Baller nigga shit.

The fact that he thought LV was Gucci, made me love this kid even more than I did before.


P.S. Regardless of their "baller ass" office, XL would be a dream to work for.
You have no idea.


Cool ass video: Make Some Noise.

Director, MCA.

This video is only the beginning.
Beastie Boys recently had a showing at Sundance that featured a 22 minute short called “Fight For Your Right Revisited".
I need to see more.


P.S."Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun" is still my favorite Beastie Boys song.
How can you not fuck with this?


Music Monday 4.25.11

1) The Morning Benders-"Oh Annie"
This song deserves the world. Beautiful...

2) Donald Byrd-"Cristo Redentor"
I've listened to this on repeat countless times.
A timeless beauty.

3) Interpol-"Obstace 1"
My brother and I rocked out to this song on Easter.
Christ our Lord, has risen.

4) Ceu-? (A Cidade Dos Homens)

It took me ages to find this song!
It played during the credits of "City of Men", but wasn't on the "official soundtrack".
I knew that was Ceu singing, but the song doesn't even have an title. I would spend hours trying to decipher Portuguese music conversations on Brasilian message boards (and I don't speak Portuguese). Then one day, maybe a year or so later, this Youtube clip just practically found me.
I guess life just works that way. Ha.

5) Mos Def / Little Dragon - "Fat Booty, No Love" Remix by LMNtal
A smooth twist Mos Def's classic record.
The ending was dope, but if LMNtal would've mixed Little Dragon between a few verses?
This song would've been like Jayne Kennedy, word bond.


1) Frank Ocean: Novacane

This song is so addictive.
Ama put me on Frank Ocean a little while ago, and I DIG. Totally.

2) Britney Spears: Inside Out
Britney's new album "Femme Fatale" is doing it for me.
This girl delivers. Nuff said.

3) Curren$y: BBS
He is real good for rapping over the smoothest of beats.
If you like this song, go download Curren$y's new mixtape "Covert Coup."
The entire tape is really groovy.
It was honestly hard for me to pick just one.

4) Freelance Whales: Hannah
I was watching some countdown show the other week and this song popped up.
I thought it was cute.


Ink my whole body.

Last week I went to the Bahamas and had a grand 'ol time (pictures later).
Plenty of sun, plenty of food, and plenty of spontaneous behavior.
That brings me to my next point: I got a tattoo!

My first tattoo was in the Bahamas on some random ish.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I got it on the inside of my arm.
A nice cute but discrete location.
My mom still flipped her lid, but she'll get over it lol.

My tattoo is this Bob Marley quote that I really love.
"Love the life you live. Live the life you love."

To me it means to basically live a life that's going to make you happy, make good things happen for yourself, and don't have regrets.
Life is too short to just waste it away.
Make it count.

Tattoo time:



4/20: Why is marijuana illegal?

I often find myself asking that very question: Why is marijuana illegal?
It never quite made sense to me.
Cigarettes, which cause over 400,000 deaths per year, receive U.S. subsides, yet this natural (practically harmless) plant is the devil's seed?
Naw, it doesn't seem to add up. There has to be a bigger reason to why it's legal, and there is.

Prepare to be enlightened by ,"The Union", an educational and compelling documentary that explores marijuana from every angle.
It tackles nearly every myth with excellent support (provided from UCLA and government studies, Harvard Medical Professors, economist, growers, smokers etc.)

Now, in no way do I believe marijuana should be forced on anyone.
It's a personal choice, and its not for everyone.
However from years of researching this subject, I do believe it should be legal.

Many people pass judgement on marijuana advocates and/or users, and much of that judgement is bred out of ignorance.
If you're going to hold a position on its legalization, the least you could do is properly educate yourself.
I'm talking actual personal exploration on this subject, NOT blindly believing what others (like the government) feed you, and want you to believe.
As if the government has never lied to us with the intent to control? Sure.

So, on this 4/20, take some time out and educate yourself on the facts of marijuana.
If you choose to seek the truth, you shall find it.

"The Union: The Business Behind Getting High"

After watching "The Union" have your views on cannabis changed, and how so?
Also, what information were you most shocked to learn?
Discussion is in order. :)


Cool ass video: Iron.

