WTT Tour Kicks Off Tonight.

It's almost here.
The WTT tour that everybody has been anticipating.
It kicks off in ATL, then heads right up the East Coast.

Still haven't bought my tickets.
I'm a little distraught over the price of those bastardly tickets, but we'll see.
I don't wanna miss out on something epic, but I also don't wanna feel robbed.
Oh Yeezy....why you gotta do it to me?

VOYR will be broadcasting the kickoff show in Atlanta via a live stream tonight.
I may tune in for 5 minutes and give myself a sneak peak.

Will you be at the concert in your town?

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Ketchup on Everything.

I dedicate this video to my homie Jezo.
This must be her theme song.

If only they had a ranch version for me.


Beyonce "Party" Video ft J.Cole

Bey premiered her video on 106 the other day and honestly, I like.
It's nothing too crazy, but it's funky and chill(and that's my type of party.)

The video feat cameos from the homie Theophilus London, Solange(looking adorable), Coco & Breezy(the funky eyewear designers), and Kelly Rowland.

ALSO: Stop hating on my boy J. Cole.
He recently did an interview talking about how he submitted several different verses, and that's just the one Beyonce wanted for the song.

Whether it's him on the track or Andre 3000, its talent.
So respect it.



Embarrass the Hell Out of Your Pet.

Honestly, all of these crack me up.
And I would be overjoyed to put my dogs through this sort of demeaning torture.
They would hate every minute and I would love every minute.

I especially like the fast food family and the Harry Potter kid with the 3 headed dog.


Amy Winehouse Death Revealed.

It has been concluded that Amy Winehouse's death was due to alcohol poisoning.
The coroner ruled "death by misadventure."
They say her blood alcohol level was 5 times that of the legal limit and empty vodka bottles were found all over her room.

She had been abstinent for a period of time, but had recently began drinking again in the days preceding her death.
Po Amy.

I'm sure she never imagined that after all of those years of drug and alcohol abuse, that it would be the alcohol that gets her.
At least she was able to share her voice with the world...
Most people don't accomplish that in a lifetime.



"Party" Video Teaser.

Out of all of the songs on Beyonce's "4" album, I always favored "Party."

Loved the fact that it featured Andre 3000, but equally love the fact that it now features J. Cole.
I guess those are the perks to being signed to Roc Nation.

The video premieres on 106 & Park tomorrow, but honestly I'll just catch it online. :)

Watch the teaser below.




While I was listening to some BIG K.R.I.T. the other day, I stumbled across a fellow by the name of RITTZ.
He was on a track with K.R.I.T. and Yelawolf and when I heard his flow, I definitely liked it.

He's affiliated with Yelawolf's crew and pretty much looks like a red headed bear.
As a white boy from Georgia, he has a really good presence on his mixtape "White Jesus".

Once I downloaded it, it was all I was bumping for the day.

You can download the mixtape below.

Download the mixtape here.


DC Chillin

Jai came and visited me last week(with her crazy self).
We hit up DC, visited some Smithsonians, and dilly dally'd at the club.

But if there's one thing we did,and did very well, it was eat.
Lord did we eat!
Here are a couple pictures from our journey.


MLK Memorial.

Me and Amanze went to the MLK Memorial a couple weeks ago.
We literally went the week before the official opening(womp), but it was still a great experience.

I expected the actual monument to be bigger, but the area of the space was larger than I expected.
No point in complaining though.
It's still a nice monument and tribute to such an important American figure.



Whales vs Mermaids

A while back, at the entrance of a gym, there was a picture of a very thin and
beautiful woman. The caption was "This summer, do you want to be a mermaid or a

The story goes, a woman (of clothing size unknown) answered the
following way:

"Dear people, whales are always surrounded by friends
(dolphins, seals, curious humans), they are sexually active and raise their
children with great tenderness.
They entertain like crazy with dolphins and
eat lots of prawns. They swim all day and travel to fantastic places like
Patagonia, the Barents Sea or the coral reefs of Polynesia.
They sing
incredibly well and sometimes even are on cds. They are impressive and dearly
loved animals, which everyone defend and admires.

Mermaids do not exist.

