Power to the people.

Egypt, you did it!
I am so happy and proud of your powerful, beautiful people.
The young people who demanded change, demanded freedom and demanded a better life, you accomplished it.

They blocked your communication, they told you weren't ready for democracy, they detained, tortured, tormented and killed you, yet you still remained persistent and peaceful.
That's amazing.

I've been watching the revolution unfold even before it hit Egypt, but I didn't expect to see anything like this.
It all started with one young man.
Mohamed Bouazizi, a 26-year-old Tunisian man, an unemployed college grad, who was desperate for change.
So desperate that he resorted to setting himself on fire as a means of protest.
His act of self-immolation sparked a revolution in Tunisia which eventually toppled their dictatorship.
And so it began.

Countries all over North Africa became inspired by Tunisia's freedom.
Mobilizing through Facebook and Twitter, Egypt's uprising began on January 25, 2011 and now, 18 days later their revolution is won.

Just think:
One man inspired his nation, his nation inspired another, and now that nation is inspiring the entire world.

And they say one person can't make a difference?


P.S. Respect to the 326 Egyptians who died for the cause, in the name of freedom for millions.

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