Director Yoann Lemoine



Music Monday 4.18.11

LMo's on vacation, probably laid out on some beach right now, so I'll be holding down Music Monday myself this week.

1) Def Sound-"(A) Gain
The first time I heard this song, I fell in love. It was on constant repeat.
Then the video dropped, and got damn...
Take a listen (and a look) for yourself and see if you don't feel the same way.

2) The Civil Wars-"Barton Hollow"
I'm a fan of bluegrass/authentic country. (I've been looking into bluegrass festivals, and everything).
And you may have seen me go on entire spiels on Twitter about how much of today's country music whomps.
Believe it or not, there are many correlations between hip-hop and country music.
For one, mainstream country is also infused with too much pop, and its lost alot of it's soul, but this "Barton Hollow"? I eff with.
My mom actually introduced me to this song.
Even if you're not a fan of country, give it a listen. You may actually dig it.

3) The Beets-"I Need More Allowance"
Doug was (and still is) one of my all-time favorite television shows.
I'm sure many of The Clearance Aisle shoppers grew up with this jewel of a show just like I did, so this song will take you back.

4) Little Dragon-"Fortune" (AFTA-1 Remix)
I always enjoy a good remix, and AFTA-1 usually never fails me.
He also just so happens to mix my favorite artists (ex: Esthero, Little Dragon), and this "Fortune" mix is just tasty.
Sidenote: AFTA-1 is a beautiful creature.

5) The Kinks-"Set Me Free"
*hysterically screams*

6) Empire Of The Sun-"Swordfish Hotkiss Night"
Did anyone see Empire Of The Sun live at Coachella? They killed it!
I've been a fan of there's for some time, and my brother loves them just as much as I do.
When they sing "Days go by days, all we do is roll on...", I think of my brother every time, and get internally weak.
It sounds just like him trying to sing bass.

7) Mount Kimbie-"Carbonated"
As you saw in this post, I recently went to a Mount Kimbie show.
I bought the CD, and I've been listening to it every day since.

8) Santigold feat. Karen O-"Go"
Here's the first sneak peek that Santigold has given us from her upcoming sophomore album.
Rebel mama!


Happy Birthday, Foxy Mama.

Foxy + mama = Foxy mama

Yes, that is my mom as a PYT, and today is her birthday!

As a tween/teenager, my mom and I would get into it all the time.
My dad would always shake his head, laugh and say,"You and your mom are JUST alike. That's why you're always butting heads."
(I'm a Leo, she's an Aries, and we both have very strong personalities. So, you can imagine.)
I now realize that my dad was right; I am just like my mom, and I'm becoming more like her everyday.
The older I get, the better our relationship gets.
She knows everything about me, and she's honestly one of my best friends.
She's smart, strong and hilariously dramatic.
My mom is the shit.

Modern-day mom (with Quincy).

So in celebration of my mom's birthday, here's "Mama", a song from the Spice Girls that describes our relationship perfectly.

I love you, mom!



Those cheeky Brits.

A few weeks ago, I was blessed enough to win tickets to the Mount Kimbie show from one my favorite stations, 88.1 KDHX.
My best friend Brittani was in town from Philly, so she and my other gal, Kyra, linked up for the show at The Luminary Center of the Arts.

Brit. :)

Okay, so first we saw SoundClash (Black Spade, DJ Needles & 18andCounting) killing ish as usual.
I love seeing these three together, side-by-side.
Their personal DJing styles are really highlighted, and their individual elements build to create this dope, collective sound; Its a real treat to see.


"Ms. Fat Booty"

And as if SoundClash wasn't enough, Mount Kimbie blew my fucking socks off.

This duo from the UK met in college, and have been creating electronic/post-dubstep music together ever since.
They're also good friends with James Blake, and he was once a touring member of their band.
I hadn't really listened to their music before, but they made a fan out of me.
I'm completely smitten with them (like a level 10 on the smitten scale).
Being a huge fan of electronic music, I've always wanted to see it created live, so this show was just amazing.

Check out this solid video from show:
(Music: "Would Know" by Mount Kimbie)

After the show was over, I met Kai (one half of Mount Kimbie).
We chatted, and he was cool as ever.
He forgot what country he was in and tried to give me Canadian money.
Oh, Kai...lol

And he signed my CD (*booty dances with my hands on my knees*).
I can't stop listening!

