Super Moon.

Just as I got breaking news of Japan's major 8.9 earthquake (and the subsequent tsunamis in the Ring of Fire), I was ironically reading articles about this Super Moon phenomena.

According to astrologer Richard Noelle, March 19, the day of the Super Moon, could very well be a day of disaster.

The moon will be at its closest approach to Earth in its elliptical orbit, and it will also be closer to Earth than it's been in 18 years.

Noelle says the moon's gravitational pull will cause earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and other great disasters.

Many scientists don't believe chaos will ensue, and I don't want to either, but man, the timing of Japan's earthquake isn't helping refute Noelle's theory...AT ALL.

Previous Super Moons have occurred in 1955, 1974, 1992, and 2005.
Notice: Those have been years of extreme weather events.
For example, the Indonesian tsunami of 2004 hit just 2 weeks before the Super Moon of 2005.

Eerie as hell.

What do you guys think will happen on March 19?

And if you'd like to read more about the impending Super Moon, check out an article here


Shoutout to a past professor of mine who actually lived and studied in Japan.
He's the one who got me interested in geography and weather related events.
Blessings to Japan and The Ring of Fire, if anyone can handle an earthquake, it's probably them.

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