29 and that guitar comes in, it lowkey makes me hit that ugly, John Mayer guitar face cause it's that funky to me. lol
So rock 'n' roll.


1) Laze & Royal-"Here I Go Again"
...produced by Kanye West

2) V.I.C.-"Say Bow"
For the craziness of homecoming 2009!

3) Drake-"Beautiful Music"

4) Lil' Wayne-"Swag Surfin" freestyle
Wayne killed this!

5) Soulja Boy feat. Drake-"Playball"
Drake's verse goes hard!



We so 3000-and-heyyy! ; You so 2000-and-straight.

Ever since I was a little girl, white boys have tickled my fancy.
And this video, old as it may be, continues to co-sign on why white boys are sexy as hell to me.
Asher Roth tickles my fancy quite tickley.

P.S. How sexual did that last statement just sound? lol
I wasnt even trying to go there, but it got there nonetheless.

P.P.S. Asher Roth is a Leo and that's why he's so cool.
If he was a, lets say, a Cancer, he wouldnt even be able to rap. lol
jk, I love Cancers maaaaan.

P.P.P.S. You see my boy hit that stanky leg at minute 3:45?
owwww! lol


Go ninja, go ninja, GO!

I R.S.V.P.'ed and still couldn't get in this bitch.
Major jealouuus.

P.S. If this doesn't bring back memories of your childhood, then sorry to break it to you, but your childhood was lame as fuck. lol

Gahhhh damn.

P.S. I took this one when I met him this summer.
ow. :)

P.P.S. Is she Habesha?
Shout out to all my Eritreans and Ethiopians!

Brand new flavor for your ears.

There is only one thing I love more then finding quality music and that's being hipped to quality music.
I just want to continue with this on-going theme of dope music on The Clearance Aisle so, let us continue...

My little brother, Brad (below) has the dopest taste in music!
He is always calling me like,"Jessica...Have you heard of (insert dope band here)? Well get to a computer now and listen to this."
And once again, those Leo ears of his have not failed me.

This new Danish band, Mew, is uh-muh-fuckin-mazing!
I have always said that the Europeans kick our ass when it comes to music and they continue to do so.
Listen to all this shit...all the way through, seriously. (especially the first track)
(Or else a dead 7-year-old girl with red hair will be under your bed tonight and she'll eat your kidney. And you need both of them mugs, fuck what you heard. lol)

A few of my favorites:
"Introducing Palace Players"

"Tricks of the Trade"

"Silas the Magic Car"



The slower we move, the faster we die.

"Make no mistake, your relationships are the heaviest components in your life.
All those negotiations and arguments and secrets and compromises...
The slower we move, the faster we die.
Make no mistake, moving is living.
Some animals were meant to carry each other to live symbiotically over our life time.
Star crossed lovers, monogamous swans...
We are not swans; we are sharks."

We live amongst sharks, but I would be nothing without the swans in my life.
They make my heart grow.
And that's enough.
*tips hat

P.S. This movie was filmed in St. Louis.

P.P.S. That chick in the movie, Anna Kendrick, who also plays in "Twighlight" accidently left her script for "Full Moon" in the Central West End while she was shooting "Up In The Air".
Some girl found the script on top of a trash can by Cartels.
She returned it to the studio and got two tickets to the "Full Moon" premiere.
Pretty cool.

Music Mondays. 10.19.09

1) Duck Sauce-"aNYway"
I am loving this video and Im guessing you will to.
Armand Van Helden & A-TRAK present this throwback to the 70s ...

P.S. Data Records drops the record 10.26.09.

2) Drake-"Fear"
I know this song isnt new but it set me back right with Drake.
I started to stray from him as a fan.
Alot of people dont understand where Im coming from when I complain about the "new" Drake hype and say that "he got too big too fast", but I think alot of the "OG Drake-heads" know where I'm coming from.
I feel like Drake made this record for the "OG's" like me; the ones who were bumping him religiously back in 2004/2005 before Lil Wayne co-signed and made it okay to like him.
I know he says "Thank me later" but I'll thank him now for this one...

3) Empire of the Sun "We are the People"
Anything Empire of the Sun related is legit, as is this.
As I mentioned here, if you havent jumped on EOTS's music, you are fooling yourself.
Nobody likes a fool.

4) The Fashion-"Solo Impala"
While driving to school today (and I was late as ever, mind you) I ran through some of my older playlist and this lil diddy popped up.
I used to rock out to this song, hard.

5) Mariah Carey-"Standing O"
Mariah Carey's latest CD "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" is dope.
Before this CD, I didn't even like her music anymore, but this has brought me back in.
You can play the entire thing all the way through (well almost, I still skip over "Obsessed" ha).
And I swear, it will have you hating niggas and then you'll turn around wanting to fall in love on the next track. lol
But I really love and can relate to this song "Standing O".
When Leslie put me on this CD, she was like,"This song reminds me of you." anddddd unfortunately, it does. lol



1) Wiz Khalifa- Wiz Khalifa vs. Empire of the Sun
This is Wiz's version of "Walking on a Dream" that JUST dropped today.
I can't wait for "Burn after Rolling"
Click here to listen and download.

