Music Monday 2.28.11

1) Cafe Tacvba-"Quiero Ver"
Been listening to Cafe Tacvba alot lately, and I just love this tune.

2) Little Dragon-"Stranger"
Dang, I cant wait for their new record to drop.

3) The Beatles-"Fool On The Hill"
"1:36-1:42 Best.Face.Ever."

4) Cold War Kids-"We Used To Vacation"
I used to play this song out. My mom even likes it.


1) Canyons- "My Rescue"
I discovered this song at work today.
It came through the speakers and I was like hmm, I can dig.

2) Kleerup ft Lykki Li- "Until We Bleed"

3) Oh Land- "White Nights"
I really like this girl's groove.

4)Michael Jackson- "Rock With You"
This is one of my favorite songs from MJ. *swoon
After going to the MJ tribute show the other day, I realize I need more of this in my life.

One love,


Just throw 'em the face for a while.

When I saw this video, I literally busted out laughing.
Whoever this girl is, I want to be her friend...asap.
Because she literally tickles me pink.

"Mothafucka can't you see we're having a girl's night?!"
"Excuse me miss, can you spare a dollar?"

Funny thing is, me and my friends already invented this face...
and it doesn't work.

Click here to see our Mardi Gras video on Facebook.
We clearly made faces the entire time lol.



Sound the horns!
Tonight is the Theophilus London concert at the U Street Music Hall.
Let's just say me & Amanze are going to lose brain cells tonight.
I'm so excited for the tunes.

I've been rocking with Theo for a little while now, but the concert is going to be on another level.
As long as he performs the following songs, I'll be good.

I Want You

Light Years

Sandcastles Black x Blue

Cold Pillow

Grey x Sage



2011 XXL Freshman Class

Today XXL released the cover for their 2011 Freshman Class.
They include:

1. Big KRIT
2. Yelawolf
3. Diggy
4. Kendrick Lamar
5. Cyhi da Prince
6. Mac Miller
7. Lil B
8. Meek Mill
9. Lil Twist
10. Fred da Godson
11. YG

I put my favorites toward the top.
I'm really happy Big KRIT and Yelawolf are getting this attention because they're seriously talented.
I can't wait to hear more from everyone.

One love,

P.S. That guy in the back looks like a frog (-___-)

Music Monday 2.21.11

1)Young Galaxy: Peripheral Visionaries
Shout out to Brad for putting me on.

2)Wiz Khalifa: "GangBang" ft. Big Sean
For me, this is one of the best songs off Wiz's new mixtape "Cabin Fever."
Big Sean sni-zapped on them hoes. Golly!
Wiz has got to step his lyrical content up after that.

3)Diddy Dirty Money: "Make Love to You"
From the VDay remix mixtape "Love Love vs Hate Love"

4) The Pharcyde: "Passing me by"
Classic tunes for you cool kids.


1) Kimbra-"Cameo Lover"
Kimbra is ridiculously talented.
I've listened to her records before and thought she was great, but her live performances sound (and look) even better.

Kimbra-"Settle Down"

2) Beck-"Missing"

3) Minus the Bear-"Into the Mirror"

The version is solid as well.

4)Roysopp- "Shes So"


President's Day

Excuse me while I eat my President's Day cookies...lookin A. lol




Lex Luger Interview.

I was dilly dallying on the internet and came across this Lex Luger interview.
I'm so intrigued by this dude.

First of all, he's all of 19 years old.
He did Rick Ross's "BMF", Wacka Flocka's "Hard in da Paint", and Yeezy & Jay's "H.A.M."
I also noticed him all over Wiz's new mixtape "Cabin Fever."
His sound seemed really repetitive to me, but he pretty much cleared that up in his Complex interview.

He talks about all these artists reaching out to him and even mentions Chingy. Err?

Read the interview here.


Extra bright, I want yal to see this.

Kanye released his video for "All of the Lights" yesterday, and let's just say it's awesome.
I was seriously happy while watching it.
I do feel like Ye & Hype Williams wanted all of us to be on mushrooms when they made it, but thats besides the point lol.

Kanye looked like a superstar.
Kid Cudi looked adorable.
And Rihanna looked like naked Rihanna of course.
It was really dope though.

