I want you.

"I want you to be everything that's you, deep at the center of your being.” -one of my favorites by Confucius.

If you havent realized it by now, I fuck with Theophilus London...hard.
Not only do I love his music, but I respect his evolution and live performance.
Ive written a few blog post about his past mixtapes, "Jam!"(2008) and "This Charming Mixtape"(2009), which you can download here...
And among other things, I posted this non-rubbish studio session of a new track that had me bursting with glee:

Well today, the wait is over for his new tape, and Theophilus has finally released "I Want You".

Download it here and support good, eclectic music!

P.S. Summer soundtrack on deck...oww.


Don't watch this before bed.

P.S. I used to love Mary-Kate & Ashley as a kid.
I'd buy every movie they released the Tuesday they came out...


How you got them?

Since I myself am not a sneakerhead, I obviously can't answer that question, but my man William H can...

So if you really want to know how he got them, just hit him up on Twitter or his blog and ask the man!

And okay, STL...I see you. #support

P.S. Ladies...owww.

I mean, if youre into that sort of thing...lol


I'm grown.

*bobs head to the beat while rubbing my hands together as if they're cold*

Hard work pays off.

"Follow people never, and your heart always."-me, Jai.



Words cannot explain my love and respect for Cudi.
I'm simply just gonna proclaim him as "that nigga" and leave it at that.

P.S. At the Wiz concert, guess who I found?
Kid Cudi.

Naw, lol, that's my homie Rocket (yeah, that's his real name, lol), but that niggy sure does look like him...ha

P.P.S. "If I could be the first lady of GOOD Music, I would just die. So, I think I'm gonna attempt suicide and just try..."-me, Jai.


A balanced breakfast.

Kush & OJ.

Download here.

P.S. And we meet again...
This was a good ass night.
More pics and video on the way!

P.P.S. This just never gets old.
#shoutout to Wiz for shouting us out last year...

Less than 24 hours from now...

...the purchase of orange juice by 18-30 year old African-Americans will go up 300% and everyone will be scrambling to find the best green they can get their paws on, and all its because of this...

P.S. And why Wiz didn't hold out until 4/20 to release "Kush and Orange Juice"?
Beats me.


Sneaky peeky.

So we all just found out "Kush and Orange Juice", from the homie Wiz Khalifa, drops tomorrow and who hasn't been waiting for that tape to drop?
I'm just giddy with excitement for "Kush and OJ", but I'm just as excited to hear what Theophilus London has in store for us.
Theo's new mixtape, "I Want You", drops on April 28th and he just released a sneak peek!

Check out the video for "Accept The New":

Download "Accept the New" here

P.S. Keep checking back to The Clearance Aisle for more updates. :)


Music Monday 4.5.10

Usher's new cd "Raymond vs. Raymond" in my opinion is nice.

It's got at least 6 solid joints on there:
Hey Daddy
There Goes My Baby
Lil Freak
Mars vs. Venus
Pro Lover

My 2 favorite songs are "There Goes my Baby" and "Okay".

Is "Okay" not the sexiest song?! Geez.