2) Wiz Khalifa- This Plane
I love Wiz.
Be sure to look out for his upcoming album "Deal or No Deal" releasing November 24.
"Middle finger, screaming f#$k them niggas who hate it"

3)Wale- Let Loose(Inhibitions) ft. Pharrell
On Twitter, @Wale said "let loose" was my own leak that I wanted to give to all the #prettygirls who support me. "
This song isn't on the album, which drops November 10th,
but best believe if this is the stuff he's giving away, then the album will be crack!
Click here to listen to it.

4)Big Boi ft Gucci Mane- Shine Blockas
This the kind of stuff I been waiting for, off the new album.
Bout time Big Boi or Dre jumped back on the scene.

5) Leighton Meester ft Robin Thicke- Somebody to Love
I like this lil song :)
It's real happy and upbeat.
Something about the verse reminds me of Gwen Stefani..hmm.



Phony bologna.

Leslie and I were talking about Nicki Minaj last week.
We arent fans of her music or anything, but Ive seen her in an interview and she seems pretty decent.
But we were talking about how we KNOW her ass is fake!
There is no way that she's been around for a minute and people are just now starting to create a ruckus around her "thickness".

It has to be a fruad.
Just like most women in Hollywood...
fake boobs on deck
fake butt on deck
fake hair on deck
make-up on deck
stylist on deck
(and then some men expect "real women" to look like them all the time, pu-lease, lol)

Anyway, I ran across this video of Nicki Minaj and her fake thickness:

P.S. I still firmly stand by my old Twitter:
@vivalablackgirl If I ever refer to myself as a "Harajuku Barbie", I give you permission to punch me in the head.

Word to your mother.


Music Mondays. 10.12.09

1) Amanda Blank "Might Like You Better"
Gangsta white girl. (check)
Catchy lil diddy. (check)
Sexually charged "I dont give a mutha-fugg that I have vagina. I want to get some too." lyrics.(check)

2) Sergio Mendes "Magalenha"
In order to celebrate Latino Heritage Month (eventhough Brasilains technically are not Latino, but whatever, lol) I'm putting up my favorite samba song ever!
The Afro-Brasilian beat is crazy and if it doesnt make you shake your ace then well, I dont even know who are anymore. haha

And Kat DeLuna did a dope "cover" of this song called "Dance Bailalo":

3) NERD "Am I High"
Just because...lol
"Meow, Meow."-Dale (as Leslie and I burst into laughter and continue to agree that we need someone to record our lives, lol)

4) Wale ft. Colin Monroe "Bittersweet"
Who doesnt like the original "Bittersweet" by The Verve?
It's a classic, period. (and prob. one of the most epic songs of the 90s besides "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana etc.)
Wale and Colin Monroe (dope Canadian artist/producer who dropped a quality mixtape that you should check out) re-vamped the cut and they did pretty darn good.
Cant wait to hear this mastered...

5) Robin Thicke "Sex Therapy"
Because everyone loves a sexy lil' song (especially during "boo season" aka fall/winter).

1) Mariah Carey- "Betcha Gon Know"
As soon as "The Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" comes on, this is what you are greeted with!
I just love this song, because she was dope at making u feel what she was going through.

"I'ma la la la la la laugh, right in ya face boy!"

2) Mariah Carey- "Ribbon"
I love this song.
If you have a boo, you will surely think of him/her when u hear this
Really, if you haven't considered getting the album, you clearly have some reconsidering to do! lol.

3) Wyclef "Born a Shotta"
Very chill song.
Guitar= proper

4) Noisettes "Never Forget You"
She has the dopest, unique voice.
Plus she's cute as a button.
Also Wale and Estelle were featured here on their song "Don't Upset the Rhythm."

5) Wale "Fly Away"
Can Wale do any wrong? lol.
The beat makes me nautious: so sick!



Happy Birthday Jesse Jackson!

Jesse Jackson, the man we all know and love, was born today, 10/8/1941.

BUT guess who else's birthday is today:
Tony Mitchell Jr.

This is my very special (blurry) video free-style for him!
Enjoy :)

(and yes my hair is wrapped...I mean it was only like 2 a.m. lol)

I'm just assuming, but this is probably how his face looks after that awesome freestyle.
State of disbelief..I know.

Anywho, Tony turned 22 years old today.
I hope he is bringing spears for his birthday.
Straight (-_-)

Well have a super awesome birthday :)

P.S. I think I'm gonna buy him some sort of off terrain vehicle for this occasion.
Something like this lol.


This is for my dignity.

So to say we got drunk last weekend would be an understatement! lol

I am a huge fan of twitter (@LMO4), so during the festivities, I TwidVid'd this video, then completely forgot I even took it lol.

