Opposite day: Do the stanky leg.

Aubrey Graham Cracker needs to...





Drake told MTV:
“I’m not doing my own set. That’s one thing I have to apologize to my fans about. It’s too much of a risk, if I hit that wrong turn [doing] 30 minutes every night. If I tear my ACL again, the doctors say I might not be able to walk again. I have to be cautious.”

P.S. Word of advice:

P.S.S. I really hope this niggy is okay!
Just remember:

Video of Drake collapsing:

AND :)
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Kunta Kinte wouldn't appreciate this.




TBC: Tron

It's not only the name of your typical hood nigga, but it's also about to be a dope re-make!

In Disney Digital 3D too?
Put a fork in it cause it's done!


Two cd's in the same slot?

Effin release it Em!
Crazy mid-West boys I tell ya.
oohhh, baby... I shouldn't enjoy this as much as I do.

P.S. Why were my eyeballs on 10 the entire time I was listening to it? lol
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This ain't no beef man.

This entire thing is egregious!
Watch until the very end!

My niggy Brandon always has me watch these, but this has to be the best one!

1. Wayne's congested ass
2. Trey's unnecessary ass
3. Drake's hoodie + bubble vest combo
- I know that nigga be hot as hell!
- When Drake was in STL, we were gonna have my brother walk around with a bubblevest and confuse ppl at the venue for amusement.
4. Negro Rugrats
5. The challenge!

P.S. Why are mugs always talking about "wheelchair Jimmy"?
I thought I was one of few American negros that actually paid attention to DeGrassi. lol

But the kid is not my son.

So according to Papa Joe Jackson, the kid below, Omer, really is MJ's fourth child!

Here is the proof:

I saw something about this last week on ET and I thought,"Dang maybe that is his son."
Omer grew up around MJ and Blanket (MJ's youngest son) and Omer looked just alike when they were little!
Plus, Omer was sitting with the rest of the Jackson family during the memorial.
People were saying that some of the Jacksons didn't want to admit it because Omer would get part of the inheritance.

I don't know dude, this seems like "Billie Jean" all over again except the kid really is his son.

P.S. I wonder, is Omer his biological?
There is just something about Omer that physically reminds me of MJ.
But if so, Omer and Blanket wouldn't be blood related even though they look just alike.
Is that possible? lol





Jai "aka" @vivalablackgirl

1)…tell Chris Brown that professional pumpkin shirt was appropriate!
2)…stalk my blog and fb and not make a single comment.
3)…not text me back when I know yo ass is right by the phone!
4)…try to jock my style/vocab and claim it as your own. COPYRIGHT ME HOBO! lol
5)…talk to me on facebook and then not speak to me in public...EGREGIOUS!
6)…stBoldeal my Twitter update and act like Im not gonna see it.
7)…holler at that decent, skinny girl with zero personality JUST cause she's skinny.
8)…charge me a $35 fee on a 3 cent overdraft, Bank of America!
9)…dress like a Cheetah Girl over the age of 16. We are too damn old. lol
10)…try on those outfits when you know we close in 3 minutes.
11)…laugh at what he/she said even though it wasn't funny.
12)…not let me over! You see my blinker, fool.
13)...claim that ur mixed with Puerto Rican just because your hair is a little wavy.
14)...not be black AND proud.
15)...make fun of me for drinking MD 20/20...yes, Mad Dog. lol "They don't call it Gentle Dog for a reason."
16)...tell me Im "not really black" because Im light-skinned with curly hair.
17)... not subscribe to The Clearance Aisle.
18)...fart in a silent room and then try to cover it up with a bunch of coughs. lol
19)...not follow @LMO4.
20)…be in the club with your Bluetooth on.
21)…spell "their" like "there" and "two" like "too"/"to".
22)…be a Republican.
23)…be a black Republican.
24)...have 4 boobs. Get a bra that fits. lol
25)...have the cutest laugh ever and then have the nerve to have a girlfriend.
26) @mrralph_lauren #howdareyou think The Lakers can fuck with Lebron and Shaq. EGREGIOUS! http://tinyurl.com/nwuv5x
27)...not realize your heart is beautiful.
28)...make me get a Twitter. Now Im just fucking addicted. lol

