Music Mondays. 10.6.09


1) Klaxons "As Above So Below" (Justice Remix)
Internet high five.

2) MSTRKRFT "Heartbreaker"
Yes, that's John Legend on the track.
Love this song.

3) No Doubt "Waiting Room"
I am so happy I am not a patient in his waiting room anymore.
Unlike Bob Marley, I don't think "that waiting feel is fine".
Name is crossed off the list, relieffffff :)
Besides, this is one of my favorite tracks off of "Rock Steady".
And ya boy Prince is singing background?
How bad ass is that?

4) The Cataracs "Love Club"
Ive been rocking to The Cataracs since last summer when I heard "Julia".
They are nothing too serious and I like that; something to shake your ass to and they are easy on the eyes.

5) Paramore "Ignorance" Unplugged
I have a complete girl crush on Hayley.
Her voice is so bad ass.
CD is getting copped.

6) Camp Lo "Luchini"
One of my favorite hip-hop songs.
It's been on the playlist since this blog had a playlist, but it's never gotten it's proper recognition.
I had to put this up here thanks to Wiz doing a dope "cover" that is featured below on Leslie's MM picks.


1) Wiz Khalifa "Air Borne" Freestyle
You can't go wrong flowing over this beat.

2) Paramore "Careful"
I really like this song.
I downloaded their cd last week and Im feeling it alot.

3) Lil Boosie "Kissing On You"

4) Bow Wow ft. Pleasure P "Come Over"

5) Miguel "Be my Vixen"
This song isn't new by any means, but it surely does the job.

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