Community Service.

Ever since Leslie moved to VA, I've been exploring St.Louis' emerging art/progressive culture.
I really enjoy going out to different areas, by myself, and meeting new people with similar interests.
It's so great to see St.Louis grow in this direction.
There are a handful of great venues, but one of my favorites, which you may have seen me previously mention on the blog (here), is Upstairs Lounge.

And every Wednesday, Lane 4 throws one of my favorite events at Upstairs called Community Service.

Not only is Community Service free entry (fucking insane), but the music (an eclectic mix of electro, hip-hip, dubstep etc.), brought to you from my homie Stan aka 18andCounting, is incredible, the interactive videos are interesting and the vibe is just great.
I just love dancing there. Eyes closed, under the strobe lights, just rockin'...

A few weeks back, getting ready for the night. I was battling an insane allergy attack, and I'm pretty sure I roofied myself on accident that night. lol

Stud muffin.

Y ahora, the community discussion.

The gals. :)

Show me your _______. (heart)

One of the many random interactive videos you'll see at Community Service. I call this one "Clipse Kittens":

18andCounting aka Stan

aka the man who makes everyone dance.
3:00am. Courtesy Diner bound.

Jukebox, pals, conversation, coffee and food.
YES! Homemade icecream & a huge piece of cherry pie.
It was so much, I couldnt even finish it myself. Delicious nonetheless.

So, if you're in St.Louis, and you're interested in experiencing something new, head out to Community Service on Wednesdays at Upstairs Lounge.


Check this video shot at Upstairs sometime last year. You can hear me in the background, losing my brain cells at the sight of this hypnotizing cartoon ass. That music, plus that cartoon walk? Stick a fork in me, I was DONE. I had no idea I was that loud, though. lol
"Oh my God...."


Totally Rad.

The Theophilus London show at UStreet Music Hall in DC was freaking AWESOME!
If you're on the fence about his music, just do yourself a favor and go to a show. I'm telling you, his energy is so exciting and refreshing.
Me, Amanze, & Sennay went last month and oh boy...that young man was rocking! His way of moving is just so adorable.
On top of that, he kept telling us how "Fuc%ing rad" we were. Boosted my self esteem a couple notches lol.
And on top of that, it was his effing birthday and his first show in DC. Ya girl was hype! When 12AM hit, we all sung him happy birthday and rocked out to "H.A.M." by Ye & Jay-Z.
I should have taken a video, but I was caught in the moment.
At least I got pics. :)



E.S.P.N. March Madness Edition

My homie Jesse dropped his mixtape "E.S.P.N. March Madness Edition" and I can't help but rep.
I'm not even gonna lie...it's pretty nice.

Some of my favorites are "Livin Better", "Mz. Independent", "C.R.E.A.M.", and "The Proposal."
When I heard that man sample my girl Ellie Goulding on "The Proposal", I was thoroughly impressed.
FYI: Ellie is a white girl from like England or some place like that.
When a hip hop artist can appreciate other types of music, I dig.

Lets not even talk about the awesome vibes on "Mz. Independent."
I love that second verse.
It's a quality mixtape from the STL newcomer.
But don't take my word for it, listen for yourself.

Jesse - ESPN March Madness Edition by stlmixtapes

Download "E.S.P.N. March Madness Edition" here.


Music Monday. 3.28.11

1) Major Lazer and La Roux-"Colourless Artibella"
One of my favorite tracks from the beyond solid (and dame near impossible to download!) mixtape "Lazerproof". Just reminds me of last summer. *sings* "I wanna get away to feel the sun on my skin. To feel it really sinking in."

2) The Flamingos-"I Only Have Eyes For You"
I was driving home from my internship the other day, listening to Blursday on 88.1 KDHX (one of the best radio stations in the world if you didn't know), and they randomly play this.
I'm telling you, I was so happy and surprised, that it nearly brought tears to my eyes.
My heart just swelled up! (I'm such a girl, I know. ha)
This song is so beautiful and classic, and I used to listen to it all the time in high school.

3) Royksopp-"Poor Leno"
I adore this song. Sure a great "getting ready for the day" tune.

4) 311-"Come Original" (Chopped & Screwed)
I love chopped and screwed music, and this 311 mix of "Come Original" is no exception.
Sidenote: I always giggle a little when he says "Black Eyed Peas are coming full range", it really dates this song.


1) Mac Miller- "Down the Rabbit Hole"
I kinda doubted this kids credibility at first.
Figured people were just feeling him bc he was a white kid associated with Wiz.
BUT...he's quite dope! This song is a perfect example of how his vibes are.
His mixtape "Best Day Ever" is legit. Peep game.

2) Quadron- "Average Fruit"
Here's another mellow song from one of my favorite groups.
They totally get it.

