Dat New New.

Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West-"Erase Me"
(It will appear on Kid Cudi's upcoming album, "Man On The Moon II")

Download here.

So what do you guys think?
I expected a little more coming from two of my favorites out of the mid-West, but what are you gonna do?

P.S. As any loyal G.O.O.D Music fan already knows...Kanye, Cudi and Big Sean's albums all drop on September 14.
I'm calling off work and I will have the best of the best clove for that day...
No jokes, this is something like a holiday for me. :)


Segway office chair

The U3-X(made by Honda) is the coolest thing I've seen in a while. It is a chair that operates in the same way a Segway does. The crazier thing is that you balance on one wheel and it can move side to side. I'm not even going to try to explain it, just watch the video.

This chair reminds me of those hoover chairs in WALL-E. I feel like in 10 years we're all gonna have one and be hella chubby lol.

So, what do you guys think? I personally want one in pink. Heyyyyy.

one love,


T.C.A. Update

Hey shoppers!

I have been getting on SO MUCH new music lately, that T.C.A. is going to practically seem like a music blog lol. But its more than that. We call it "The Clearance Aisle" because it is completely random, in the best ways. Me and Jai haven't been blogging as much lately and haven't been posting too many things about OUR opinions, but we're going to change that really soon. Be on the look out for all things groovy.

one love,



Look at THIS piece of work. It's called Rape-Axe and its a female condom thats supposed to help prevent rape. This doctor in South Africa has been promoting this condom at the World Cup and men MUST be giving her the complete side eye. You know rape is a huge problem in African and this condom would give any penis "the business."

It works because it has hooks on the inside and when the guy tries to pull back, those hooks dig into his penis. Ouchy Ba Ba. Basically it works because it stops the rapist from continuing, the guy has to get it removed by a doctor, and then the rapist can be identified (since the woman would have only put the condom in, when she was being threatened.)

I was thinking "How is the woman supposed to know she's about to be raped & then conveniently have enough time to put the condom in? But you can insert it in like 2 seconds.

But wouldnt it be crazy if women (crazy women obviously) used these condoms to punish a guy they're involved with. That would just be outrageous. I guess we'll see where this thing goes.

one love,


Chiddy Bang

Yesterday Jai called me in our parents room to watch a video by this new group called Chiddy Bang. Lets just say we were both smitten by it. Here it is:

This is a group of 2 guys (Chiddy & Noah) straight out of Philly.
Their album is expected to release on Aug. 24 of this year...
but until then, you can download their newest mini mixtape:

Click to download.

one love,



As if white people needed another excuse to call us out, somebody created the McGangBang.

What is the McGangBang you ask? It's basically just sandwiching your McChicken in between your Double Cheese burger.

They need to rename it the McGreedy if you ask me....all 750 calories of artery clogging foolishness.



Music Monday 06.14.10

J. Cole releases the trailer for his new single "Who Dat" off his upcoming album.
The album is still untitled but I'm curious to see if it includes the words "Up" or "Ville" lol.
The full video is set to premiere June 21st.
I'll be sitting by my computer screen with a bowl of popcorn(with hot sauce) waiting for it.

Anyway, here's the video.

And here's the behind the scenes video from the shoot.

In related news, here's a video of Nas speaking on the new rap game.
And me & Jai have been saying this for months now: JCole= Nas, Drake= Jay-Z

I'm really curious to see how Cole's video turns out.
I'm even more curious about the album. As long as he doesn't pull a Drake on us, and sticks to his roots in rap, I think it's gonna be one of the best albums in a while.



I don't chase 'em, I duck em.

This is the video for Wiz Khalifa's song Mesmerized from "Kush and OJ."
I swear these lyrics have been the basis of all things good since I've been home.

Oh and by the way, they spelled "Mesmorized" wrong. Their bad. lol

Anywho....enjoy. :)


This plane.

Wiz Khalifa: This Plane (video)

I love this kid's lil awkward goofy faces.

Stray Bullets

Mr. Cee-Lo Green has done it again.
He has a new mixtape with Greg Street titled "Stray Bullets."
It's really groovy...and I like groovy.

Click here for the download.



The Big Move

I haven't done a personal post on TCA in a long time and I've definitely been thinking that yea you guys know what kind of music I eff with and what I find funny, but other than that, you don't know too much about ME.


I'm a Midwest girl. Have been all my life. Raised in both East St. Louis and O'Fallon,Illinois but as of July 8th, I will be a Virginian(which as a word, sounds kind of ridiculous lol). I have all my stuff packed up in storage and I'm at home until the big day.

I can't even front, I'm excited. It's time for a change. I feel like I've gotten most of what I need from this city and it's time to be #ontothenextone. I'm going to Charlottesville, Va with my boyfriend Amanze. I promise the first thing anybody says when I say where I'm moving is "It's so nice out there" or "You're gonna love it." I guess it was Thomas Jefferson's stomping ground and he pretty much made sure it was 2 legit to quit...because it was in fact, beautiful. And it's in a really good location. It's on the east coast, so thats a whole different feel in itself, but its also only 40 minutes from Richmond, a hour and a half from D.C., and like 3 hours from Virginia Beach. Thats all I had to hear lol.

My first time ever going there was like 2 months ago. We found a place, did some sight seeing, and went to D.C.(which I had never been to either.) Here are some pics:

Charlotteville has this really cool outside mall downtown. They're known for their live music, 5 star restaurants, and dope scenery & trails. I'm sure I'm gonna love it. But I'm wondering what else is there to do. I don't wanna wander aimlessly around town like a zombie until i find something thats poppin. Any suggestions?



I Want You Video.

You guys probably know by now that we eff with the homie Theophilus.
Well him and Vashtie debuted his latest video from the EPIC mixtape "I Want You" today.
I now invite you to #getfamiliar.

Theophilus London: I want you.
Directed by Vashtie.


Click here to see behind the scenes photos from the video shoot.