Moral of the story: If you ever get the chance to see Mount Kimbie live, DO IT.



Look at me now.

Check this video out.
I'm so excited about it.

It's a cover of Chris Brown's "Look at me now."
This group Karmin sni-zapps.
First of all, her voice is really dope.
And she raps just as good as the guys in the original song.



Hunger Pains.

For the past 3 days, I haven't eaten any food.
I've resisted temptation against free, giant cupcakes and delectable catfish nuggets.
Both being a level 9 on the difficult to resist scale, but it's all worth it.

Myself and 36,000+ Americans are fasting to draw attention and protest the proposed Republican budget cuts. Budget cuts that would disproportionately impact the world's hungry and poor, both here and abroad.

If these budget cuts prevail, 100,000 pregnant and nursing mothers (and their children) will not receive food assistance, and global hunger programs will be cut, eliminating food for millions of kids in refugee camps.
And that's just the TIP of the iceberg; there is so much more on the line.

This greed is inexcusable, and if you think so too, take a stand.
Whether it's for a week, a few days or even one meal, fast and spread the word.
Blog, tweet and/or discuss your experience, and let everyone know why it's so important.
Let's stand in solidarity with those who need it the most.

To find out more about the Hunger Fast campaign, and to sign the petition, click here


P.S. I once fasted for 2 weeks. How did I even survive that?


Cherry Blossom Festival

First time going to the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC.
It's really beautiful at the Jefferson Memorial when the trees are in bloom.



Cole World.

Last Friday was amazing!
Me & my boyfriend were eating at this Mexican joint when I started talking about this chick at work that thought J. Cole was gonna be in town.
Being the huge J. Cole fan that I am, I knew she was mistaken...
Because surely I would have known he was coming.

But hell to the no, she was right.
And we were literally down the street with nothing else to do.
I aint never been somewhere so quick in my life lol.
I almost spontaneously combusted.

He was performing at the downtown pavilion in CVille for the FREE.
Yea, I said it. Free.99
The whole experience was dope.
While waiting we made tie dye shirts and ate free homemade doughnuts. #joy

Before J.Cole came out, this white boy walked on stage and ripped it on the turntables.
He played a mix of new & old school hip hop, electronic, house, and rock.
The entire crowd was literally jumping up and down.
We all danced our heads off.
He set it up real nice for J.Cole to come out.

And when J. Cole came out, oh buddy, it was magnificent.
He performed songs from the Come Up, Warm Up, and Friday Night Lights.
I was a little worried that he wouldn't go in, since it was a free show, but he did his thing.

Even though it was just him and his DJ on stage, there was so much energy.
I give him much respect, because there are rappers out there that have to have their entire crew on stage to feel like they're doing something.
J. Cole just gets it.


Music Monday. 4.11.11

1) Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi (starring Jack White)-"Two Against One"
"Rome" could very well be the most solid project to drop in 2011.
To find more about what "Rome" is all about, go here
Danger Mouse is a genius btw.

2) Jaime Woon-"Lady Luck"

His album drops 4/18, and shit he has talent. UK representah.

3) tUnE-yArDs-"Bizness"
Solid song. Awesome video.

4) Hector Lavoe-"Que Lio"

And Marc Anthony's version is just...

5) Ozzy Osbourne-"Thunder Underground"
*sings* Alright now...


1) Sade ft Jay-Z- "Moon and Stars Remix"
Sade is just perfect. And Jay-Z complements this song well.
Dope remix to the smooth tune from her latest album Soldier of Love.
This track will be on her forthcoming compilation "The Ultimate Collection."

2) Mac Miller ft Wale- "So What"
Mac Miller and Wale collabo= joy.
I'm really impressed by the quality of his work.
Especially considering how young he is.

3) Dirty Gold- "California Sunrise"
Warm weather, here I come.

4) LL Cool J- "Hey Lover"
This is one of LL Cool J's best songs.

One Love,

We all get dressed for Bill.

Spring is officially springing in St.Louis!
The trees are beginning to grow their leaves, the flowers are in bloom and this breeze is just sinful.
And as if the lovely weather wasn't reason enough to celebrate, I recently turned in that lovely senior portfolio (*booty dances with my hands on my knees*).
So, you know a celebration was in order.

