Music Monday 2.21.11

1)Young Galaxy: Peripheral Visionaries
Shout out to Brad for putting me on.

2)Wiz Khalifa: "GangBang" ft. Big Sean
For me, this is one of the best songs off Wiz's new mixtape "Cabin Fever."
Big Sean sni-zapped on them hoes. Golly!
Wiz has got to step his lyrical content up after that.

3)Diddy Dirty Money: "Make Love to You"
From the VDay remix mixtape "Love Love vs Hate Love"

4) The Pharcyde: "Passing me by"
Classic tunes for you cool kids.


1) Kimbra-"Cameo Lover"
Kimbra is ridiculously talented.
I've listened to her records before and thought she was great, but her live performances sound (and look) even better.

Kimbra-"Settle Down"

2) Beck-"Missing"

3) Minus the Bear-"Into the Mirror"

The version is solid as well.

4)Roysopp- "Shes So"


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