Totally Rad.

The Theophilus London show at UStreet Music Hall in DC was freaking AWESOME!
If you're on the fence about his music, just do yourself a favor and go to a show. I'm telling you, his energy is so exciting and refreshing.
Me, Amanze, & Sennay went last month and oh boy...that young man was rocking! His way of moving is just so adorable.
On top of that, he kept telling us how "Fuc%ing rad" we were. Boosted my self esteem a couple notches lol.
And on top of that, it was his effing birthday and his first show in DC. Ya girl was hype! When 12AM hit, we all sung him happy birthday and rocked out to "H.A.M." by Ye & Jay-Z.
I should have taken a video, but I was caught in the moment.
At least I got pics. :)


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