When my friend Sarah and I found out "Bill Cunningham New York" was going to be showing at the Tivoli Theater in The Loop, we knew we had to see it!
So last week after I turned in my portfolio, we grabbed a few friends and subsequently had our worlds rocked by this film.

As both a photographer and a fan of indie cinema/documentaries, I knew I'd enjoy it, but I didn't expect to fall head over heels for Mr. Cunningham.
I cant stress enough how inspirational this film is; I walked out of theater renewed.
Bill is such a beautiful person. A shining example of what a principled and passionate life can be.
That man deserves nothing but the best. He fascinated me.

And even if fashion or photography doesn't tickle your fancy, I still suggest you see this film.
Bill will teach you life lessons. For example: "If you don't take the money, they can't tell you what to do, kid. Never touch the money."
It's just an all-around great character expose.

Check out a few photos from the day, and the trailer for "Bill Cunningham New York" below:

Cole Haan + the Air Nike Sole = most comfortable shoes I own

The Tivoli , one of my favorite theaters in STL.

Sarah! :) This gal is hilarious.

One thing I love about several hometown theaters, they sell Ted Drewe's icecream, a STL favorite.
I got strawberry. Yum.

We were the only people in the theater. I like it that way.

One of many out of sight people profiled in "Bill Cunningham New York".

The trailer:

I suggest you quickly find a theater in your city that's showing "Bill Cunningham New York", and prepare to fall in love with an 82-year-old white man that you've never even met.
Get to it.


P.S. One of the people I went to see it with was actually in the movie.
She happened to be in NYC that weekend, and went to one of the fashion events Bill photographed.
She was like,"OMG. I was there! How cool would it be if I was in the movie?"
Ten seconds later, we see her friend in the background behind Bill. It was comedy.

Cool ass video: Dogboarding.

(Brought to you from directing team DANIELS)

How cool was that?



I think I'm love...again.

Jesse Boykins III, "Prototype". A short film.

Why is he so beautiful, though?
That hair. That smile. That voice.
Oh, Jesse can definitely borrow my uterus.

And if you're feeling this video/vibe, I suggest you go here and check out the video for "Gone Baby", a song from Melo-X (who's also featured in the video above).


P.S. I've never wanted to take an African dance class so bad in my life.


Music Monday. 4.4.11

This week, Leslie and I will dedicate our Music Monday to one artist:
The artist I choose is fly ass Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott.
I think its safe to say that everyone is starting to miss the 90s in some shape or form, and the music, hip-hop in particular, is definitely something I miss.
And one of my favorite artist to emerge out of 90s was definitely Missy.
She was the bomb!

Missy was a completely original artist who knew how to have fun!
I loved her confidence, especially since she wasn't a size 2.
And as a female MC, she never reduced herself to sexual objectification, yet had no problem infusing sexual topics into her music. Yes!
Missy was always evolving and pushing the envelope.
I remember being a kid waiting for her videos to come on, she was so cool and unique.

I was recently having a convo about the current state of hip-hop and how its lost its artistry. Realizing that so many people today came up trying to model their careers after people like Diddy (more business entertainment than true art), rather than looking up to artist like Missy (an entertainer who never had to jeopardize her artistic integrity for popularity).

And as someone recently reminded me, let us not forget, Missy discovered Timbaland not the other way around. ;)

1) Missy Elliott ft. Da Brat-"Sock It 2 Me"

2) Missy Elliott-"Beep Me 911"

3) Missy Elliott-"Hot Boyz"

4) Timbaland & Magoo ft. Aaliyah and Missy Elliott-"Up Jumps Da' Boogie"

They were the flyest crew, I promise.

5) Missy Elliott-"Im Talkin"

Nigga...what's up?

6) Missy Elliott-"The Rain"

You cant talk about Missy without mentioning this.


My artist is Big K.R.I.T. His mixtape, "Return of 4eva" dropped last week and it was quite ridiculous.
I think I may even like it better than "K.R.I.T. Wuz Here." (and that's saying something).

Since this last mixtape, K.R.I.T. has been getting soo much play.
I think this was the one that really convinced the naysayers that he was legit.
And oh how legit he is.