So basically:
My friend Jezo (@lonjezom) spilled her shot on the counter at my place.
Me and my other friend Hanna wouldn't allow her to waste it, so... you can fill in the blank lol.

Pay close attention to me attempting to say "For your dignity."
I pretty much sound like I have Down Syndrome!

Remember, this is strickly for your comedic entertainment:
Don't judge us, for we are just crazy college students :)



Mad decent.

I heard this song during the 2009 MTV VMAs and went crazy trying to find.
And last week, I finally did!
If this song doesn't make you hit a dutty-whine, then I don't know what will. lol

I present "Hold the Line" by Major Lazer.

And the video reminds me of this hilarious old G.I. Joe clip!

P.S. That G.I. Joe video only reminds me of my brother Brad aka a fellow Leo with prolly the dopest music taste ever.
We used to walk around saying "Yeah, but I got first dibs on it." all weird like that boy a few years back. haha

P.S.S. If you like what you hear, listen to this dope compilation for Major Lazer tunes.


iLike. 10.6.09

About a year and a half ago I created a photo album called "iLike" on Facebook.
(Yes, that was way before Facebook even had an "iLike" button) lol
Anywho, alot of people seem to like it, therefore Im starting an "iLike" section on
The Clearance Aisle.

It will feature some fashion ish, some inspirational ish and alot of random, wierd ish...
I hope uLike it.

Kiss of light.
Do what the sign says and no one gets hurt.
(actually the exact opposite)
Junior Gong.
This brought me immense joy.
Who does this kinda ish? lol

She's way to cool for 7th seventh grade.
Bad to the bone.
Oldies but goodies.
Had my eyes on these suckas for a year.
Another old shirt.
Shout out to Stew who was rocking it this summer.
Nigga, get.me.this.ahora!

Stud muffin.

The end.

Taylor Gang or get have'd hoe!

Wizzy Poo, why do I love you so?! lol.

Wiz is definitely a young artist that stays on his grind.
He is about to drop yet ANOTHER mixtape this month----> Burn After Rolling!!

This video shows exactly why I think Wiz Khalifa is cold and adorable of course :)
Whatever that song is at 2:00 is going to be bumped very properly in my Jeep.
Beat is dumb stupid.

P.S. "Yea beesh, yea beesh, gimme that beesh, gimme dat, gimme dat, i want that, get down on the flo...BEESH."


Music Mondays. 10.6.09


1) Klaxons "As Above So Below" (Justice Remix)
Internet high five.

2) MSTRKRFT "Heartbreaker"
Yes, that's John Legend on the track.
Love this song.

3) No Doubt "Waiting Room"
I am so happy I am not a patient in his waiting room anymore.
Unlike Bob Marley, I don't think "that waiting feel is fine".
Name is crossed off the list, relieffffff :)
Besides, this is one of my favorite tracks off of "Rock Steady".
And ya boy Prince is singing background?
How bad ass is that?

4) The Cataracs "Love Club"
Ive been rocking to The Cataracs since last summer when I heard "Julia".
They are nothing too serious and I like that; something to shake your ass to and they are easy on the eyes.

5) Paramore "Ignorance" Unplugged
I have a complete girl crush on Hayley.
Her voice is so bad ass.
CD is getting copped.

6) Camp Lo "Luchini"
One of my favorite hip-hop songs.
It's been on the playlist since this blog had a playlist, but it's never gotten it's proper recognition.
I had to put this up here thanks to Wiz doing a dope "cover" that is featured below on Leslie's MM picks.


1) Wiz Khalifa "Air Borne" Freestyle
You can't go wrong flowing over this beat.

2) Paramore "Careful"
I really like this song.
I downloaded their cd last week and Im feeling it alot.

3) Lil Boosie "Kissing On You"

4) Bow Wow ft. Pleasure P "Come Over"

5) Miguel "Be my Vixen"
This song isn't new by any means, but it surely does the job.


Kandi Burris' Ex-Fiance AJ killed

Ashley Jewell aka A.J., the reported ex-fiance of former Xscape member, Kandi Burruss, star of the reality television show ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ was killed last night (Friday, October 2, 2009) after suffering injuries from a blow to the head allegedly inflicted during a fight in Atlanta.

A.J. Jewell ex-fiance of Kandi Burruss suffered a severe head injury from a fight at Body Tap in Atlanta, Georgia. A.J. Jewell was rushed from the club which is located at 1271 Marietta Blvd to Piedmont Hospital, according to sources.
Jewell would later be pronounced dead from his severe injuries to the head according to authorities.
Police are still reportedly seeking the suspects in the death , possible murder , of A.J. Jewell.

-previous passages written by J.R. of HipHoprx.com

I swear we just can't rid ourselves of these senseless deaths.
First Derrion Albert and now this.

Regardless of age, it never ends.
This is so silly black people.
What ever happened to uplifting one another!?

All of this fighting has to end!!

R.I.P. AJ..
I know he has a huge family so my prayers go out to them and Kandi.