I suggest you watch this one in the dark.


P.S. The homie Asamp tweeted me this video in response to Kanye's "All of the Lights."
What do you think about major similarities?


Cee-Lo Green-"Bodies"

...featuring Janelle Monae, Kerry Washington, Common, Raphael Saadiq and Mr. Karl Lagerfeld.



P.S. "Who taught you to hate the race that you belong to?"
Whatever it is, Im looking forward to it.

The King of Limbs.

Radiohead fans can rejoice as the band's 8th full-length album is being released this Saturday, February 19th.

I'm excited to hear the music featured on "The King of Limbs" (Radiohead's first release since 2007), but there's even more buzz about the album's overall concept:

"The King of Limbs" is being called the worlds first "newspaper album", and according to Radiohead's website, the analog vinyl will be packaged with a bunch of tangible media goods including "Many large sheets of artwork, 625 tiny pieces of artwork and a full-colour piece of oxo-degradeable plastic to hold it all together,” for $48.
The basic digital version will be $9, with an upgrade to a premium .WAV file for $14.

To pre-order the album, click here.



When I little tike in East St. Louis, there were a few movies that scared the crap out of me.

There was Killer Klowns (which I now love),


and Congo.

Yea, I said it, Congo.

That movie, for some reason, freaked me out.
The bad gorillas were just so damn scary.
I know Jai already knows the story I'm about to tell lol.

So one night after I watched the movie, I seriously thought I was going to lose my life.
At one point, me & Jai shared a room.
We both had twin sized beds on opposite sides of the room.
We also had the THICKEST denim conforters ever made.
I was around 7, so lets say I looked like this:

Ok, so I go to bed.
Some time during the night, my crazy self wakes up & thinks I see a bad gorilla in the middle of the room.
It was literally a pile of clothes on a chair, but oh no, I just knew it was a gorilla.
So here I am, peering from under this denim comforter...sweating my BUTT off.
I didn't know what to do.
Because on top of the killer sitting in the middle of my room, I had to pee.

My options were to either pee in the bed, or lose my life.
But the only thing I kept thinking was "If I pee in the bed, I may lose my life anyway." (Courtesy of mom.)
So, I throw the covers back, spring out of the bed, and run for dear life.
I wish I could have seen myself.
Sweaty as hell with fear in my eyes, sprinting to the bathroom.
The next morning, they were looking all over the house for me.
Tell me why they found me sleeping under my bed.
Ahh the memories. lol


Can I hit it in the morning?

Let's just say, JCole knows what the hell he's doing.
Track after track is pure quality and this is no exception.
When I first heard this song on one of JCole's mixtapes, there was no Drizzy.
But once that young man got on the track, it just worked.
I think this song reminds me of the Drake I used to love years ago.

Jai and I saw Drake at his first US concert at Players Ball.
Allow me to reminisce for a moment *makes dream sequence noise as I look in the air.
Click here for pics from the concert.

We truly kicked it at that concert.
From meeting Drake, to sleeping on the floor with the homies.
It was sa-weet.
I can't wait until I can see JCole in concert.
Now back to the new video.

A few points about the video:
1. I love seeing concert footage.
2. JCole + Drake is always a win.
3. The video girl is cute as a button and their chemistry was totally believable.
4. So good I had to watch it twice.




My name is Cupid Valentino...

...the modern-day cupid, and I just want to say one thing. 

Happy Valentines Day.

To: You.

P.S. As I said earlier on Twitter, please dont be a bitter babe or bloke on Valentines Day.
A holiday that is meant to celebrate the most powerful driving force of positivity in this world...LOVE.
Life is a mirror; a reflection. You pull in what you give out.
You're emitting all that negative, bitter energy...what do you think you're going to pull in? Certainly not love.
Stop focusing on "the horror of not having a valentine", and instead celebrate all of the love you DO have in your life. 

P.P.S. How do guys like my Valentines Day sweater?
My mom, hates it, but I happen to love this thang! lol



Music Monday. 2.14.11

This one's for Valentines Day. ;)

1) Lykke Li-"I Follow Rivers" (Tyler, The Creator Remix)
The original was already solid, and I adore this remix that Tyler did as well.
And for all the people who just got hip to OFWGTHA (via the "Yonkers" video), we featured them on The Clearance Aisle this time last year (see here).