But if they existed, they would line up to see a psychologist because of
a problem of split personality: woman or fish?
They would have no sex life
and could not bear children.
Yes, they would be lovely, but lonely and sad.
And, who wants a girl that smells like fish by his side?

Without a
doubt, I'd rather be a whale.

At a time when the media tells us that
only thin is beautiful, I prefer to eat ice cream with my kids, to have dinner
with my husband, to eat and drink and have fun with my friends.

women, we gain weight because we accumulate so much wisdom and knowledge that
there isn't enough space in our heads, and it spreads all over our bodies.
We are not fat, we are greatly cultivated.
Every time I see my curves in
the mirror, I tell myself: "How amazing am I ?! "

I love this!
All women need to start embracing their bodies.
And being proud of how they look.
Eff trying to be what you think people want.
Be you.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs died last night of pancreatic cancer.
56 is much too young for anyone, but for someone with such vision and purpose, it's really tragic.

He will surely be missed.



Non Paper Man.

Chingy is trying it one more time.
I'm sure it'll be his last go.
Quite frankly the song has no substance at all.
I might bop my head to it in the club if I'm drunk, but that's as far as it goes for me.
I'm just being real.

I was pretty amused with this video though, because I seem to know everybody in it.
Went to school with 2 of the video girls.
STL is funny like that. Ha.


Elle Varner: Only Wanna Give It To You

Elle & J. Cole...
How cute.



Peace Dress.

Recently I've been trying to find my passions in life and do what makes me happy.
One thing about me is that I've always been able to express myself through my fashion choices.

Whether outragous or casual, I like to dress.
I think it's fun as hell to recycle things that I've had for years and make them look completely different and in style.

Over the weekend I made my first dress, and skirt, from scratch.
I've tweeked outfits before, but this is the first time I've completely designed something myself.

It's not the most perfect thing I could have made, but it's a start and I'm just proud that I tried.
And it won't be the last thing I make.
I'll keep yal posted.

My Twitter homie @TheloniusKrypto called it the "Peace Dress"...and I ran with it. :)


Yeezy debuts "DW."

Kanye recently debuted his women's fashion line "DW" named after his late mother Donde West.
I'm sorry(no, I'm really not) but I love almost everything Kanye is a part of.
And as a whole I thought the show was good.
There are definitely several things that I would rock.

Supposedly the show has been getting mixed reviews, but honestly people are always going to be critical of Kanye, because of who he is.
If there's an opportunity where he can be judged or criticized, he will be.

I'm just happy that he's expressing himself positively and doing something he enjoys and is passionate about.
Can't ever be mad at that.
Here's a little clip of the final moments of the show.




Drake ~ Headlines (Official Video) from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.



The Hunger Games

Ever since I got my Kindle last year, I've been reading a lot more.
I truly believe that reading is magical.
My all time favorite books have got to be the Harry Potter series.
I LOVED the books, loved the movies and just think J.K. Rowling is a genius.

But after I read all those books, everything else was unfulfilling....
until The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
Books are off the chain.
She really came out of left field with the entire concept of the book.
And the way the books unfold is just something you couldnt even imagine(or predict.)

All I'm saying is, if you like reading fiction, READ THE HUNGER GAMES SERIES.
I would definitely say it's one of my favorite books.

And they're currently filming the first movie(which will be in theatres March 23rd), so if you're the type of person that would rather read the book before the movie comes out, then get on it.
Well worth the read.

Watch the trailer below:


What do you think?

I actually think Cassie's hair looks pretty cool like this.



Cole World.

I'm a huge J. Cole fan and baby, this video is perfection.
I can't wait for "Cole World: A Sideline Story" to release on September 27.

Sidenote: Trey Songz kinda has chipmunk cheeks in this vid. Maybe I'm weird...I'm probably just weird. Ignore me. -_-


iLike: 09.16.11

Jen Kao Fall 2011
If I was ok with having my breasts on full blast,this would be my dress.

Guishem fall 2011
This is so Zenon Girl of the 21st Century.

Falguni and Shane Peacock

I'm not sure what the girl with the top hat has on,
but personally I think Angela is a fly as she wants to be.
She's come a long way in my eyes.

And this pic of her at fashion week? Yaaa.

