Jello ankles.

Last night me & Amanze went to the Kevin Hart show in Richmond.
The shenanigans were on full blast.
The opening acts were hilarious and Kevin Hart, naturally, was Kevin Hart.

The funniest part of the night was not the show at all, it was ya girl.
I got a new pair of 5 or 6 inch pumps that I wanted to break in.
Too bad I had to walk like 5 blocks to get to the damn venue...on cobble stone...in the rain!

I bout lost my life last night. Real talk.
Even though the circumstances were jacked up (for me to be wearing shoes like that), I blame the shoes.

I honestly feel like nobody could ever walk in those things.
They just didn't make them right.
I felt like a damn Weeble.
You know...Weebles.

You can basically just imagine my head on one of those little Weebles.
It was awful yal. Never ever again.

I now know how this girl was feeling lol.


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