Music Monday 3.14.11

1) Lupe- "All Black Everything"
This is one of my favorite songs on Lasers.
It makes me feel like I'm in a fairy tale or something.

2) Graffiti 6- "This Man"
Graffiti 6 is one of my favorite new bands.
Not only does the lead singer look like a model, but that young man has a voice!
Also check out "Annie you save me" and "Over you."
You guys will not be dissapointed.

3) Dom Kennedy- "Bet You Want Me Now"
Dom keeps it nice and smooth with this track from his new mixtape.
Download is new mixtape "Original Dom Kennedy" here.

4) Pac Div- "Take me high"
Pac Div delivers another sexy tune for us.
And just in time for the weather to start getting nice.
Download his new mixtape "Mania" here.

5) Cool Calm Pete- "Wishes and Luck"
@TheeSkipper put me on this guy while we were trading music on Twitter.
And I must say... I'm not mad at it!
There's no way I would have known he was Asian if I just heard this on the radio.

One Love,

1) Zoo Kid-"Out Getting Ribs"
You'll fall in love.

2) Adele-"Rolling In Deep (Jaime xx Shuffle)
Danced to this last week at Community Service.
Twas lovely...

3) The Doobie Brothers-"Black Water"
One of favorite Doobie Brothers songs.
You'll just want to chill at dusk and light one to this.

4) King-"The Story"
I adore these ladies.
My homie January put me on, and I cant get enough.
The group, which consist of Minneapolis bred twins (Paris and Amber) and L.A. native, Anita, is just refreshing.
To download the EP (which was written and fully produced by the group), click here.

5) Javelin-"We Ah Wi"


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