I've been having complete fashion overloads lately.

Solange and I speak the same fashion language.
I love almost everything she puts on.



Music Monday 8.15.11

Today I'm posting all things groovy. Enjoy.

1) Vargo-"Get Back to Serenity"
If you like groovy music with nice female leads, this is for you.

2) Morcheeba-'The Sea"
Something about her voice reminds me of Sade....
and that is NEVER a bad thing.

3) Soulstice-"Illusion"
Love her!!
Also...mad grooves.

4) Zhane-"Sending My Love"
Here's an old school joint.
I used to love this one.


In honor of Madonna's birthday tomorrow, I'm posting a few of my favorites by the Queen of Pop.

1) Madonna-"Human Nature"
This is one of favorite videos and songs...ever. As a kid, I used to stay up all night waiting to watch it, and I think the message of this song rubbed off on me in a number of ways. lol

2) Madonna-"Take A Bow"

3) Madonna-"What It Feels Like For A Girl"
I got the "Music" album when I was 13, and this song completely blew my mind.
"When you open up your mouth to speak, could you be a little weak?"
The truth.

4) Madonna-"Vogue"

5) Madonna-"Secret"
"Until I learned to love myself, I was never ever ever loving anybody else..."



Inspire me, baby.

“Adventure is a path. Real adventure...self-determined, self-motivated, often risky forces you to have firsthand encounters with the world. The world the way it is, not the way you imagine it. Your body will collide with the earth and you will bear witness. In this way you will be compelled to grapple with the limitless kindness and bottomless cruelty of humankind – and perhaps realize that you yourself are capable of both. This will change you. Nothing will ever again be black-and-white.”
-Mark Jenkins

...and if you haven't already invested in one of these, please do so.


Music Monday 8.8.11

1) The Throne-"Niggas in Paris"
Can't wait for this concert.

2) Beyonce-"Party" ft Andre 3000 and Yeezy
This joint is so 90's and I quite appreciate the vibe.

3) Jhene Aiko-"Higher"
Light it up. Roll it up.

4)Wiz Khalifa-"Flowers" ft Big Sean & Curren$y
Does this picture of them make you want to be a rock star or what?!


1) Chad Valley-"Reach Lines"
I adore this song, and I actually purchase his mixtapes.
Chad Valley is to Summer 2011 as Washed Out, Neon Indian and Toro Y Moi were to Summer 2009.

2) Sade-"Pearls"
I recently had the pleasure of seeing John Legend and Sade live in concert for my birthday. "Pearls" is one of my favorite Sade songs, and it was amazing to experience it live.
With the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa, this song was even more powerful.

3) Bjork-"I Miss You"
Can someone play this when I'm out so I can spin around and dance under a disco ball?
It'd make me real happy.

4) The Durutti Column-"Sketch For Summer"
This used to stay on repeat.



Heterosexual Day?

Dear Sao Paulo,
Get It Together.

Sao Paulo, Brazil is being a little bit ridiculous.
A democratic(WHY?) politician by the name of Carlos Apolonario is trying to establish a Heterosexual Day in Brazil.
Dude, really?

I feel like heterosexual day is the equivalent of white people asking why they don't get a history month. Because we said so!
There's no reason the generic form of the population needs a day to celebrate, because what its going to do is create problems.

And yes, people are getting pissed.

He's not creating a heterosexual day out of love for his sexuality, he's doing it out of defiance and unacceptance of others, and that ain't right.
Reportedly a homosexual is killed every 36 hours in Brazil. Shame.

I hope the Mayor doesn't approve it because it would just open the door for all sorts of foolishness.
Keep the peace Brazil.

One Love,


The Weeknd

Yes I'm late making a post for the Weeknd, but dammit I don't care.
"House of Balloons" is delicious and you all need to know it.

Yet another talented youngster reppin Toronto doing it b.i.g.
Maybe I should move to Canada and pursue a rapping career or something.
I'd end up on top, guaranteed lol.

The compilation is a part of a trilogy which will include "Thursday" and "Echoes of Silence."
I'll be early for that.
Here are a few songs from "House of Balloons" that are quite enjoyable.

