Thrift or Die: 2.5.11

As you all may know, I love shopping.
But not just any shopping...I love thrift shopping.
I always seem to find the most cuteable (yea, I made that word up) stuff!
And the good thing about shopping at thrift stores is that half the stuff is vintage, it's hella cheap, and it's unique.
Last weekend I went to the Goodwill and Salvation Army and found some pre-tty nice items...all at 3 or 4 bucks a pop.

Sidenote: It kills me when people act like they have to spend a grip to get cute stuff.
I would much rather walk out a thrift store with 3 bags than come out of Forever 21 or Macy's with one.
Thrift stores are honestly why I have about a million items of clothing...well that and the fact that I don't ever throw anything away, lol, but lets just stay on topic, ok?

Wait, one more thing. Why have dudes all of a sudden been ragging on Forever 21?
I seriously want to interject like "I'm sorry, do YOU shop there?"
Ok, NOW lets get back on topic. lol

I nearly died when I saw this sequins top.
I decided to pair it with some liquid leggings.
Next time I go to the club, I'm sure this is what I'll be wearing.

This bright chunky sweater is so cute to me.
I love big tops that I can just throw on and call it a day.

I've always liked button up v-neck joints.
It actually came with shoulder pads in it, but it made it look really bulky in the wrong places, so I cut them out.
I'll use 'em for something else later.

I wasted no time wearing these bad boys.
They're like a green suede kind of material with a little buckle on the side. Comfortable too.


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