1) Big K.R.I.T.- "Rotation"

2) Big K.R.I.T.- "Highs and Lows"

3) BIG K.R.I.T.- "Time Machine"

4) BIG K.R.I.T.- "Kings Blues"

One Love,



P.S. 22

If you couldn't tell, I think Little Dragon is one of the best bands in the whole entire world.
(And if you're wondering, yes, I still whimper in my sleep from not being able to see them in concert last fall. *wah!*)

Anyway, check out this completely adorable and non-rubbish version of "Twice" featuring P.S. 22's Chorus from Staten Island.

How lovely was that performance?
Their angelic voices lifted "Twice" to the clouds....
So much positivity in that room. I love kids! :)

And in other Little Dragon news, their third and highly anticipated album "Ritual Union" has been pushed back for a July 12 release (whomp).
But thankfully, they have released one song to give us a taste of what to expect.
Check them out performing "Ritual Union" while making their TV debut on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon".

"Ritual Union" tracklisting:

01 Ritual Union
02 Little Man
03 Brush the Heat
04 Shuffle a Dream
05 Please Turn
06 Crystalfilm
07 Precious
08 Nightlight
09 Summertearz
10 When I Go Out
11 Seconds

I don't know about you, but I so excited! :)
Now if only Esthero would drop her upcoming album... *sigh*


P.S. Jose Gonzalez is one lucky man to have Yukimi as his lady.
She's beautiful (both inside and out)! Super talented couple...



Happy Birthday, and R.I.P, to the legend that is Marvin Gaye.


Marvin had it all.
Not only was he the coolest motherfucker in the room at any given time, but the man had soul, substance and most of all, untouchable, unique talent.

The words and music he created were beautiful.
All these other goobers on the radio claiming to be R&B "artists" should be boycotted.
The state of black music (and music in general) is shameful (and it's so apparent when you listen to music of the past in comparison).
We've lost our soul along the way.

But anyway, besides being an incredible artist, Marvin also had style, sex appeal and this beautiful radiance.
My mom was addicted to Marvin Gaye as a kid, and looking back, I don't blame her one little bit.
I've been watching his videos for the past hour, and in that short time, I have decided that I too am in love with Marvin Gaye, and that he would have had no problem getting my V-Card (with unlimited swipes).

So in celebration, here are a few Marvin Gaye songs to vibe out to:

1) "Got To Give It Up"
I don't care if I happen to marry an Orthodox Jew, my future husband and I are dancing to this song at least one Sunday per month (preferably in the kitchen while making brunch).

2) "Is That Enough"
Come on, you can't deny this.
And fellow Three 6 Mafia fans, I think we all recognize that little beat (yep).

3) "I Want You"
Why'd he have to moan on the track like that, though?
And word to Theophilus London for the solid remake

4)"Mercy, Mercy Me"
He predicted the future. The lyrics are so relevant that it's creepy.

5) "Whats Going On"
Such an powerful, classic song of the times.
Sidenote: This is the kind of music we should be consuming and demanding.
It's empowering. And black people were so cool back then. Style and soul...



P.S. And he's an Aries, too? Please.

P.P.S. Damn, black men are beautiful.


Block Party.

I was watching "Dave Chappelle's Block Party" yesterday.
Omg, I would have loved to had been there.
Yeezy, Common, Dead Prez, Mos Def, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, The Roots & one special guest:
J. Cole!

As I was watching the movie, I kept seeing this familiar light skinned boy.
6 years ago this man was right in the front of the audience probably losing his brain cells.
Can you imagine seeing all of those artists from a fan's point of view?
Now imagine seeing them from an artist's perspective?
On a whole nother level!

Do you remember the part where Dave invited an MC to come to the stage and freestyle?
Well J.Cole was trying his HARDEST to get on that stage.
If he was picked, he probably would be a part of G.O.O.D. Music right now. lol
I guess everything happens for a reason.
Maybe that was a point of major inspiration for him that led to some of the great music he makes now.

Either way, I was amused.
I felt like I was playing Where's Waldo.


Tragic Lindsay.

I recently had the pleasure of shooting for one of my favorite boutiques in St.Louis: Ziezo's!

It was such a fun shoot:
Good vibes, good music & good people.

Below are some of my favorite shots:

Photography and editing by me, Jai, of Greenheart Photography.
If you're in the St.Louis area, and you're interested in setting up a photo shoot, don't hesitate to contact me.

Let's set something up! :)

You can also check out more of my photography here