LMo "aka" @LMO4

1)… only call me when you want something....
2)… hate on East St. Louis, but go there when your clubs close!..how YOU doin?! lol
3)…not follow @vivalablackgirl
4)… act like you bow-legged when you not! you know good and well you can stand straight lol. dont play me!
5)…hate on bow-legged people!! Bow-Bow's stand up!! lmao
6)…run to the store for me and keep my change...nigga its a recession! lol
7)… steal that cart from the grocery store and leave it under the stairs at your apt lmao (@FlyestArtist)
8)…think yo breath dont stank just cuz you cute....uh gum anyone lol
9)...JUST get on Drake this year but think you on!
10)…go to a Pretty/Nasty party and be the nastiest one in there!!!!
11)…not be in love with @SongzYuuup .....male or female!! lmao
12)…take me seriously when im just joking...geez! lol
13)…wear those skinny jeans...this aint California!
14)…not text me back, when you JUST responded 5 minutes ago!
15)… give me constant daydreams ;)
16)…not get it how you live!

P.S. As you can see, we went in! lol
I just got a Twitter and the #howdareyou's are half of my updates.

Happy Birthday Benito Mussolini!

Yes, it's 7/29 so that means it's Benito Mussolini's birthday!
But do you know who also shares the same birthday as this hated Italian leader?

Happy 22nd birthday sister!

Here is a little video I made of a few of our good times:

Love you sis!
Enjoy your day!

P.S. Guess who is going to see one of her favorite rappers, Wiz Khalifa tonight? ME!
I'm driving from Como on hardly any sleep when I have finals this week just to see him live!
I'm sad Jai can't be here but I'll be front row rapping all the lyrics for you!


P.S.S. You know me and Jai are the same age for 2 weeks?
We are called "Irish Twins".
Kinda cool huh?


Rant alert on aisle two.

Dear shoppers of The Clearance Aisle,

We are officially fed up with niggas and nigga females. lol
We are just sick of the newcomers who try to act like they have been on game.
We cannot stand how mugs recognize something only when it has been approved by someone who they deem as "cool".

Where is your originality?

We aren't saying that we are so "on game" with everything and that we all the coolest kids on the block, but you will NEVER be able to say that we like something or someone just to fit in.
Never have, never will.

Our niggy Wiz Khalifa is coming to STL and alot of people don't know about him, which is understandable, but don't act like you have been bumping his mixtape for than a few days.

Were just sick of this fronting behavior.
The same thing happened with Drake.
You had no idea who he was before he started effing with Wayne, yet people want to act like they have been on him since "Room for Improvement".

All in all, the fakeness and unoriginal followers really steams our clams.

As Wiz would say,"Take yo ashy ass to class!" lol

and LMo

P.S. Aisle two represents the two middle fingers to your dome, bitch!
Okaaaaayyyy! lol

I got shit to do.

1. A.Samp's "To do" list:
So we are playing Guitar Hero, I look over on the floor and see that little jewel of a "to do" list.
I don't know why, but this got me so weak!
I think that lil "be Chinese" face did me in. lol
Highly entertaining.

Oh and A.Samp, this is the kinda shit you hang on the wall, not prop on the floor like you're ashamed of it.
Be proud brotha, be proud...

2. LMo's "To do" list:
I thought I was being all slick and clever by writing in the first task (btw, my real name is Jessica, but everyone calls me "Jai") and then I come back a few weeks later and the bitch beat me at my own game!

Both tender and egregious!
lmao, so classic.

P.S. Go to that niggy A.Samp's blog.
Niggy knows good music and supposedly he's "right"?

Sweater game on lock.

I think we should bring this back.
Fuck Soulja Boy and his slick dance moves, "the Urkel" is where it's at. lol
I probably have to start a work out regimen to hit that backwards floor touch/pelvis air hump though.

P.S. How powerful and demanding were those backup singers?
I swear at minute 1:37, I just got up and did it. lol
I'm not gonna disobey them and risk getting beat up.
"DO THE URKEL! (bitch)"...such bullies. lol

P.S.S. Larenz Tate, you mad? lol

TBC: Alice in Wonderland.

