April 18th!!!

Soooo this is a VERY IMPORTANT day for me and my 10 sisters!
What a Lovely day in history ;)

I can't get into that much detail, but trust that this was a milestone for me and mine!
They know I love them to death and I hope we continue to have many more April 18th's together in the future.
This just makes me reminisce about all the crazy things we're done together......

For my sis Kaneez's b-day, we decided to kidnap that A!! lol
We broke into her house(lol), took her out of her sleep, blindfolded her, threw some clothes on her, and put her in the trunk of my Jeep.......at 5 in the morning lol.
It was the funniest thing ever!
Then we took her out to breakfast...it was cute tho.

Ready for a kidnapping! lol
Kaneez look too surprised! Right out of sleep! lol

Lets go!

Haha this is serious!
Get in there! lol

Please notice: This heffa is in the middle of the pic looking soooo needy while the rest of us happy as can be. lol

Happy Birthday! yayyyy!


And then, some of us took a trip to........

Our hotel.

Get ya big,"Face, face, FACE! I want want FACE! Beauty face!" lookin Bebe a**! lol

No I definitely don't know these guys but what I do know is the lil one had a boombox.  
It is not 1989! lol

Meet Chico! He tried to spit his BEST g this day! lol 
He even gave me a freestyle. I'll put that up later even thought it's a lil X-rated. haha

#1: This is unacceptable.
#2: He is damn near naked below the waist.
#3: That is a man! Yes, a MAN! lol
Me and Kaneez look like werewolves. lol

The sophmores! (but we're really juniors) lol

They loved them some black girls. haha

Shopping on Ocean Drive

Thrift stores! Where I found my "shirt" aka scarf for that night. lol

Looking like No Limit Souljas. Make em say uhhhhh, nana nana! lol

Now headed to the club.
See! The scarf I found earlier makes a good shirt. lol
This young man thought he was too fly! lol

More beach time.

I love my ring ;)
Kaneez is never safe in her sleep! hahaha
The night of the crazy Africans! haha
The man thought the hookah was weed! 
Im like there is a cop right there, he wouldn't let us do that but he did NOT understand that concept. lol
See there he is, still explaining to him. lol
 And then him and Saba(half Ethiopian/half Eritrean) got into an argument on the best African country. He thought it was Kenya and it was a mess. lol
Headed back to STL.

Fun trip!

Well that's it for now.
<3 LMo


  1. LMFAO at the man in the G string

    lucky we dont have sun like that here in england

    o and the kidnapping GENIUS !!

  2. yes!! that man had NO SHAME IN HIS GAME! lol

    and yes the kidnapping was one of the highlights of the semester. we were up at like 5! and im not normally a morning person!! lol