"The Morning"
*shoulder sways

"What You Need"

"Coming Down"

"High for This"
I can totally relate.

Download the mixtape here.


Music Monday 8.1.11

Welcome to August scallywags!

1) Frank Ocean-"Thinkin Bout You"
I love this song.
Frank Ocean is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists.
Talent, son.

2) The Weeknd-"What You Need"
Sexy time?
I think yes.
I think hell yes.

My song!

4)Little Dragon-"Little Man"
Live from SXSW.
See this is exactly why I should have been there this year.


1) Little Dragon-"Ritual Union"

2) The Strokes-"Machu Picchu"

3) Patrick Watson-"Je te laisserai des mots"

4) Nujabes-"Aruarian Dance"



"Watch the Throne" Mini Documentary and Tour Dates.

Cool lil' documentary of 'Ye and Jay-Z, traveling while making the album.


Also, here are the tour dates for the Watch the Throne tour.

9/22/11 Detroit, MI Palace of Auburn Hills
9/24/11 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre
9/25/11 Montreal, QC Bell Centre
9/27/11 East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center
9/28/11 East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center
9/29/11 Washington DC Verizon Center
10/4/11 Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center
10/6/11 Chicago, IL United Center
10/7/11 Chicago, IL United Center
10/8/11 Minneapolis, MN Target Center
10/10/11 Denver, CO Pepsi Center
10/13/11 Tacoma, WA Tacoma Dome
10/14/11 Vancouver, BC Rogers Arena
10/16/11 San Jose, CA HP Pavilion
10/17/11 Sacramento, CA Power Balance Pavilion
10/19/11 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center
10/20/11 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center
10/21/11 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Garden Arena
10/25/11 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
10/26/11 Houston, TX Toyota Center
10/29/11 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena
10/30/11 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum
11/1/11 Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena
11/3/11 Boston, MA TD Garden

Guess which show I'll be at? lol


Music Monday 7.25.11

Hey shoppers...I've missed you.
I know there has been a TON of dope music out since we last did a Music Monday, but what you gonna do?
Lets just start where we left off...

1) SBTRKT ft Little Dragon-"Wildfire (remix ft. Drake)"
This song right here? This song right here? Quite legit.
A super dope collaboration.
SBTRKT's album just came out late last month(Dope)..
AND Little Dragon's album drops tomorrow.
What more can you ask for?

2) Jhene Aiko -"Stranger"
Remember this girl from the being around B2k back in the day?
They claimed she was Lil Fizz's cousin, but that was a lie. Womp.
Even more juicy, she has like a 4 year old by Omarion's brother O'Ryan.
Anyway, her mixtape Sailing Souls is quality and this is one of my favorite songs from it.
Please get familiar.

3) Amy Winehouse-"In My Bed"
In memory of Amy Winehouse. R.I.P.
This is one of my favorite songs from her.
She samples a nice little Nas track and does it proper justice.

4) Lil Wayne-"Racks"
This song gets me hype as the hell!
Check out his new mixtape "Sorry 4 the wait."
He comes pretty correct.

5. Morcheeba-"Undress Me Now"
Sexy time.


1) Amy Winehouse-"Take The Box"
This is one of my favorite Amy Winehouse tracks, performed live by the late, great artist.
R.I.P Amy, my heart goes out to her family and friends.

2) Nina Simone-"My Man's Gone Now (DJ Wally remix)"
Soul stirring.

3) Friendly Fires-"Pala"
Friendly Fires, and their latest album, "Pala", has been one of my summer soundtracks.

4) Kendrick Lamar-"Hol' Up"
The lyricism, the horns, the warmth of this track...
Feels so good, don't you agree?

5) Ellie Goulding & Daft Punk-"No Guns and Horses, Just Make Love (Monsieur Adi mash-up)"
You're so worth it, you are.



Jay-Z and Frank Ocean

Aside from 'Ye and Jay-Z collaborating on their upcoming album "Watch the Throne", I'm hella excited about them featuring Frank Ocean on 2 of the tracks.

Frank Ocean is such a talented youngster, and I'm excited that they decided to work together. Kudos.