Oh baby.

Watch the trailer here.

P.S. "TBC"=Throwback cinema

P.S.S. The trailer got me singing this:

Step away from the computer.

Just watch this madness.

There are so many things wrong with this video:
1) His friend just seems like an asshole.
Stephon is over here crying, on live broadcast mind you, and all you do his off-pitch sing and graze his shoulder?
As far as Im concerned, you don't need enemies when you have friends like him. ha.
2) You didn't have to broadcast that, brotha.
Yes, it was live, but dang niggy, some things you leave behind the scenes.
3) Why did he start crying?
Seriously, someone find out for me. lol

P.S. Lil Duval's response! wow.


Music Mondays. 7.27.09

1) Twista ft. Kanye West "Alright"
I love to hear these two Ill-a-noise (yeah, I just spelled it like that. Don't judge me fool! ha) boys get together.
They always make good music and I love Ye's verse.
"I make that bitch Katrina."
Oh, and how can you wrong when you sample Three 6?
Junior high nostalgia anyone? :)

2) Wiz Khalifa "Soulmate"
I love this effing song!
Probably my favorite off of "Flight School".
It gives me that Kanye "Heard em say" vibe for some reason, which is lovely.
I promise, I will date a boy who plays the guitar or bass just to have "If he was a guitar I'd treat em like a solo." as my Twitter or Facebook update. lol
"And you don't remember cause you weren't even there, but your soul was. " is just beautiful to me. mmm.


Fabolous ft. Drake "Throw it in the Bag remix"

This song is so addicting!
Better than the original.



Dim your eyes and spread your bottom lip.

I was watching Wendy Williams the other night, and it had me cracking up.

She had Jimmy Fallon on the show and they were talking about when she taught him how to say "how you doin?"

This is the clip of them on her show:

And this is the original "how you doin?" lesson:
(skip to 3:25 to get right to it)

Does Jimmy not look/sound hilarious?
I love him for this :)

And I like Wendy too, she's ridiculous (in a good way, lol)
I never really followed her or listened to her radio show, but she kinda tickles me.
I'm definitely gonna try to catch her show on BET when I can.

P.S. She is also super tall. who knew?



Pirates of the Caribbean.

This time last year, we were here.

10 days, 7 islands, kicking it like Manchester United.



My favorite rap video, LOL!

So awkward, yet so good.

I hate road head.

You've been duped.
The video below is not about "road head", it is actually about sex trafficking.
(You get the play on words though? road, traffic? head, sex? yeah)

I did it to get your attention, so you'd actually watch this cool video.
It's a callabo between UNICEF and The Killers.

Sex trafficking generates over $8 billion (yes, billion with a "b") worldwide, per year.
It is modern day slavery.
We need to do something about this shit.
Get familiar.


The Wedding Aisle.

The adorable level on this video is so high, it might actually help re-launch Chris Brown's career.



It's the best time of the year.

And naw, I'm not talking about birthday sex but...

It's Leo season bitches!
Yes, from July 23-August 22 you're in the realm of the lion.

Check out these weak text my brother,Brad and I exchanged:
Jai: 2 more days until Leo season. GROWL!
Brad: I feel it already to tell you the truth.
Jai: Lmao. You ain't lying cause I feel it down here. It's like an energy...like right before a thunderstorm, something in the air. Shit is unexplainable cuz.
Brad: It also explains the tail that is starting to grow.
Jai: Yeah that's true. And my hair has been extra bushy lately. That could explain why I attacked that Yorkshire Terrier the other day.
Brad: You attacked a dog? That's so amateur. I went over to Africa to hunt wild game last week.
Jai: Lmao.
Brad: They got a pic of me while on the hunt (*he sends me a pic of a lion feasting, lol). As you can see, wild game taste better with hot sauce.

