Pride (the all black swim team).

So I got back from Mizzou at like 4:00a.m last night.
LMo and all of her bf's did hella good in the Kappa Pagent!

For the Runway segment ,the girls got a 3-XL black t-shirt and chicken wire and they had to create an outfit with it.
And LMo placed 2nd in the Runway segment! Eventhough I think she shoulda got first :)
When we post the pics you are NOT gonna believe that her outfit was EVER a tall tee! lol

And heck yes!
84 degrees and r i s i n g!
The perfect day for.......


Today my lil sister is having a pool party for her 15th b-day.
I don't even wanna picture all those crazy lil ninjas in the pool house. lol
It shall be interesting.

Here are some random swimming pics:

Jump, jump.

Blue Crush, one of my favs.

Sexy Maria. lol

Karate kids.


This is like one of my favorite pics. I took it. :)

And now for the controversy.
Notice the doggie life vest.

I have gotten death threats over this video! lol (vid from like 2 years ago)

Someone even said they were gonna drown my unborn children, no joke!
My lil sister(who just turned 13 btw in the video) threw Quincy out too far and it was all bad but they cool and chillin in the jacuzzi like 5 minutes later.

Anyways go enjoy your Saturday.
I know I will.


  1. that pool house looks amaaaaaaaaaaazing!!

  2. Thanks dudet!
    (I dont know why "dudet" is my new favorite word)

  3. damn yall ballin!! Is that a grado?? lolz yall pool house is the sheeeeeettttt!! I could jus amazin yall house! i need to live like you! lolz

  4. A grado... lol But naw that's my "second casa" aka my aunt's house. But Im geeked cause we are FINALLY getting a pool too. yipee de da!