Ocean has written songs for Justin Beiber, Pharrell, Lil Wayne, John Legend, Brandy, Beyonce, and Nas. So he's had plenty of experience with the big wigs.
I thoroughly enjoyed "Nostalgia, Ultra."

"Watch the Throne" is scheduled to hit stores August 2nd.
And trust I will be taking a listen as soon as I can.

Here's the official tracklist:
01 No Church In The Wild f. Frank Ocean
02 Lift Off f. Beyoncé
03 Ni66as In Paris
04 Otis f. Otis Redding
05 Gotta Have It
06 New Day
07 Prime Time
08 Who Gon’ Stop Me
09 Murder To Excellence
10 Welcome To The Jungle
11 Sweet Baby Jesus f. Frank Ocean
12 Love You So f. Mr. Hudson
13 Illest Motherfucker Alive [Bonus]
14 H.A.M. [Bonus]
15 That’s My Bitch [Bonus]
16 The Joy f. Curtis Mayfield [Bonus]

Do yall think the album is gonna be the best thing since sliced bread? Or is it just being hyped up because its Kanye and Jay-Z?

I already have my opinion...
Excuse me while I go Hammy.



Happy, happy. Joy, joy.

If you were born anywhere between the years of 1980 and 1994, you may want to pay attention because...

90s Nick is back!
*booty dances with my hands on my knees* (in warp speed)

After nearly 15 million of us joined all those "I Love 90s Nick" groups on Facebook, interns over at Viacom finally convinced company bigwigs to give us what we all really want, "The 90s Are All That" (See also: our version of Nick@Nite).

Unfortunately, not every show will be reintroduced, but according to The New York Times, TeenNick says, "Facebook feedback will influence which other shows it rotates into the block". So if your favorite show is missing from the line-up, be vocal, and you may see changes.

For an entire program line-up, or anything else related to "The 90s Are All That" click here.

Which show are you most excited to see?


P.S. To this day, whenever I see a bright pink & navy blue color combo, a red & white bed quilt, listen to Pearl Jam or stumble upon a mini alligator, I think of Clarissa Darling.
I was ride or die for Clarissa, and she was ride or die for me. *tear*

P.P.S. I really hope they bring some of the old bumpers back as well.
Come on, man...this is fucking creativity.


Is this love?

This is the BEST cover I've heard of Bob Marley's "Is this love?"
Bilal makes absolute love to this song. (I adore him btw!)
And the amazing musicians take it to another level completely.

Is this love?



Insanity: Day 1

Laid out. 59 more days to go of this Insanity workout/challenge.



Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day Swag.
Stripes and Plaid?...I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts!


Medical marijuana given to kid.

What are your views about medical marijuana and just marijuana in general?
It's kinda hard to see a video like this and try to ban it.

I tell you one thing, if I was that kids parent, I'd be on the exact same stuff!
There's no way I'd just let my kid be in turmoil.



Wally Wally World.

SMH at them.

Did anyone else just want to burst into oblivion.
That's what I do when things are outlandish and completely ridiculous...I burst into oblivion.
Or when I'm hot, but anywho.

Who would even write this song?
Are they all mentally retarded?...the guy AND his two booty bouncing female minions?
They must be, because the only way I'm booty dancing in a bra and booty shorts in Walmart, is when Kanye is directing the video lol.

I only have a couple questions:

1)How in the hell did they pull this off?
They're in the store clearly shooting a video.
And on top of that, it's in the middle of the freaking day and they turned Walmart parking lot into a club.
Broad effing daylight.

2)Who is the "healthy" girl in the black they thought they could just sneak in the video at :40 ?
Bless her heart.

3)Was anyone else waiting for that girl to fall off the cart?
They need to release bloopers for this video. I'm sure its on there!

4)Lyrical content is off the chain. (not a question lol)
She making grocery.
She got Louisiana Purchase card.
She buying pantyhose.
She buying douche.
Ra-Ring it up.

I'm gonna start randomly yelling out "Ra-Ring it up!"
Just to be disrespectful.
Then I'll giggle to myself and walk away.




Growing up in East St.Louis, I always had this little fascination with hood white people.
It just shows you how powerful the "hood culture" is; being a product of your environment transcends race.