I love that lil' niggy!
My brother and I are the two Leo's in our house and we get so cocky bastard about it!
It just cracks me the eff up when we get into our "Leo mode". haha

Check out this list of a few of my famous fellow Lions:
Jennifer Lopez
Barack Obama
Halle Berry
Bill Clinton
Louis Vuitton
Yves St. Laurent
Coco Chanel
Andy Warhol
Jacquie O(nassis Kennedy)
Jeremy Piven
Kim Cattrall
Tony Bennett
Antonio Banderas
Charlize Theron
Issac Hayes
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Patrick Ewing
Magic Johnson
Ben Affleck
Mick Jagger
Neil Armstrong
Lucille Ball
Whitney Houston
Alfred Hitchcock
Robert De Niro

Yeah, how can you not be all "cocky bastard" about it when President Barack Obama is a Leo?

This warm, dramatic, creative, and outgoing sign has the keyword "magnetism" for good reason. Fiery and self-assured, it can be almost impossible to resist the Leo's charm. Whether it's time spent with family and friends, or efforts on the job scene, a Leo is going to bring much to the table. The Lion is considered the king of the jungle, and likewise you Leos have an air of royalty.

Friends and Family:
By far the most generous of the Zodiac, Leos make loyal and giving friends. They'll go out of their way to help, even when it conflicts with their own schedule. The Leo is a strong, confident personality who has the ability to make almost everyone comfortable. Unassuming and gracious, they love to host parties and events. The Leo is rarely found alone - interacting is second nature. Close friends are chosen for their ability to keep up with the Leo's energy, along with a strong sense of dignity and a commitment to individual values. When family is involved, the mighty Lion will do whatever it takes to defend their loved ones. Loyalty for the Leo means a lifetime. They pride themselves on being there for family through thick and thin. They are also have a passion for children like no other sign. Leos live their life in an honest and a straightforward manner. Leos don’t stand for mean spiritness or close minded behavior and will defend people in a heartbeat.

Love and Sex:
This fiery sign is passionate and forthright with their affections. When it comes to sex, you can expect the Leo to be adventurous, fun, and highly energetic. There is a definite line of division between sex and love for Leos. Mates are chosen for their willingness to allow the Leo to take the lead, shine brightly and be independent. They look for uninhibited lovers who aren't self-conscious. As accepting as the Leo is, a mate needs to be an intellectual equal to cut the mustard. Leos are loving, fun, and very giving to those in their personal life.

Career and Money:
Leos are doers. "I will" is the key phrase for this sign. There's a lot of energy packed into this sign, and they're always going to be busy, regardless of whatever else is happening around them. They are ambitious, creative, and optimistic. It's not enough to just do the job for a Leo. In order to suffice, it must be done to the absolute best of their ability. Once committed to an employer, they will go all out, but the best situation for the Leo is to be their own boss.

Careers that allow for the Leo's dramatic flair, such as acting and entertaining, are ideal. Such positions give the Lion free reign. Other occupations such as management, teaching, public relations, and politics are well-suited too. Anything that puts a Leo in a leadership position will give this sign the opportunity to do what comes naturally to them.

Leos love to surround themselves with the things they fancy. Since money usually comes readily to the Leo, there's always more where that came from. "Money is meant to be spent" as far as this sign is concerned - and spend they will. Generous in spirit, a Leo will give away their last dollar to help a friend out. They're always confident that there will be more, and there usually is. There's never a lack of work for a Leo. In fact, there's generally more work available to them than they can keep up with.

Adventurous vacations
Lavish Living

Doing things safely
Ordinary, day to day living
Small-minded people
Penny pinching
Mean spiritedness

Sagittarius,Aries, and Gemini.

Ruling Element:

Ruling Planet:
The Sun; considered the masculine principal of the horoscope.

P.S. Shout out to my Cancers! My two best friends are Crabs. lol

Solange responds.

You either did something good or something bad to become a trending topic on Twitter and I'm thinking Solange falls under the "bad category". lol

What did she expect though?

But here are some of my favorite Tweets about Solange so far:
@summermce Solange looks like she wears the #91 jersey in Houston.
@summermce Solange looks like Terrence J.
@summermce Solange looks like she's next in the barber chair.
@Mr_Idol #Solange head look like a hairy calf muscle!
@lilduval Solange round here looking like Reggie Miller wit that "wheelchair Jimmy" tape line up.