2) The Zombies-"Time of Season"
I've been listening to The Zombies alot lately, and this song is perfect for Valentines Day, no?

3) Melo-X-"Orgasmic Audio"
"Put the head phones on your ears babe, and put your hands between your legs, and press play..."
Check out another one of my Melo-X favorites here.

4) James Blake-"A Case of You" (Joni Mitchell cover)
The original is so lovely, and James actually does Joni some justice.
And listen to that James Blake album featured on last week's MM
It's solid.

5) Stephen Marley-"No Cigarette Smoking"
So smooth and sexy; you'll want to smoke to this.
Honestly, I didnt even need Ms.Fionna on the track, but it feels good overall.

6) Cee-Lo Green-"Secret"
One of the sexiest songs via Cee-Lo's "Stray Bullets".
People went Cee-Lo crazy when "The Lady Killer" dropped, but I actually preferred his mixtape over the album.
"...cause the bottom line is. The very bottom line is...y'all got children together."


1) Human Life-"In It Together"
This is the debut single from Human Life's 2010 album "Wherever we are."
I love the whole concept of this video and the look.
He also has a great tone.
The people at 2:30 look like a multicolored verion of the grey Putties from Power Rangers lol.

2) Telepopmusik- "Don't Look Back"
Most mellow, chill song on Earth.

3) Heatwave-"Star of the Story"
I have probably put this song on the blog 1000 times.
But it's one of my favorite love songs in life.
If I had a time machine, I would totally travel back to the 70's and lose my brain cells.

One Love,


Power to the people.

Egypt, you did it!
I am so happy and proud of your powerful, beautiful people.
The young people who demanded change, demanded freedom and demanded a better life, you accomplished it.

They blocked your communication, they told you weren't ready for democracy, they detained, tortured, tormented and killed you, yet you still remained persistent and peaceful.
That's amazing.

I've been watching the revolution unfold even before it hit Egypt, but I didn't expect to see anything like this.
It all started with one young man.
Mohamed Bouazizi, a 26-year-old Tunisian man, an unemployed college grad, who was desperate for change.
So desperate that he resorted to setting himself on fire as a means of protest.
His act of self-immolation sparked a revolution in Tunisia which eventually toppled their dictatorship.
And so it began.

Countries all over North Africa became inspired by Tunisia's freedom.
Mobilizing through Facebook and Twitter, Egypt's uprising began on January 25, 2011 and now, 18 days later their revolution is won.

Just think:
One man inspired his nation, his nation inspired another, and now that nation is inspiring the entire world.

And they say one person can't make a difference?


P.S. Respect to the 326 Egyptians who died for the cause, in the name of freedom for millions.


...that's PATIENCE.

The song was already enough, but the video just took it THERE.




I have waited nearly 2 years.
Theophilus London's debut album is here.
He'll be releasing three albums this year, and "A Lover's Holiday" is the just the first installment.

And he'll be performing on "Letterman" for Valentine's Day?


P.S. You know I declared 2011 as The Year of the Lover, right?

"All I wanna see is six titties."-CJ

If you haven't noticed, the state of R&B music is in peril.
Most "artists" lack substance, are extremely monotonous, or have sold out to this pop-glazed egregiousness that we call "mainstream radio".
I can't stand to listen to 95% of it.

However, Baltimore singer/songwriter, CJ (who now goes by CJ Hilton), is someone I can actually stand to listen to.
He's young, talented and...um, really talented.
The man can sing (and play piano) exceptionally well for someone his age.
The only problem: His 2010 mixtape, "The Package" (hosted by Idris Elba), was overlooked.

I was able to find a few tracks from the mixtape, check them out below. :)

1) CJ Hilton-"3zy's"
This was one of my favorite covers of 2010, period.
The fact that this man sings,"Six titties! Six titties!" in harmony is enough for me.

2) CJ Hilton-"She's A Problem"
His voice is butter, the song feels good and you can tell he grew up on Marvin Gaye.

3) CJ Hilton-"Move On"
A sexy little reggae influenced track.