With that being said, I don't care what anyone says: Kreayshawn is one legit, hood ass white girl.
And besides, she's an actual artist who has her hands in pixel art, directing and photography as well.
She's amusing... Kreayshawn



In Rotation.

Need some good music to vibe too?

Here's a list of what I have in rotation(in no particular order):
1) Tyga: Black Thoughts Vol. 2
Download here.

2) Britney Spears: Femme Fatale

3) Curren$y: Covert Coup
Download here.

4) Chris Brown: F.A.M.E.

5) Frank Ocean: Nostalgia, Ultra
Download here.

6) Fonzworth Bentley: C.O.L.O.U.R.S.
Download here.

7) Mac Miller: Best Day Ever

Download here.

8) BIG K.R.I.T.: Return of 4Eva
Download here.

9) January Elh: Wasted Daylight
Download here.

10) Pac Div: Mania
Download here.

That's enough for now. But trust, it's good stuff.




Cool song from Tyga's newest mixtape Black Thoughts Vol 2.
I'm telling yal, the entire mixtape is quality!
Download it at your earliest convenience here.

Tyga ft Adele: Reminded


Cool ass video: Shit robot.

Shit Robot - Losing My Patience from DFA Records on Vimeo.

Director, Fergal Brennan



Baller nigga shit.

The fact that he thought LV was Gucci, made me love this kid even more than I did before.


P.S. Regardless of their "baller ass" office, XL would be a dream to work for.
You have no idea.


Cool ass video: Make Some Noise.

Director, MCA.

This video is only the beginning.
Beastie Boys recently had a showing at Sundance that featured a 22 minute short called “Fight For Your Right Revisited".
I need to see more.


P.S."Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun" is still my favorite Beastie Boys song.
How can you not fuck with this?


Music Monday 4.25.11

1) The Morning Benders-"Oh Annie"
This song deserves the world. Beautiful...

2) Donald Byrd-"Cristo Redentor"
I've listened to this on repeat countless times.
A timeless beauty.

3) Interpol-"Obstace 1"
My brother and I rocked out to this song on Easter.
Christ our Lord, has risen.

4) Ceu-? (A Cidade Dos Homens)

It took me ages to find this song!
It played during the credits of "City of Men", but wasn't on the "official soundtrack".
I knew that was Ceu singing, but the song doesn't even have an title. I would spend hours trying to decipher Portuguese music conversations on Brasilian message boards (and I don't speak Portuguese). Then one day, maybe a year or so later, this Youtube clip just practically found me.
I guess life just works that way. Ha.

5) Mos Def / Little Dragon - "Fat Booty, No Love" Remix by LMNtal
A smooth twist Mos Def's classic record.
The ending was dope, but if LMNtal would've mixed Little Dragon between a few verses?
This song would've been like Jayne Kennedy, word bond.


1) Frank Ocean: Novacane

This song is so addictive.
Ama put me on Frank Ocean a little while ago, and I DIG. Totally.

2) Britney Spears: Inside Out
Britney's new album "Femme Fatale" is doing it for me.
This girl delivers. Nuff said.

3) Curren$y: BBS
He is real good for rapping over the smoothest of beats.
If you like this song, go download Curren$y's new mixtape "Covert Coup."
The entire tape is really groovy.
It was honestly hard for me to pick just one.

4) Freelance Whales: Hannah
I was watching some countdown show the other week and this song popped up.
I thought it was cute.


Ink my whole body.

Last week I went to the Bahamas and had a grand 'ol time (pictures later).
Plenty of sun, plenty of food, and plenty of spontaneous behavior.
That brings me to my next point: I got a tattoo!

My first tattoo was in the Bahamas on some random ish.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I got it on the inside of my arm.
A nice cute but discrete location.
My mom still flipped her lid, but she'll get over it lol.

My tattoo is this Bob Marley quote that I really love.
"Love the life you live. Live the life you love."

To me it means to basically live a life that's going to make you happy, make good things happen for yourself, and don't have regrets.
Life is too short to just waste it away.
Make it count.

Tattoo time:



4/20: Why is marijuana illegal?

