Local Love: Scripts N Screwz-"Brick"

East St. Louis, IL's very own Scripts N Screwz dropped their cartoon inspired video "Brick" recently.

I'm definitely feeling this video/song and I'm proud to see people from my hometown of East St. Louis, IL making good music.

If you're not on, visit their myspace or blog and get familiar because let's be honest, how many hip-hop groups do you know coming out of E. Saint?

Music Mondays. 7.31.09

1) Kings of Leon-"McFearless"
"McFearless" is off KOL's third album "Because of the Times" which dropped back in 2007.
This is one of my favorite KOL tracks and the live version is equally sick.
Man, Caleb has one of the sexiest voices Ive ever heard.
If I could procreate with his voice, I would.
We would have some sexy ass half black/half voicebox babies. lol
I need to get my money right so I can see them live in STL next month.

2) J.Cole-"Back to the Topic freestyle"
As J.Cole continues to be a major problem....

3) Mickey Factz "It's Ok"
This beat is refreshing and who doesn't appreciate hip-hop that speaks on real life?
"Look into your heart, that's where it all starts..."

4) Rhymefest feat. Lady Bug "Binary Code"


1) Jay-Z ft. Kanye-"Hate"


Just enough to solve ya problems...

...too much will kill ya.

He did good.


There is weed on the set babeeey.

Yesterday Wiz put up the behind the scenes video for "Material".

YalL notice how I said "Wiz" like me and him are cool or something right? lol.

I just have a few points to make...
1. Is Wiz Khalifa not the cutest skinny dude you know?
2. The girls in the background look about 13 years old.
3. One of them definitely said "Taylor Game" instead of "Taylor Gang" (smh)
4. Pittsburgh accents are RIDICULOUS. I can't even wrap my mind around it.
(Furthermore, if I ever try to imitate it, just pass me a report card with an F on it. lol)
5. He definitely "brought the spears" for this video.
6. Is Wiz Khalifa not the cutest skinny dude you know? lol

I've always loved this song from "Flight School".
I'm curious to see the final product :)

P.S. I love him for that face he made when he stuck his head out the car window.



A musical hate crime.

Drake ft. Kanye, Wayne, and Em-"Forever" remix

Since youtube is gonna take the track down in a second anyway, I'll just give you the link to download it.

Now I need to take my ass to class, Bueller...

P.S. Can Wayne's egregious ass go one bar without mentioning anything martian and/or outerspace related?!
Someone needs to quickly give him this patch cause damn homie...
(in highschool he was the man homie)

P.P.S. I call this "A musical hate crime" because Em just killed every negro on the track. lol
Kanye spit the second best verse in my opinion, but what do you expect?
Em and Ye are both from the mid-West.


Track 11-"Question Existing"

If you are a reader of The Clearance Aisle, you are well aware that Leslie and I are NOT Rihanna enthusiast.

I think it all really started last summer when we attended the Glow in the Dark tour.

We were 5th row, hella close to the stage and the show was unbelievable, except…
Rihanna performed and she basically sucked.

It left us wondering,“Uh, why is she famous again?

Rihanna is not like a Beyonce.
It’s damn near impossible to hate on Beyonce because she is booku talented, regardless of the fact that she acts like an awkward fembot during interview sometimes.
It’s also hard to hate on someone like T-Pain.
He may not be the greatest singer, but he just seems like a great person.
His work ethic and personality make you stay on his side regardless.
But with Rihanna, there is nothing there.
She is a mediocre singer and dancer, which makes her a mediocre performer, who happens to have a dope production team to back her musically.
She doesn’t come off as having the greatest personality in the world and her sense of humor seems like that those crunchy Cheetos you accidentally left out, cheesy and stale.

Oh yes, but I do recall one thing she has…
A damn stylist!
(yeah, an entire glam squad including hair, make-up and wardrobe 24/7 that makes her look fabolous everyday)

Seriously, would people be stunting on Rihanna if she were still in her “Pon de Replay” days?
As Michael Kyle from “My Wife and Kids” would say, Uh, neh.” lol

Leslie and I (and damn near all of our female companions) are always posing this…
Question: “Man, if we had money like that and someone doing our hair and make-up, do you know how effing fly we would be?”
Answer: Hella fly.

I think the money made Rihanna.
It was not and is not her talent because there are a ton of girls that can do what she does.
And as Erica would say, she jocked Kelis' hair anyway. lol

The transformation!
Yeah she was a cute girl before, but come on now...



P.S. What the hell happens to all her clothes after she wears them?
I wonder if people just give them to her so she can be seen in them and then she gives them right back.

P.P.S. Call me a "hater" if you please, but I just think the real fly fashionistas like Kesh, Jasmin Rodriguez and Karla should be giving the glow and the glo-rey. They are real women with real, insane style.

P.P.P.S. I started writing this post back in May, but I was just waiting for something to trigger me posting it. Well I was triggered alright. Someone just called her the "black Madonna" and I almost molly-whopped them on the top of their head. lol


R.I.P Aaliyah

Lovely lady.
Talented performer.
Mid-West's finest.
Gone too soon.
R.I.P Aaliyah

The original:

The cover:

The original:

The cover:
I highly recommend watching this live perfomance of the cover.
She goes so hard and sounds dope as fuck live!

P.S. Did you check her outfit?!
I love her for that.


Music Mondays. 8.24.09

1) Wale "My Sweetie (Spray It)"
Africa, stand up!
(as I say that like my ass is African. lol)
What can you do? I love being black.

2) Peter Bjorn and John "Stay This Way"
I kinda adore this song.
I picked it,"cause it makes me happy."
The lyrics and simplicity are lovely:
"I don't wanna know you, not like I used to know people.
I don't wanna change you, not like I used to change people.
I just want to have you here"

3) Friendly Fires "Paris"
I just bought this CD a few days ago and Ive been rocking to it non-stop.
I'm gonna pick up the re-release of their self-titled album on August 31 because it features this little diddy and a bunch of remixed tracks.
The lyrics are nice too:
"And every night we'll watch the stars
They'll be out for us, They'll be out for us"
"I'll find you that French boy, You'll find me that French girl
I promise, I'm on it"


1) Wale ft. Currensy and J.Cole- "Rather Be With You"
Because I'd rather be with the summer.

2) Wiz Khalifa and Currensy "Friendly"
I love this song! It's one of my favorites off the mixtape.
And shout out to both Currensy and Wiz faithfully tweeting me! Love those guys :)

3) Wale ft. Jean Grae "Goodbye"
Time to say goodbye to the summertime. :(


The boy is mine.

Old school

New school

I think they did pretty good, but they aren't effing with the original (obviously).
Man, I used to love this song!




I guess my go-to word, "egregious" would be the best way to describe Arab's new foolishness called "Laugh Out Loud".

With lines like:
"I da shit, I da shit...uh Idaho."
"If theres an issue, get a tissue."

...you would think that I could say, "hip-hop is dead", but with people like J.Cole coming up, I just can't.
Hip-hop isn't dead but the problem is, rap isn't either (and that's where Arab comes in, lol).

You know how the equation goes:
Rap - Lies = Hip-Hop

P.S. If you ever need a good laugh, you know where to go...Idaho. lol


Cool. OFF.

So I always make up songs while I'm driving or while doing other random ish.
They are usually dope with a good melody and everything, but the kicker is, I can't remember anything that I create.
(Sidenote: Invest in a recorder.)
So about a month ago, I'm driving from Decatur back to College Park and I'm listening to the radio when the dreaded "Five Star Chick" comes on.
I dont know why, but it really pissed me off that people listen to and truly believe that shit. lol
While the song was on, I started speaking this poem aloud and when I got home I actually remembered it for once and wrote it down.

I really admire poets and songwriters for wearing their hearts on their sleeves, but it's wierd for me.
I hate being all "open" with stuff that I write and it's a major step for me to post this up here so please follow these directions.

Step 1: Don't judge me.
Step 2: Don't judge me.

Step 3: Don't judge me.

[Update]: Don't jealous me.
(inside joke) lol


I can make the ass drop.

Good soundtrack x P-Rod x superb cameos
Fuck the "Hyperize" commercial, this is where it's at.

P.S. I have had THE biggest crush on P-Rod since I saw his Firsthand.
Besides being a dope skater and sexy as hell, he always has this pleasant look on his face and his hair is adorable. lol
And do you know who his dad is? This guy.
I know, I couldn't believe it at first either, but they do look just alike.


LOL :)

So as I said in a previous post, I worked the V-103 Car & Bike show.
It was one of the highlights of my beautiful summer.

I got the pleasure of meeting:
-Trey Songz
-The Dream
-Christina Milian
-Young Dro
-Big Boi (yeah, from Outkast, love this guy)
-GS Boyz
-Yung Joc
-Jazze Pha
-Chilli (from TLC)
-Busta Rhymes
-Sean Garrett
-Kim, Kandi and Sheree
-Frankie (Keyshia Cole's mom)
-Bobby Valentino

#1 station in ATL

This sucker got me everywhere! :)

Old school > New school

Backstage with Trey Songz.

