Swine on my mind.

So 93% of the news is saturated with that Swine Flu(or H1N1 Flu) chatter.
It's so interesting and I could probably teach a class on it by now because all I do is watch the news...
But sadly, one of the first things that came to my mind was...
"What if the Swine Flu turned people into zombies?"

I don't know why, but ever since I was a lil munchkin, I have loved zombie movies and I still do!

For me watching a zombie movie is the equivalent of an 8-year-old boy watching Power Rangers while eating Kool-Aid Sugar. (And yes, all black people should remember Kool-Aid sugar and your stained fingers, lol) Except I usually don't start karate chopping random people and I don't attempt to double-round kick off the arm of my couch. ha
All in all, I just get so excited and happy as dorky and weird as that sounds. lol

(below, Jai doing work)

And I don't know if anyone except for me and my sister can do this, but when we dream and randomly wake up, we can go right back into the same dream if we want.
It's so tight and when I dream of doing work on zombies I never once choose to "go on" to another dream. lol

But the only way I'm co-signing on a outbreak is if the Swinners (that's what I would call the Swine Flu zombies) were the hella slow moving "Dawn of the Dead" zombies and not the super human "Resident Evil"/"28 Weeks Later" zombies.

Last year I even found a group of people on facebook that share my love for a zombie outbreak.
The "I Pray for a Zombie Outbreak, so I Can Kick Some Ass" group.

I don't think my warped fantasy is going to come true but just in case, read up human race, read the eff up.....

100 days down.

1360 some odd days to go.

I give him an A-

P.S. Excuse the graininess on the pic above, my programs suck.


Music Mondays. 4.27.09

I chose this dope song called "My Girls" by Animal Collective and the video is equally superb!

I love how they just bounce/vibe the entire time, not because it looks cool but because you have no choice but to move to it.

It's kinda addicting.


So for my pick, I chose Sam Sparro "Black and Gold".
I went to see 'Obsessed' yesterday and I could not believe this and Zero 7 "Destiny" were on the soundtrack!
It was a nice suprise though...


P.S. This is Jai again. When LMo told me both of thoese songs were on the 'Obsessed' soundtrack, it was crazy cause they are both hella old/I didnt expect them on there(esp. Zero 7). But see Leslie, I told you hella people were gonna get put on from that movie. lol


Love that chicken from Popeyes!

Eff "Don't mess with Texas!"
It should be "Don't mess with niggas and their chicken!"
(especially when that chicken is discounted)

You remember when Popeyes had that Earth Day special on chicken?
Well it wasn't so at the only Popeyes in the state of Minnesota.
Mugs were livid when they didn't live up to the special they had been advertising.
(and why would they tease them like that by advertising it in their state?)LOL

My girl Cierra hipped me to this crazy video, so weak! haha

If video is tripping click here

Tomorrow, KFC is gonna give everyone in America a free piece of chicken.
So negros, let's go be stereotypical and rejoice everywhere!


Pride (the all black swim team).

So I got back from Mizzou at like 4:00a.m last night.
LMo and all of her bf's did hella good in the Kappa Pagent!

For the Runway segment ,the girls got a 3-XL black t-shirt and chicken wire and they had to create an outfit with it.
And LMo placed 2nd in the Runway segment! Eventhough I think she shoulda got first :)
When we post the pics you are NOT gonna believe that her outfit was EVER a tall tee! lol

And heck yes!
84 degrees and r i s i n g!
The perfect day for.......


Today my lil sister is having a pool party for her 15th b-day.
I don't even wanna picture all those crazy lil ninjas in the pool house. lol
It shall be interesting.

Here are some random swimming pics:

Jump, jump.

Blue Crush, one of my favs.

Sexy Maria. lol

Karate kids.


This is like one of my favorite pics. I took it. :)

And now for the controversy.
Notice the doggie life vest.

I have gotten death threats over this video! lol (vid from like 2 years ago)

Someone even said they were gonna drown my unborn children, no joke!
My lil sister(who just turned 13 btw in the video) threw Quincy out too far and it was all bad but they cool and chillin in the jacuzzi like 5 minutes later.

Anyways go enjoy your Saturday.
I know I will.



So today my sister LMo is gonna be in the Kappa Pagent!
So me and the rest of the fam and friends are headed out to support her.
I just cant wait to see the midgets below(LMo and the bro-ham, Brad) and everybody else at Mizzou!

I swear I dont even kick it at my college, it feels like I would rep for Mizzou way more. lo

But anyways here are som epics of SOME of my favorite Mizzou times from 2007-2008...


Jezo fell sooo dirty!

2007 Halloweeny

random party

2008...this night was soooo much fun!

No, it's not what you think! It was my first time trying a black....gross! Neva again.

Next night....Brad's first college party!

My lil bro is so cute!

Now to a foozball game!

Different level of awkward. Akward moose etc... lol

Chest bump.

More awkward levels.


This is what happens when you are really drunk and TRY to fight.


I had the best seats in the house and they were free!
Superbowl party.

After a Kappa Party.

Mar-Bear, my bro's lovely girlfriend!

random pics from Halloween 2008
Aight I gotta go...
Bouta be late for the pagent!