I often find myself asking that very question: Why is marijuana illegal?
It never quite made sense to me.
Cigarettes, which cause over 400,000 deaths per year, receive U.S. subsides, yet this natural (practically harmless) plant is the devil's seed?
Naw, it doesn't seem to add up. There has to be a bigger reason to why it's legal, and there is.

Prepare to be enlightened by ,"The Union", an educational and compelling documentary that explores marijuana from every angle.
It tackles nearly every myth with excellent support (provided from UCLA and government studies, Harvard Medical Professors, economist, growers, smokers etc.)

Now, in no way do I believe marijuana should be forced on anyone.
It's a personal choice, and its not for everyone.
However from years of researching this subject, I do believe it should be legal.

Many people pass judgement on marijuana advocates and/or users, and much of that judgement is bred out of ignorance.
If you're going to hold a position on its legalization, the least you could do is properly educate yourself.
I'm talking actual personal exploration on this subject, NOT blindly believing what others (like the government) feed you, and want you to believe.
As if the government has never lied to us with the intent to control? Sure.

So, on this 4/20, take some time out and educate yourself on the facts of marijuana.
If you choose to seek the truth, you shall find it.

"The Union: The Business Behind Getting High"

After watching "The Union" have your views on cannabis changed, and how so?
Also, what information were you most shocked to learn?
Discussion is in order. :)


Cool ass video: Iron.

Director Yoann Lemoine



Music Monday 4.18.11

LMo's on vacation, probably laid out on some beach right now, so I'll be holding down Music Monday myself this week.

1) Def Sound-"(A) Gain
The first time I heard this song, I fell in love. It was on constant repeat.
Then the video dropped, and got damn...
Take a listen (and a look) for yourself and see if you don't feel the same way.

2) The Civil Wars-"Barton Hollow"
I'm a fan of bluegrass/authentic country. (I've been looking into bluegrass festivals, and everything).
And you may have seen me go on entire spiels on Twitter about how much of today's country music whomps.
Believe it or not, there are many correlations between hip-hop and country music.
For one, mainstream country is also infused with too much pop, and its lost alot of it's soul, but this "Barton Hollow"? I eff with.
My mom actually introduced me to this song.
Even if you're not a fan of country, give it a listen. You may actually dig it.

3) The Beets-"I Need More Allowance"
Doug was (and still is) one of my all-time favorite television shows.
I'm sure many of The Clearance Aisle shoppers grew up with this jewel of a show just like I did, so this song will take you back.

4) Little Dragon-"Fortune" (AFTA-1 Remix)
I always enjoy a good remix, and AFTA-1 usually never fails me.
He also just so happens to mix my favorite artists (ex: Esthero, Little Dragon), and this "Fortune" mix is just tasty.
Sidenote: AFTA-1 is a beautiful creature.

5) The Kinks-"Set Me Free"
*hysterically screams*

6) Empire Of The Sun-"Swordfish Hotkiss Night"
Did anyone see Empire Of The Sun live at Coachella? They killed it!
I've been a fan of there's for some time, and my brother loves them just as much as I do.
When they sing "Days go by days, all we do is roll on...", I think of my brother every time, and get internally weak.
It sounds just like him trying to sing bass.

7) Mount Kimbie-"Carbonated"
As you saw in this post, I recently went to a Mount Kimbie show.
I bought the CD, and I've been listening to it every day since.

8) Santigold feat. Karen O-"Go"
Here's the first sneak peek that Santigold has given us from her upcoming sophomore album.
Rebel mama!


Happy Birthday, Foxy Mama.

Foxy + mama = Foxy mama

Yes, that is my mom as a PYT, and today is her birthday!

As a tween/teenager, my mom and I would get into it all the time.
My dad would always shake his head, laugh and say,"You and your mom are JUST alike. That's why you're always butting heads."
(I'm a Leo, she's an Aries, and we both have very strong personalities. So, you can imagine.)
I now realize that my dad was right; I am just like my mom, and I'm becoming more like her everyday.
The older I get, the better our relationship gets.
She knows everything about me, and she's honestly one of my best friends.
She's smart, strong and hilariously dramatic.
My mom is the shit.

Modern-day mom (with Quincy).

So in celebration of my mom's birthday, here's "Mama", a song from the Spice Girls that describes our relationship perfectly.

I love you, mom!