Video: (or click here)


The Real Housewives! Sheree said she loved my hair. lol

Lil C almost broke down when she met Jermih. lol He's a cool niggy (and tall)!

For the rest of the pics, click here.

P.S. I got to meet both Trey Songz and Drake (click here for the vids/pics) this year and watch them separately perform "Successful".
OWWWW. haha

1,000 butterflies from your lips to mine.

I apologize if you're not a music lover like myself and you come to The Clearance Aisle to purchase more than just music, but I can't help myself because...


The Afro-Brasilian percussion + the general euphoria of the track = musical bliss.
I should have known that Friendly Fires went hard after I blogged about this video in April.
Now, I'm officially buying their album tomorrow.
And check out my man's dance moves, he just doesn't care and I love that.

P.S. Something about that video reminds me of this dope video from Empire of the Sun (who you need to jump on if you already haven't done so.)

P.S.S. Doesn't the lead singer kinda look like Craig from DeGrassi? lol

Music Mondays. 8.17.09

In addition to Private's "Secret Lover" remix below this post, I got these songs fa'ya.

1) 311 "Love Song"
One of my top 5 favorite songs of all time.
Shout out to Stewy and Samp for loving this song as much as I do.
As sappy as it may be, to all my ATL homies..."However far away I will always love you..."

2) Panama "Make It Last"

When MTV2 featured this guy back in late 08 and instantly loved his steez and flow.
I randomly thought of him and it turns out he finally released a video in July.


1) Rich Kids "My Patna Dem"
This was our soundtrack to ATL. So crunk, I love it.

2) Ludacris ft. Lil Scrappy "My Patna Dem" remix



Crack music.

Because I dare not wait until Music Monday to post this up...

I'm addicted.

P.S. Americans, how long are we going to continue to let those Europeans to kick our ass on the music scene?

Ultimo frustraciĆ³n.

Question: Do you understand how frustrating it is when you hear a song that you love and you can't find it?
Answer: Hella frustrating.

Ive gone through the "courting" process with a good amount of songs, but there are 5 that damn near led me to a bout of insanity. lol

1. Zero 7 "Destiny"
- In my opinion, this is ultimate baby-making music and it's one of my Top 5 favorite songs.
It started haunting me in 2001 and I finally found it in 2003.
2. Brazilian Girls "Don't Stop"
- I spent hours in music forums looking for this little diddy in highschool. Chill song.
3. Citizen Cope "Suns Gonna Rise"
- I heard this in a Pontiac commercial that I only saw once back in 2005. Took me a minute to find it, but he's one of my favorite artist. They use Citizen Cope in everything!
4. Simple Red "Sunrise"
-Watch the video for pure awkwardness and sexiness!
Everyone in the video is sexy as hell except for the singer. He's just effin creepy. lol

But there was a final song that has been haunting me.
I found it on myspace back in 2007 and I have a program that "ripped" 75% of the song, but being a doe-doe head, I didn't write the artist down.
Whenever I play it, someone always ask where they could find it and I never knew the answer until now...

I present...
Fitzroy ft. Emon "Malibu Cranberry Juice"

(I suggest you play the entire song here)

I love this song, so smoooooth.
You should check out Fitzroy's mixtape "Recess" that dropped in 2007, pretty good tuneage on there.

sigh: I feel so liberated.



TBC: Drop Dead Fred

Universal is about to remake that 90s childhood classic, "Drop Dead Fred".

The re-make is going to have a more "Bettlejuice" feel than the original and it's going to be written by Dennis McNicholas (writer for "Land of the Lost").

And guess who is going to play Fred?

Yes, Russel Brand.
He may be an annoying Englishman, but Fred was too, so it's kinda perfect.

They haven't cast anyone as Lizzy, but Camilla Belle would be a decent choice, no?

I really don't know how I feel about this though.
The original isn't even that old.

It came out in 91'; maybe they should let it "simmer" for a little while longer.
But then again, it would be kind of perfect for it to come out in the near future for the 80s babies.
I was like 5 or 6 when I first saw this movie and "Drop Dead Fred" is all about growing up and that's exactly where I am right now, in that "growing up" transition of my life.
So the late 80s babies like myself, get to see it from the perspective of little Lizzy and adult Lizzy.
It's like the movie followed us into adulthood or something.

All I know is, they better do the original justice and have a hell of director on this project or I'm going to be flicking snot at the screen (you would only understand that if you've seen DDF,lol)

As Fred would say:
"No panties! No panties!"
"Look, you've got you now. You don't need me."

