"Kiss me where I pee out of" lol


(i did!)

So...I just ran across this video of Shihan performing "This Type Love" on my facebook page, and it brought back the great memories of when he came to my school and performed.
He is one of the best poets out there! So funny and charismatic...love this guy! I've been a big fan ever since Def Poetry Jam used to run on HBO. But,random fact,while he was talking during the show, he told us that his old roomate was Dante Basco(a.k.a. RUFIO from HOOK)....

But he's all grown up now...not bad ;)

ANYWAY!!...(since I leap-frogged away from the subject)....this video is one of Shihans best poems!! GENIUS STUFF.. As you can tell, he cut his hair off. And don't fall in love with him too much cuz he has a wife and kids(since he wanna be all in love and successful and ish lol) :(

I also took a few videos while he was reciting his poetry, this one is quite wobbly, BUT it shows his character and his wit really well. UHhhh....I Love this GuY!! Listen to what he is saying..all truth....But this particular line gets me weak: "kiss me where i pee out of"' lol

Above is what he signed on his cd that I bought.
And it reads..."Leslie, normally I avoid matching, but it worked with you. Thank you for coming. I hope the picture turned out nice."

In-Deed!! :)

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