P.S If you weren't a DeGrassi head when you were younger like myself, then you probably don't know what a "wheelchair Jimmy" tape line is, follow the link. lmao.

Bald is the new crazy. part II

I am down right sick of doing these post, lol.

First Cassie then Rihanna and now...

this doe-doe head.

I understand you want to make a statement and everything, but you have to have the face and bone structure to pull this look off and I really don't think Solange does.
*shrugs shoulders

But everyone thinks people like Solange and Rihanna are jocking off of Amber Rose, but Amber Rose is actually jocking off of the chick below (to the left):

MTO claims the model to the left is "swagger jacking" Amber Rose but I know it's the other way around.

She used to be my friend on myspace and she shaved her hair off in like early 2008, if not late 2007 (cause I havent been on myspace is hellas!)

So she's the originator of this new trend, not Amber Rose.
It kinda makes me mad that she's not getting credit for it and is instead being called a "swagger jacker".

P.S. I think ol girl looks better than Amber Rose anyway. lol
P.S.S. Twitter:
@summermce #howdareyou be the first regular bitch to shave the side of your head.

Knuck if you dunk.

The Lebron dunk footage:

I'm not really impressed.
Yeah, okay, he got dunked on, but it's not the type of shit that's gonna make him drop out of the league or something.

P.S. #howdareyou think The Lakers can fuck with Lebron and Shaq. EGREGIOUS! http://tinyurl.com/nwuv5x
Follow me @vivalablackgirl


He tells me all his secrets.

I present, one of my favorite songs...

The Foreign Exchange- "Daykeeper"

This song is classic.
Beautiful lyrics laced with a beautiful vibe.

"I can't sleep at night
Cause they won't see me
Running from the daylight
To where she keeps me

And when the sun rises, she watches over me

Waiting for the daylight
Cause then she'll keep me
In the safety of her arms
She never leaves me

And when the sun rises, she watches over me

He tells me all his secrets
He thinks nobody knows
We lay together in daylight
I love him so

And when the sun rises, he watches over me

It's not like it was before
And she can't keep me anymore
She loves me;

Why don't you stay here with me
I pray that our morning won't leave
Let me keep you, then you'll see
Don't hide the truth from yourself
It's you that I'll love and protect
Let me keep you here with me

So ref r e s hing.

Sidenote: If you haven't done so, jump on The Foreign Exchange.


All the way from it!

So do guys remember when Aubrey Graham Cracker aka Drake hit up the Hot 97 studios back in April?
It was this big deal, having the new "last hope of hip-hop" at Hot 97 and doing his first NYC show.
So of course, he had to jump on the mic with Flex and do a little "freesyle" well the problem was, his style wasn't exactly free, lol, and he caught alot of heat for it.

The original:
Click here for the old blog post, including all the freestyles and interviews.

The spoof:

That spoof is a real knee-slapper!


So Rihanna's new hair...

I like it but it's super limiting.
It's gonna take her a long ass time to grow it back.
This is the kinda stuff white girls can pull off on a count of their hair will be down to their shoulders 3 weeks later. lol,jk
P.S. Did she just jock off of Cassie or better yet...Kesh?

He ain't comfortable but he got his feet up.

P.S. July 29 (btw, it's not only my birthday)

P.S.S. Get ya some; it might look on ya.


Chris Brown issues public apology.

Today Chris Brown finally released a video publicly apologizing for beating Rihanna.
It's been all over Twitter and 106&Park today.

I'm really curious to see what you all think about it :)

Personally, I think it sounds like he's in 3rd period English class, but I mean hey, get it how you live.

And did anyone else peep his wanna be Michael Jackson jacket?
Why is he wearing that?!
Jai said he looks like a professional pumpkin!

But I'm sure after the video, he probably feels like a weight has been lifted off his chest...
Maybe this is that such weight:
(as he whispers to her..."Alright, you can get off now.")


Music Mondays. 7.20.09

I have a 3 for 1 coupon for this edition of Music Monday!