3) Rahel- "Hope"
Great voice. Britain be poppin 'em out! lol

4) Two Door Cinema Club- "Costume Party"
I really like this band. I was first introduced to them on one of my Kitsune Mason mixes.
It's been thumbs up since then. "You think you know. You don't know."



Zip it.

These earrings would go perfect with my Marc Jacobs bag.
I gotta cop.



Studio 54

I was looking at the new fashion trends for Spring 2011, and came across a picture of 70s style icon Bianca Jagger.
She was, of course, at Studio 54.
Got me thinking...I wish I could have been there.
If H.G. Wells would lend me his time machine, that's definately one of the many places I'd hit up.

If you were in New York in the 70s and 80s, you wanted to be at Studio 54.
Studio 54 was a place to see and be seen with the social elite.
Did I forget to mention it was crazy as hell and most of the people went to get high and naked?
Yea. Talk about a party.

Can you imagine kicking it with all those crazy people?
The most iconic celebrities like Micheal Jackson, Andy Warhol, KISS, Madonna, Rick James, Mick & Bianca Jagger, Grace Jones, Cher and etc?

I, my friend, would have been a maniac!
*cues up old video of me in '07



Throwback Thursday

Lost Boyz- Renee

I remember I was shocked when I first saw this video.
Because honestly...when does the girl ever die?

In other news: Mr. Cheeks got that voice!



Music Monday. 03.21.11

1) Still Corners-"Dont Fall In Love"
Dont you dare fall in love.

2) Infadels-"Stories From The Bar"
I dont understand why this song hasnt gotten more play.
It's solid.
(And as always, yes, they are European...lol, out of the U.K.)

3) The Weeknd-"What You Need" (Jacques Greene remix)
A sexy little remix of "What You Need", via Toronto's upcoming R&B group, The Weeknd.
I need to groove to this under some strobe lights.
P.S. I love Toronto and I've never even been. I can thank "DeGrassi" and "the Drake years" for that. Ha.

4) Zero 7-"Passing By"
If you're ever in need of good music w/ nice vibes, I suggest you turn to Zero 7.
I always say Zero 7 sounds like a lava lamp looks.
Their music comforts me like no other...
"Who am I to make a judgment of your life? I'm only passing by."

5) Donovan-"Sunshine Superman"
Donovan > Justin Beiber
"Superman or Green Latern aint got, nothing on me."

6) 311-"Champagne"
A Twitter homie (@iAmSexBob_OMB) and I were discussing 311, when she brought up "Champagne".
I forgot how groovy of a song it was, and it was a perfect addition to my First Day of Spring playlist (which included the ever lovely "Amber").


P.S. LMo is busy handeling business in VA, but her Music Monday picks will be up very soon. :)


Jello ankles.

Last night me & Amanze went to the Kevin Hart show in Richmond.
The shenanigans were on full blast.
The opening acts were hilarious and Kevin Hart, naturally, was Kevin Hart.

The funniest part of the night was not the show at all, it was ya girl.
I got a new pair of 5 or 6 inch pumps that I wanted to break in.
Too bad I had to walk like 5 blocks to get to the damn venue...on cobble stone...in the rain!

I bout lost my life last night. Real talk.
Even though the circumstances were jacked up (for me to be wearing shoes like that), I blame the shoes.

I honestly feel like nobody could ever walk in those things.
They just didn't make them right.
I felt like a damn Weeble.
You know...Weebles.

You can basically just imagine my head on one of those little Weebles.
It was awful yal. Never ever again.

I now know how this girl was feeling lol.



Drunk baby.

I first saw this video a few weeks ago on Tosh.0 I think. I was amused to say the least. This child is hilarious. When I have a kid, I wanna be the type of parent that does this kind of stuff lol. One Love, LMo


Music Monday 3.14.11

1) Lupe- "All Black Everything"
This is one of my favorite songs on Lasers.
It makes me feel like I'm in a fairy tale or something.

2) Graffiti 6- "This Man"
Graffiti 6 is one of my favorite new bands.
Not only does the lead singer look like a model, but that young man has a voice!
Also check out "Annie you save me" and "Over you."
You guys will not be dissapointed.

3) Dom Kennedy- "Bet You Want Me Now"
Dom keeps it nice and smooth with this track from his new mixtape.
Download is new mixtape "Original Dom Kennedy" here.

4) Pac Div- "Take me high"
Pac Div delivers another sexy tune for us.
And just in time for the weather to start getting nice.
Download his new mixtape "Mania" here.

5) Cool Calm Pete- "Wishes and Luck"
@TheeSkipper put me on this guy while we were trading music on Twitter.
And I must say... I'm not mad at it!
There's no way I would have known he was Asian if I just heard this on the radio.

One Love,

1) Zoo Kid-"Out Getting Ribs"
You'll fall in love.

2) Adele-"Rolling In Deep (Jaime xx Shuffle)
Danced to this last week at Community Service.
Twas lovely...

3) The Doobie Brothers-"Black Water"
One of favorite Doobie Brothers songs.
You'll just want to chill at dusk and light one to this.

