blah blah blah

MAN!! I am so tired of school! I can't wait for this semester to end. I swear every time the semester starts off...you would think I was about to beast my classes, and then they they start lol and its a whole different story. Only about 3-4 more weeks left tho....then summer classes start (tear) its a neverending cycle of bull!

But anyway...my internet still isn't working. A certain someone didn't pay their part of the bill!!! I'm pretty pissed about it, but I'm not gonna put it all out there! So until things get corrected, I'm stuck w/ hardly any cable and no internet! And that ish is just so unfair!

Once it starts working again, I promise I will blog alot more often. It's just hard to balance school, work, and LIFE! Too stressful! well talk 2 u all later

<3 Lmo


  1. I swear this sounds like someone documented my college life!!! lol And I committed to not blogging until the semester is over! I have a lil more than a week left and its driving me nuts!!

    Love the name of u alls blog!!!


  2. yes! i promise college sucks!! lol

    and thanx! :)