Summer time music.

And "lessssbi-honest...."
(as usual,my negro Drake kills it)


Kanye West Ft Lykke Li Santogold - Gifted


TBV: Erica gets attacked by her car.

TBV=Throw Back Video
(for future reference)

My good amiga Erica,below,is a hoot!

I was just on the phone with her and we were talking about how Diggy(Simmons) is gonna be a hunk.

Erica: Diggy is gonna be a beast!
Jai(me):Hell, he's a beast now.
Erica: Well yeah, but he's not legal beast.
(as she says it so serious, lol)

Anywho,these are some TBV's from 07' that get me so weak!
(appropriate for our current snow storm)

The first video, is when her car was frozen so she tries to get in through the trunk. As you will see, her trunk attacks her and the rest is history. lol The second video is just random weirdness.

"Kiss me where I pee out of" lol


(i did!)

So...I just ran across this video of Shihan performing "This Type Love" on my facebook page, and it brought back the great memories of when he came to my school and performed.
He is one of the best poets out there! So funny and charismatic...love this guy! I've been a big fan ever since Def Poetry Jam used to run on HBO. But,random fact,while he was talking during the show, he told us that his old roomate was Dante Basco(a.k.a. RUFIO from HOOK)....

But he's all grown up now...not bad ;)

ANYWAY!!...(since I leap-frogged away from the subject)....this video is one of Shihans best poems!! GENIUS STUFF.. As you can tell, he cut his hair off. And don't fall in love with him too much cuz he has a wife and kids(since he wanna be all in love and successful and ish lol) :(

I also took a few videos while he was reciting his poetry, this one is quite wobbly, BUT it shows his character and his wit really well. UHhhh....I Love this GuY!! Listen to what he is saying..all truth....But this particular line gets me weak: "kiss me where i pee out of"' lol

Above is what he signed on his cd that I bought.
And it reads..."Leslie, normally I avoid matching, but it worked with you. Thank you for coming. I hope the picture turned out nice."

In-Deed!! :)


"Nah, we straight."- President Obama

This is one of my top 5 Obama moments right here!
Just watch the video and recognize his hood status for a second. lol And for all those, "Well he's not Black enough..." folks out there, I hope you have a bib, utensils, and an empty stomach because for the appetizer, be prepared to eat your words and for the main course, a tasty helping of "in yo face". Bon appetit suckas! lol

1 in a million?

So the Canadian singer Keisha Chante is set to play the late Aaliyah in an upcoming biopic set for release this year. I had been wondering who they would get to play Aaliyah since talks about this movie from a few years back.They look alike and Keisha can sing and all, but I really hope she does Aaliyah justice...


I need it in my life, I want it in my life....

Out of all the Obama swag, I want this hella bad.

(Damn, did you just peep that? Ya girl is a rapper SON! Watch out Mario. lol)

Happy Birthday 8 lb, 6 oz baby Jesus!

Another batch of old pictures from Christmas night in STL.
For the rest of them click aqui y aqui.

My lil' slave driver


So cold out there! Geez!

Matching on accident.
Bang, bang...I shot him down.

Sister, sister.

lol, nice Brit.

That's why I love her...she my gutta bitch!

So Im enjoying my snow day, watching ATL, and I just ran across this cute ass, gansta ass video of Lykke Li. I love her music and this just puts the cherry on the tasty sundae that is her (as I sound like a lesbian...lol)

http://vimeo.com/2645195 from Drew Innis on Vimeo.

Miss Keri Babay!

Now I know this video has been out for a little while and everything, but she can get the business(no homo)! lol She is getting it!!! Cutest dancing...foreal! And when Wayne said "I hope your Vagina Tight"...did anybody else's face screw up lol

But doesn't the video remind you a little bit of Destiny's Child "Soldier" ft Lil Wayne & T.I.? Just a thought.

"School closures, school closures....

Everytime there's a snow day (like today, thank God), I think of this epic episode of "Hey Arnold." Man I miss the good old 90s Nickelodeon/Disney...doesn't get any better than this.


Click here for Episode 106 "Heat/Snow"






the beginning of an era

Whitehouse website


Later suckas!
The end of an error....




Today is a day of celebration!

Cease-fire in Gaza.

Celebrating the life and legacy of the GREAT MLK Jr.

Watching history unfold in less than 24 hrs. as
we elect the first Black man to lead the free-world.

(Oh and two fingers to that doe-doe head Bush)

and here are some other favorite Obama pictures:

my Jeep,White Girl