Howard Homecoming 2010.

Last weekend, I went to DC and met up with 2 of my friends (Brittani and Tyra) for Howard's HC. Guys, it was pretty intense...in good and bad ways.

Friday was this dope yardshow, in which Dougie Fresh absolutely killed it. I give mad props to that young sir for representing for all things old school. We were in the crowd about to explode from hypeness. Then Slick Rick came out, and it was just plain enjoyable.

But I'm telling yal when Rick Ross finally came to the stage....it. was. a. wrap. The crowd rushed to the stage and we literally had to run to avoid being ran over. I don't even think I have to explain how extremely bananas it went during BMF. Just take my word for it: his performance was dope.

Here are pics from Friday (before SOMEBODY got extremely drunk/naked lol):

Saturday was kind've a slow day. It took forever to figure out what we were going to do. We ended up making some moves and going out to eat. Sidenote: the cornbread....was fire. Then we went out to this club called Love. If you ever even think about going to this club, nigga think again. Me, Britt, and Tyra were about to fight in that hoe. Those boys were so aggressive and pushy trying to dance with us that it was just terrible. I've never experienced anything like that in my life. Maybe it was because that night it was 18+ or maybe it was just that particular group of people get down like that. But after that night, you will NOT find me in an 18+ club..only 21+ here. Because I will not get put in jail for fighting some super hormonal recently turned 18 year old boy.

Here are pics from Saturday:

Then Sunday, we all went back home. Sad day. But the next time we all hang out, I'll probably be visiting them in Philly. And that will be epic-er than the rest.

There are plenty more hilarious pics, but they just haven't been uploaded yet. I'll upload them when I get them :)


Better run, better run run.

I guess MC Hammer just had enough of the jokes. He comes at Jay-Z for his verse on "So Appalled" in this diss video.

Of course there really is no comparison between the two rappers, but I did enjoy this video. The chorus is actually decent. (I mean, it gets my head bobbin) Also, the content he came at him with was a very legit diss. I think it was hella smart. And lets not even TALK about the baptism!