4) King-"The Story"
I adore these ladies.
My homie January put me on, and I cant get enough.
The group, which consist of Minneapolis bred twins (Paris and Amber) and L.A. native, Anita, is just refreshing.
To download the EP (which was written and fully produced by the group), click here.

5) Javelin-"We Ah Wi"



Super Moon.

Just as I got breaking news of Japan's major 8.9 earthquake (and the subsequent tsunamis in the Ring of Fire), I was ironically reading articles about this Super Moon phenomena.

According to astrologer Richard Noelle, March 19, the day of the Super Moon, could very well be a day of disaster.

The moon will be at its closest approach to Earth in its elliptical orbit, and it will also be closer to Earth than it's been in 18 years.

Noelle says the moon's gravitational pull will cause earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and other great disasters.

Many scientists don't believe chaos will ensue, and I don't want to either, but man, the timing of Japan's earthquake isn't helping refute Noelle's theory...AT ALL.

Previous Super Moons have occurred in 1955, 1974, 1992, and 2005.
Notice: Those have been years of extreme weather events.
For example, the Indonesian tsunami of 2004 hit just 2 weeks before the Super Moon of 2005.

Eerie as hell.

What do you guys think will happen on March 19?

And if you'd like to read more about the impending Super Moon, check out an article here


Shoutout to a past professor of mine who actually lived and studied in Japan.
He's the one who got me interested in geography and weather related events.
Blessings to Japan and The Ring of Fire, if anyone can handle an earthquake, it's probably them.


One time for New York City.

Check out this newly released 9/11 video via The Assosiated Press.

Insane, right?!
Can you imagine being those guys in the helicopter?
Amazing vantage point.



Music Monday 3.7.11

1) Angus & Julia Stone- "Big Jet Plane"
I heard this song on a Maybelline commercial and had to inquire.
It's soo seductive and sexy.

2) The Cat Empire- "The Wine Song"
I wanna be at a party, spinning out of control drunk, with this song playing.
I imagine that (if my life was a movie.) :)

3)Zahra Hindi- "Beautiful Tango"
I really enjoy how she sings.
She's got an old school sound thing going on.


1) Beck-"Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime"
Oh, dear. I love this song.
It reminds me so much of a modern-day Beatles tune.

2) Frank Ocean-"Electric Feel"
Alot of people have been flipping over "Nostalgia", the mixtape released by Frank Ocean (who also happens to be apart of Odd Future), but I wasn't caught up in the hype.
I mean, dude is talented, but it's nothing that wowed me initially.
However, a Twitter friend suggested this track, and when I heard him sing that intro line again,"I've been meaning to fuck you in the garden...", it did something to me this time around (probably sounds better because I was under the influence, ha.)
Nice track nonetheless...

3) Beastie Boys and The Notorious B.I.G-"Looking Down the Barrel Of A Gun"
In honor of upcoming Biggie Day, I have to put up one of my favorite hip-hop mashups.
DJ Green Lantern is the man for this remix. I lose my brain cells everytime.



Mellow Mondays

Hello bargain-shoppers lol, you all are so rad *Theo L voice*.
I'm about to set the mood to match my renaming of this blog's music edition.
Bear with me, there are quite a few tracks to listen to...but it's guaranteed that not a single track will disapoint!
Enough talk, volume...let's go.

1) Black Dub - "I Believe In You"
Watch in amazement....I sure did! Real music...clear a spot on your iPod for this one, guaranteed heavy rotation. Your welcome on this one.

2) The XX - "Shelter"
One of my new favorites.
Adding their library to my collection as we speak.

3) Stateless - "Bloodstream"
For the lovers, creative concept.

4) Cinematic Orchestra - "Familiar Ground"
Regal, enough said.
I wanna blast this through the loud speakers of a 150-bedroom palace.

5) Kings of Tomorrow - "Changes (R&B mix)"
Everyone has felt like this.
If you don't feel the words, you my friend need to "go thru some changes."

6) SiSe - "The Rain (Where Do I Begin)"
New spin on the Oran "Juice" Jones classic.
"That's right, I chilled" lol.
Youtube the original if you dont get the reference.

7) Sebastien Tellier - "La Ritournelle"
I can't pronounce the title...but I can pronounce DOPE (song and video)!

Deep breaths to all,

P.S. S/O to LMo and Jai for allowing me to share with yall.


Is you rolling?

So the young boy Wiz Khalifa make it on to the cover of Rolling Stone. Props.
Last year I would have never imagined this success so soon for him.
Always thought he was dope, but I figured it would be a while before other people got hip.
Guess not lol.

How yal like his hair?
I kinda dig it.
It's much better than his super fade back in the day.

Check out some of his other magazine covers:

He better stop looking so cute on that Honey cover lol.

One love shoppers,

P.S. When Wiz shouted us out!