Music Monday 1.31.11

1) JJ-"Still"
If you're a fan of ambient, mellow vocals over familiar, hip-hop beats, I suggest you download JJ's latest mixtape, "Kills".
Typical fucking Swedes, and their solid, progressive pop music.
Download here.

2) Cass McCombs-"County Line"
Too bad this song doesn't come packaged with a cozy cabin, pomegranate tea and a fireplace.
Then, it'd be perfect.

3) Adele-"Love Song (cover)"
If you haven't noticed, everyone is waiting the release of Adele's new record (and with good reason).
This probably wont make the tracklist of the new album, but she recently dropped a cover of The Cure's classic, "Love Song".
Sidenote: I still prefer 311's version below (over both Adele and The Cure).

4) The Doobie Brothers-"What A Fool Believes (Danny Dance Extended Journey)"
I just wanna dance to this under strobe lights.
Is that too much to ask?
Sidenote: Did you know Michael McDonald is a STL native?

5) Fleet Foxes-"Helplessness Blues"
Just today, Fleet Floxes dropped the first single from their highly anticipated follow-up record, "Helplessness Blues" (which drops on May 3).
Even if don't share a love for bearded white men and blue-grass, mountain music, like myself, I still suggest you give them a listen.
My favorite Fleet Foxes song is "Blue Ridge Mountains" (which I listened to on repeat as I drove through the mountains of Tennessee).
It was beautiful.


1) A Race of Angels: Africa Displaced
Amanze would find a song about Africa huh? lol Nevertheless, it's enjoyable. Take a listen.

2)CocoRosie: Lemonade
This video is absolutely weird as eff in the coolest way possible. They don't give a hoot what people think and I love it. Their voices are dope too.

3)Sa-Ra Creative Parters: Hey Love
This song was initially kinda hilarious to me, but the longer you listen to it, the better it gets.

4) Ariel's Pink Haunted Graffiti: Bright Lit Blue Skies


Digital Love.

As I'm sure the world is ending, I have a bucket list of things I'd like to do.
Some things are serious while others are silly, but everything on my list matters.

I've always wanted to dance my face off to "Digital Love" by Daft Punk in a disco, and I finally did.
I left my face on that dance floor. lol

St.Louis, under the influence, strobe lights, lovers, strangers, hands up and free.

One of my favorite gals, Ashlee, had a birthday celebration, and we had a blast.

For more memories, check out Harve's photography here.




This past Saturday (Jan. 22) , we made yet another trip to DC.
Amanze and I were supposed to be going to this Little Dragon concert, which would have been awesome, but it was sold out.
Instead we headed to this club called Recess.

The club/lounge was kinda small, but we surely kicked it.
Met up with the girlies and Amanze's homie Sennay.
Add a little (>_>) and a sprinkle of (-_-), and let the good times roll.



If you think you're special...

If you haven't heard by now, Theophilus London's first album, "A Lover's Holiday" drops February 8.
*screams like a school girl*
The not-so-loving love song, "Why Even Try" feat. Sara Q., is the first taste we've had from his new project.

To listen and download click here.


P.S. To all those people over the last few years who told me they didn't like Theophilus, or that he wouldn't gain notoriety against competition like Kid Cudi, I'm laughing at you right now.
I knew Theophilus would be a sensation.


Music Monday. 1.24.10

1) Gorillaz-"Shy-Town"
2010 was a good year for Gorillaz fans.
Not only did they drop "PLastic Beach" in the spring, but they also released a free second album, "The Fall", on Christmas day.
"The Fall" is unique because they recorded the entire album on an iPad.
Below is one of my favorite tracks, and you can download "The Fall" in it's entirety here.

2) Little Dragon-"Thunder Love"
Just one of my favorite tracks from one of my favorite bands, Little Dragon.
The lyrics are so lovely...
"Then dawn came and I stayed and was laughing with you.
The smoke love, then I dove and was kissing with you.
My past erase as we lay in a daze..."

Sidenote: They were in STL October 2010, and I wasnt able to attend the show.
Now everytime I listen to one of their songs, I die a little.
That's like Esthero coming to STL and me not going. Damn.

3) No Doubt-"Rocksteady"
Gwen Stefani's recent L'Oreal campaign has me amped!
I'm hoping it's a way to get her out there in hopes of promoting their upcoming album (which they began recording on January 1).
Gwen's solo work was great, but I'm more than ready for this greatly overdue No Doubt record.

4) John Lennon-"Steel and Glass"
One of my favorite John Lennon songs.
John is so funky when he chooses to be.


1) Quadron-"Simili Life"
What a sweet sweet voice.
I really enjoyed the simplicity of this video.

2) Wild Nothing- "Chinatown"
Oh how I love the dog named Clown.

3) Tokimonsta-"This World is Ours"
Dope cover.
This Asian female hip hop producer is just a delight.

4) Kymai ft Aynell-"Colle"
This is one of those songs I would play on a perfect sunny day.
Sidenote: Please look past his dreads and awkward bandana. lol



Lost in the mood.

Earlier this week, I went to the highly anticipated Girl Talk show.

Girl Talk is a DJ of sorts, who specializes in mashups & digital sampling.
See also:

His shit has energy, and a mini cult following.
See also:

Anyway, his shows always sell out, so as expected, this show sold out.
It was just myself and 2,299 other St.Louisans lost in the mood.

The young and wild take chances together.
They all jump up, twist and groove.
But no one talks, lost in the motherfuckin' mood.

No one talks.
Lost in the mood.
No one talks.
Sweatin' it out.
Lost in the mood.

(Kid Cudi-"The Mood")

Sidenote: I pretty much lost ALL of my brain cells when he mixed this.

1) Giant balloon.

2) Guy on stage reaches for giant balloon.

3) Guy on stage pops giant balloon, and the crowd goes wild!

I left the concert with a giant bruise on my arm (a girl somehow stepped on it while we were dancing?), and I'm still finding confetti in strange places.

To download a slew of Girl Talk mixtapes, click here.


P.S. All the photos & videos above were taken with my 3.2mp, Blackberry camera, lol, so it's not the greatest quality, but blah.

P.P.S. I finally drank my first real Four Loko!
I lucked up and found one as the FDA pulled them out the stores, and I saved it specifically for this concert.
I'm not a drinker, but I had to try the "cultural phenomenan" that was Four Loko. Ha
I can see why they took the caffiene out, because even after 2+ hours of hard dancing, I still I had the urge to go jogging afterwards. lol
And yeah...we don't drink 40s outta paperbags no mo', we drink Lokos outta beanies, fool.