1) Chronic Future "Time and Time Again"

Chronic Future is heavily slept on!
I don't understand why this band, a mix of pop punk and rap rock, hasn't gotten more love.
I still remember the first time I heard this song.
It was spring 2004, I was a junior in highschool and the Iraq War was in full swing.
It was right around the insurgency expansion and when the whole Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal started popping off.
Yeah, mugs were starting to get pissed and Chronic Future layed out the prisoner's story so nicely with this dope video.
I have always been hella liberal, even before it was cool to despise the Bush administration, and this video just pissed me off even more but I still loved it. lol
Chronic's third album "Lines in My Face" became the soundtrack to my summer and it even got 3 1/2 out of 5 stars from 'The Rolling Stone'.
If you like this track listen to:
"New York, NY"
"Memories in F Minor"
"Stop Pretending"

2) Kaskade "Borrowed Theme"

I love electronica music and this song is just so lovely to me.
"Ive been borrowed, shame on me."

3) ?uestlove, The Foreign Exchange, Zo! and Carlitta Durand “Purple Flip”

Uh, can you go wrong with a callabo like this? Naw.

I hope you like these songs just as much as I do.

Lil Ru "Nasty Song"

I was watching Wiz's UStream and he started singing this and got me weak.
I can't wait for school to start so I can watch the Q's go crazy when this song comes on. lol



There must be something in the water.

Yep, that's it.
This is the 27th white girl to come out England who sings like a 300 lb. black woman.
There has to something in their water.
And it must be Australia's too because they have some pretty soulful mugs down there as well.

Check out Pixie Lott covering Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody".

P.S. She actually sings more like a 2buck 20errrr, not a 300 pounder (but that's still good regardless, lol).

Where love begins.

Raw talent:

Live version:

I am so jealous of my parents and aunts./uncles.
They actually got to see them live, several times!
My aunt was at the first Jackson 5 concert!

MJ's last recorded song:

I love the original and I love this version.
His voice is still sick decades later.


Happy Birthday David Hasselhoff!

Yes baby!
Mr. "don't you Hassel my Hoff's" b-day has arrived!

David Hasselhoff is best known as the sexiest lifeguard on the beach but do you know who also shares his birthday?

She is finally 21 years old!

She happens to be me and Leslie's best friend since we were 5 and 6 years old.
Below: Brittani and Leslie in kindergarten!

Sidenote: Brittani and Leslie were really smart (notice "were" is past tense, lol) and they were both asked to skip the 1st grade. Well for some reason I didn't want Leslie to skip up to my class, so only Brittani did and that is where our love started. lol

Anyway, she is getting effed up in Vegas as we speak!
I am so mad that we can't be there to celebrate with you and the Xavier click (who I love!)

but kick it hard and recreate "The Hangover" (only no one is getting married and you're all black girls, lol).

Brittani is not only our best friend, she is our sister.
That's blood.

We have so many inside jokes it's ridiculous, for instance:
1) Brit's mom hysterically laughing about baking cookies.
2) My mom poking me in the eye regarding tennis shoes and a treadmill.
3) July 4, 2003.
4) *in New Orlean's accent
"Will you be my bust-it-baby?" -me
"If I do it for the locals, I'll do it for you!"-Brit

So in memory of our Cheetah Sisterhood (lol, "Cheetahlicious" looking ass) it is now time for corny and crazy pictures of us from the past 5 years:

Okay this one had to be more than 5 years ago! Cool hair B. lol

Summer 2005.

First party at Mizzou, 2006.

lmao. Best candid ever!

These dudes had no idea. lol

I remember we were getting so hype to Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz. lol


Holiday 2008.

Mardi Gras 2009!

"She's got my back." looking ass. lol

Bourbon Street.

LMAO! Typical Brittani!

And then everyone got in on it. lmao.

Jump if you are finally 21 years old!

Summer 2009

Excuse my hair yall. lol

We love you Brit!
Happy 21st b-day!
Random vids of Brittani:

And I just like his accent. lol

P.S. I hope both of you are doing alot of this right now.

P.S.S. Doesnt this girl look just like her?!
I found her page on myspace in like 05' and it freaked my freaking freak out. My mom thought it was Brittani. lol