We so 3000-and-heyyy! ; You so 2000-and-straight.

Ever since I was a little girl, white boys have tickled my fancy.
And this video, old as it may be, continues to co-sign on why white boys are sexy as hell to me.
Asher Roth tickles my fancy quite tickley.

P.S. How sexual did that last statement just sound? lol
I wasnt even trying to go there, but it got there nonetheless.

P.P.S. Asher Roth is a Leo and that's why he's so cool.
If he was a, lets say, a Cancer, he wouldnt even be able to rap. lol
jk, I love Cancers maaaaan.

P.P.P.S. You see my boy hit that stanky leg at minute 3:45?
owwww! lol


  1. yooo. i'm eye-to-eye with you on the caucasian tip! all 3 of 'em, to be honest. *drooling*
    lol i don't discriminate...

  2. Seriously!
    Im mos DEF feeling dude with the Fergie solo. lol
    "People in the placceeeeee...." lmao.
    So funny!

  3. i just heard a little rumor that mr. roth might be gay and this is the first thing i thought of hahaha so i'm wondering.. was he literally serious when he said "we so 3000 & heyyy, you so 2000 & straight"?? goodness gracious, i feel like it was so obvious now... lol

  4. lmao!
    I know! When I read this title I was like,"Underlining meaning Mr.Roth?" lol
    Man I hope he isnt gay for the pure fact that I think we should be together if Cudi I dont work out, but I read an article about it and it seems hella legit...*insert Drake voice...DAHM...ha