Wally Wally World.

SMH at them.

Did anyone else just want to burst into oblivion.
That's what I do when things are outlandish and completely ridiculous...I burst into oblivion.
Or when I'm hot, but anywho.

Who would even write this song?
Are they all mentally retarded?...the guy AND his two booty bouncing female minions?
They must be, because the only way I'm booty dancing in a bra and booty shorts in Walmart, is when Kanye is directing the video lol.

I only have a couple questions:

1)How in the hell did they pull this off?
They're in the store clearly shooting a video.
And on top of that, it's in the middle of the freaking day and they turned Walmart parking lot into a club.
Broad effing daylight.

2)Who is the "healthy" girl in the black they thought they could just sneak in the video at :40 ?
Bless her heart.

3)Was anyone else waiting for that girl to fall off the cart?
They need to release bloopers for this video. I'm sure its on there!

4)Lyrical content is off the chain. (not a question lol)
She making grocery.
She got Louisiana Purchase card.
She buying pantyhose.
She buying douche.
Ra-Ring it up.

I'm gonna start randomly yelling out "Ra-Ring it up!"
Just to be disrespectful.
Then I'll giggle to myself and walk away.


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