Studio 54

I was looking at the new fashion trends for Spring 2011, and came across a picture of 70s style icon Bianca Jagger.
She was, of course, at Studio 54.
Got me thinking...I wish I could have been there.
If H.G. Wells would lend me his time machine, that's definately one of the many places I'd hit up.

If you were in New York in the 70s and 80s, you wanted to be at Studio 54.
Studio 54 was a place to see and be seen with the social elite.
Did I forget to mention it was crazy as hell and most of the people went to get high and naked?
Yea. Talk about a party.

Can you imagine kicking it with all those crazy people?
The most iconic celebrities like Micheal Jackson, Andy Warhol, KISS, Madonna, Rick James, Mick & Bianca Jagger, Grace Jones, Cher and etc?

I, my friend, would have been a maniac!
*cues up old video of me in '07


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