P.S. Leslie, isn't this movie synonymous with Tennessee when we were like 5 years old?
Yep. This movie, that dope yogurt with the sprinkles, that red bathtub, tulips and you, on your monkey agenda, climbing that tree and then falling out of that tree as you scream. lol


The best I ever heard.

Check this Drake "Best I Ever Had" remix by French producers The Twins.
Out of all the remixes of this over-played song, this one is the fucking best.
Perfect for the summer.

Download here




1)...when your parents make you select your own belt.
2)...if you have a Tweety Bird, Winnie the Pooh and/or Minnie Mouse tattoo.
3)... when you still have a BlackPlanet account.
4)...if you pronounce "Now and Laters" like "Nowalatas" and "polish sausage" like "polasausage".
5)...when your basic food groups consist of cereal, Ramon Noodles, hot pickles, Chicosticks, hotsauce and Red Hot Riplets.
6)...when you can understand this sentence,"Cut the switch in the liberry." aka "Turn the light on in the library." lol
7)...when your 2 yr. old cousin can do the stanky leg but can barely talk.
8)...when you still rock Tommy Girl and Baby Phat.
9)...when you go to the store with your hair wrapped and youre wearing house shoes and pajama pants like it's no big deal.
10)...when you know those neighborhood crackheads by name and you speak everytime.
11)...when you holla at girls by their shirt color and/or complexion. "Ay blue shirt!" "Ay light skin!"
12)...if Gucci Mane, Plies, OJ Da Juiceman and Jeezy are your favorite rappers.
13)...if you have ever been a "play mama" "play daughter" or "play cousin"
14)...when Pizza Hut wont deliver. lol
15)...if you didn't know the suburbs existed.
16)..."You finna axe dem how to do that dance cause they kilt it!" lol
17)...when youre looking forward to the Frankie and Neffe show.
18)...when your baby has on the latest J's yet you're struggling to pay the light bill.
19)...when you voted for Obama and stay rocking his gear but don't know any of his policies. Bold20)...when you leave with more than 3 plates from the BBQ. lol
21)...when you truly believe in your heart of hearts that "Five Star Chick" was written about you.
22)...when you feel feelings and have an Uncle Bebo! @hazelbrwnjenski @LMO4 lmao.
23)Bold...when you jump in my pics and I dont know who the hell you are! Why negros? lol
24)...when you wear a "Stop Snitching" t-shirt.
25)...when you drink Mad Dog and 211s. lol @BJordan211 @LMO4
26)...if you buy a shirt that says "Michael Jackson was my nigga" @the_asamp wtf homie? lol
27)...if you drink this!

Follow me @vivalablackgirl

P.S. Growing up in East St.Louis, IL really came in handy for this "trending topic" huh? lol


Music Mondays. 8.10.09

1) The xx "Basic Space"
Love this song.
It's hella sexy and his lips are nice.

2) J.Cole "The World Is Empty"
If you want me to explain why I put this song up, click that little "x" in the right corner and exit my blog now.
Thanks! lol


My pick is Britney Spears "Everytime".

This trip to ATL is such an inside joke!
Just watch the video below and you'll understand why I picked this.
Go to 1:00 of the original B.Spears video and then watch this! lol



How fly.

LMo finally got someone to respond to her.

P.S. "How Fly" drops tomorrow! ow.

Inquiring minds want to know.

So I'm chilling at work, browsing through Yahoo answers a few days back and I find the most random question ever about St.Louis:

"Primarily African Americans. Does anyone know what this means?"
"...in the late evening."

Really lady?
(and I call the questioner a "lady" because you know it's a 47 year old white woman who asked that question)

I say everyone answers her with the most egregious responses just to confuse the ish out of her. lol

P.S. I also just found her answering someone's question,"Whats it like in St.Louis?" and part of her response was "For some reason, everyone.... and i mean everyone was wearing a white t-shirt. We all thought it was some gang thing, but then found out it was because of the heat."

This shit is so funny to me for some reason!
I love the internet. :)

Carl Thomas- "Emotional"

So I was talking with LMo and she's like:
LMo: Jai, have you seen Teyana Taylor's Spectacular video?
Jai: No. What video?
LMo: What?! It's old. She made a fake Spectacular video and she is so annoying!
I couldn't even watch it. She just kept repeating, "all the Omarionsssss, all the Chris Brownssssss". It wasnt funny at all! She just urks me.

So like any red-blooded American, I watch it and as my right-hand woman informed me, it was level 9 egregious!

Teyana Taylor falls into that "What the fuck?" category for me.
You wonder:
"What the fuck am I watching this for?"...or better yet
"What the fuck am I doing wrong? If this chick is famous, why aren't my friends and I on the Daily 10 (slot 9-6)?"