...and not only does he sound great in the booth, but he's also impressive live.

So, do you think he has a chance in today's musical arena?
With a good team and proper branding, I'd like to think so.

Download CJ's extremely slept on, and solid mixtape, "The Package" here.


Black History Month.

I was a baby breakdancer, and that's with just one hand.

*Baby b-boy stance*,


On my level.

This video has plenty of weed smoke and good vibes.
Short Dawg is a dang foolie lol.
But I really think this should have been the first single instead of "Roll Up."



Music Monday 2.7.11

1) Starkey- "Stars" (ft Anneka)
Can I just imagine that I'm flying in outer space right now?
This is just amazing.

2) Andreya Triana-"Lost Where I Belong" (Flying Lotus remix)
This remix is just delicious.

3) January Elh-Today
Please go download this man's free EP "Wasted Daylight" here.
Support this talented STL representer.


1) James Blake-"The Wilhelm Scream"
Of course, he's European, and his music makes my heart feel so many things.
Please listen, and go pick up his album (which you can preview here).
"Wow, thanks alot. Now I'm gay."-some dude on Youtube (Yeah, what he said.)

2) The Turtles-"You Showed Me"
Sexy, smooth and haunting.

3) Toro Y Moi-"New Beat"
New album drops in about 2 weeks.
Toro Y Moi fans: Do you like his new, more funky sound or his previous more melodic, electronic sound?

4) Young Magic-"Sparkly"



Thrift or Die: 2.5.11

As you all may know, I love shopping.
But not just any shopping...I love thrift shopping.
I always seem to find the most cuteable (yea, I made that word up) stuff!
And the good thing about shopping at thrift stores is that half the stuff is vintage, it's hella cheap, and it's unique.
Last weekend I went to the Goodwill and Salvation Army and found some pre-tty nice items...all at 3 or 4 bucks a pop.

Sidenote: It kills me when people act like they have to spend a grip to get cute stuff.
I would much rather walk out a thrift store with 3 bags than come out of Forever 21 or Macy's with one.
Thrift stores are honestly why I have about a million items of clothing...well that and the fact that I don't ever throw anything away, lol, but lets just stay on topic, ok?

Wait, one more thing. Why have dudes all of a sudden been ragging on Forever 21?
I seriously want to interject like "I'm sorry, do YOU shop there?"
Ok, NOW lets get back on topic. lol

I nearly died when I saw this sequins top.
I decided to pair it with some liquid leggings.
Next time I go to the club, I'm sure this is what I'll be wearing.

This bright chunky sweater is so cute to me.
I love big tops that I can just throw on and call it a day.

I've always liked button up v-neck joints.
It actually came with shoulder pads in it, but it made it look really bulky in the wrong places, so I cut them out.
I'll use 'em for something else later.

I wasted no time wearing these bad boys.
They're like a green suede kind of material with a little buckle on the side. Comfortable too.




Why do parents love to do this crap?!
When I'm home, my mom does this at least every single day lol.
I wonder if she laughs about it to herself, or if her and my dad dap each other up in delight.
She probably just yells my name then walks the hell away, knowing that I'll have to eventually track her down. T
oo bad it doesn't work in reverse.


Black Swan.

I went and saw Black Swan the other night.
I knew it was going to be nuts based on what friends were saying about it, but I didn't expect all that.
I can't really go into detail about the movie because I don't want to spoil it for you guys, but lets just say you should see it.
It's based around the ballet, but it's so eerie.
Natalie Portman goes ham.

There's basically no way you can predict the movie.
Plus it won like a million awards and are still up for some of the biggies.
She won best actress at practically every award ceremony.
The Academy Awards air on February 27th:
Black Swan's nominated for Best Picture, Best Actress in a Lead Role, Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Editing.

Go see it!

P.S. Whoever did the costumes and make-up is a beast.



Water for Elephants.

I'm reading this book called "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen.
It was a New York Times #1 Best Seller.
I downloaded it on my Kindle (which is dope btw), and now I'm about 5 chapters in. So far, like.

I first heard of this book while watching a preview for the movie thats being made from it.
Looks really good, so I knew I wanted to read it first.
The movie stars Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon.

Take a look: