Is anybody else in love with Jamie Foxx???

Im sorry but I have to admit that Jamie Foxx is just that DEAL!
I promise everytime I see his videos or his movies, I just love him even more! :)
So I've compiled a list of all the reasons Jamie Foxx is supreme. lol

1. He is tall glass of sexy lol
2. He can sing like no other
3. He is a great actor(can't wait to go see the Soloist)(Jamie Foxx Show)
4. Comedy Comedy Comedy!! (what chick doesnt want humor 4 days)
5. Him and Obama are cool lol
.....and the list goes on!

PLEASE ADD ON TO THIS LIST lol because i am sure i have forgotten so many things that make Jamie Foxx such a total package lol

-and also do you all remember that episode of the Jamie Foxx Show when he was playing like he was D'Angelo lol with those HORRIBLE braids lol

please watch lol

im so serious: the belly button pick gets me EVERY TIME lol

signing off: LMO

I deserve a MTV show for me and my people.

"Funny thing is you just noticed him but now but he was here all along your vision just been distorded." 
-Fan since 2004

So I'm sleepy as a doe-doe head on a Thursday afternoon (that's REALLY sleepy, lol). 
Took a weak nap for a like 2 hours last night, woke up at like 11 p.m. and I haven't been to sleep yet thanks to this ECON history test I had this morn-ting and these assignments.

But I can't sleep just yet because I have these Drake pictures and videos to put up from last Saturday, 3/21/09 from the Kappa Players Ball.

It was Drake's FIRST U.S. solo concert and I was in front row kids.  :)

"SIU this is my first show in the Unites States. And you know why I had to come to SIU first?! It's cause you the fuckin best."
-Drake, the beat drops and the crowd goes wild. lol

I am SO happy I made it down there because I had no idea he was performing until that Thursday afternoon.
I bought my tickets right when I found out about the show and embarked on a mini road trip with two of my best amigos, LMo and G.

Here is the equation Iv'e come up with to summarize the weekend:
DeGrassi head since 2001 + Drake music supporter since 2004 + front row at Drake's 1st ever U.S. solo concert + meeting Drake + kicking it with the coolest dudes all weekend =

Let's proceed.

Just got to Justin's house in C-Dale to get ready. It was crazy in there! 

Sister, Sister! (Im Tamara, she's Tia) lol
We were feeling GREAT off the Orange Jub. lol

Ghetto girl, hood club pose. lol
Justin was gone in another world and thought we were following behind them, he accidentally left us, we got lost and had to wait in this crazy ace line instead of walking in with them!
Do you see that puddle? A girl had to pee and decided to go right there in "line"(aka the blob of ppl)! GROSS!
People were literally climbing over mugs. Wow.
More climbing. You would swear we were being attacked by aliens.
We got in JUST in time! When I saw Future up there we threw them bows to the front.
"This is the South(ern IU-C) and I am present when it matters most."
Man of the hour hits the stage for his FIRST ever U.S solo concert. 
"This youngin' that you doubted is about to get BUSY!"
"Shake up the world that's what he's about to do. And homie you aint even on his altitude."
"The game needs change and he the mu'fuckin cashier."
"And no he ain't emotional, but baby he love money."
Get cha big,"Your mind is telling me no but your body is telling me yes," looking ass. lol
I was so happy until I saw Justin getting crunk on stage with him and I realized we coulda been back there if we woulda went in with him. Thanks Justin. O'Fallon unite.lol
"So many pictures, his flow in a collage."

"This is the present and he's gonna show us what gifted is."
  "His sense of judgement's officially gone, up into the air all the smoke from the Swisher is blown...ahhhhh"
"If Hov is Jordan, I guess Im cool with Pippen til I mention that I wanna play a new position." 
-Drake, 2007 
"Im the LeBron James of the rap game." 
-Drake, 03/21/09...new position?
"Know they brought Kake to the party, no ICEing." 
-damn, how perfect was that? Sorry Alphas, I had to though, they getting it on stage w/ J.Brooks. lol
"His swagger is chill and his flow is reclining."

 "I call him the referee cause he's so official."
 "They like damn who's Drake? Where's wheel chair-Jimmy at? On his Chris Brown shit, he still here give him dat!"
 "You stay ahead of the game, he ahead of the practice boy!"
"So well spoken he shoulda went to Cambridge."
"He's still fly, he's sky high and I dare anybody to try and cut his wings." 
(shoes)---> "Those are cute, I adore those." (sidenote:I could keep going with the Drake quotes all day,lol)
 "D-R-A-K-Easy baaaaaby."
Question: "All this hype around Drake, whatever happened to Aubrey Graham?" 
Answer: I dont know homie.
 "Fresher than  a pillow with a mint on it."
 "He went off like lights when the SHOW'S OVER." 
:( til next time J.Brooks.
"Like a photoshoot everytime the team's out."
 "In person he is everything and more..." 
yeah, more like Brad. This man looks even more like brother is person. loco.
 "I can't live and hold the camera someone's gotta take this."
 "Spring 07'(09') second quarter he droppin with or with out a label. Man he committed to poppin' and take over the summer, tour to tour hoppin', he gonna meet alotta women he gon do alotta shoppin'."

Woah!(in Joey Lawrence voice) 

He is in a purple dance warp.
"Girl, move that thing like you getting money for college. Go!"
 Happy human beings : )
 Pose on them hoes!

Check out her broken right leg! So bow-legged yall! lol
Corey. Grade school buddy.

Off that Orange Jub. lmao. 
We went in there looking for Justin and he wasnt home but Jo was on the computer and 5 minutes later this nigga is KNOCKED out and....

and somehow Justin magically appears knocked out too! I dont know how this happened but we were weak! lol

3 bears.

 Next day, it felt great outside too!


 This is NOT under armuor but a damn flannel! lol

 "My people we chill while you haters wanna ball."
"Death drink" according to Mike and the bottle doesn't help. haha

"Nigga, I'm from Peoria!" LMAO!

Leaving Kappa Land.


P.S. Does it take everyone a fucking hour to upload pics on here? Dang, I truly hate it.