Don't get me wrong.
Teyana Taylor can dance her ass off, she's cute as all heck and she has a sick body, but she spends her time creating socially awkward videos and the sad part is, she does it on purpose so that doe-doe's like myself will blog about it.
That Teyana is one sneaky, sly bitch!

But it gets worse because ya girl pulled a Stephon "I didn't take my Midol" Marbury here:

Who: does this?
What: the hell?
When: did this become acceptable?
Where: deydodatat?
Why: is she crying?


P.S. I met her last year and she is hella short and fly.
P.S.S. That's a weave and I was pissed when I found out :(


We rolls with Royce.

These are the kind of people we meet at Mizzou football games while stuck in traffic.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Don't you just love Royce?!
His Missy Elliot performance did us in.



Music Mondays. 8.3.09

I have so much good music for you this delightful Monday!
In fact, I have so much that LMo said my songs are enough for the both of us so let's get started...

1. Fly.Union "Getchu There"
I downloaded this last Tuesday and I could hardly wait to post this up here!
These niggies out of Columbus,Ohio are simply egregious!
When I first heard this song, I had the uglist face and my head damn near fell off thanks to my vigorous neck-bopping. lol
Fire ass beat + enough quotable one liners for your "I'm the shit" type Facebook/Twitter statuses for 2 weeks straight. lol
I'm doing an entire post about these slept on guys, they are just that damn good.

2. XV Ft. Big Sean - "Life vs. Livin"
If you pay any attention to the playlist on this blog, you've probably heard this song a few times in the last week.
More niggies out of the mid-West on this track.
XV(sick Kentucky boy who's mixtape dropped last week) and of course Big Sean(Detroit boy signed with Ye) are killing this track.
Plus I wanted to throw some Big Sean up here but was filling "Getcha Some".

3. J.Cole "Last Call"
Drake is tough and everything, but J.Cole is the future of hip-hop in opinion.
I take personal offense to the fact that this youtube video only has a few thousand hits, yet a video titled "Soulja Boy Got A Hella Pimple On His Face!" has over 2 million hits.
Egregious to say the least.
Watch out for LMo's upcoming post about this dude.

4. Minus the Bear "Pachuca Sunrise"
I used to be kinda addicted to this song my first year in college. lol
Minus the Bear always has that unique, chill, beach vibe and their lyrics are lovely.

5. Clipse feat. Keri Hilson "All Eyes On Me"
Last but not least, something to shake your ass to.
I tried to do my best all week to wait to unleash this lil diddy, but as you can see beneath this post, I was unsuccessful. lol




Life as we know it begins on Tuesday night.

I was waiting to debut "Eyes on Me" on Music Monday but fuck it, an early preview is in order.

Those songs are going to be the soundtrack for this week.

And this is why...
Tweet via A.Samp:

Tweet via Nuplet:

My response:

Nuplet is done with his fancy pancy Capitol Hill internship and LMo is done with summer school so they will both be in ATL Tuesday!
I plan for this week to be so egregious.
I haven't properly celebrated my b-day and Leslie and I haven't seen each other since the end of June so it's pretty much over.

Add all of this up and you get two options...

Option A. Death Face aka get Chinese (-_-)

Option B. Death body (*_*)



Happy Birthday Coolio!

Yes, it is everyone's crazy haired rapper's b-day!
He's known for dropping hits like "Gangster's Paradise" but do you know what other lovely Leo shares his birthday?

E R I C A !
She is 22 years old!

We go back like curfews in highschool and she is one of the coolest people I know.

Here are a few words to describe her:
crazy, hilarious, cool and uh...crazy! lol

We have had our ups and downs but I love this girl!
I am her slave and she is my slavemaster.
Plus, she's the only person who can call me a "BITCH!" and make me laugh everytime! lol

Everyone loves Erica and I hope your b-day was gri-zate!

Here are a few photos and videos from 2005-present day:

Hilarious video from 2007!

Summer 2009!
Drive by shooting...

P.S. She will be famous someday;DJ E-Boogie.
And we will have our own show, which you will watch. lol


I'm a king, check mate.

So if you're not up U-N-I by now, you are honestly bugging.
They have been putting out quality music for years now and are one of the few groups that give me hope for West Coast hip-hop. lol

Anyway, they finally dropped the "Land of the Kings" video!

Here is the making:

And I present...

Fetching video, no?
I love it!
Reminds me of a hip-hop version of the MGMT "Electric Feel" video except, cooler. lol

If you're not familiar with U-N-I, go ahead and introduce yourself cause like the song goes, "Gotta be dead stupid to sleep on this."

Download these:
A Love Supreme
Before There Was Love