Music Monday 4.25.11

1) The Morning Benders-"Oh Annie"
This song deserves the world. Beautiful...

2) Donald Byrd-"Cristo Redentor"
I've listened to this on repeat countless times.
A timeless beauty.

3) Interpol-"Obstace 1"
My brother and I rocked out to this song on Easter.
Christ our Lord, has risen.

4) Ceu-? (A Cidade Dos Homens)

It took me ages to find this song!
It played during the credits of "City of Men", but wasn't on the "official soundtrack".
I knew that was Ceu singing, but the song doesn't even have an title. I would spend hours trying to decipher Portuguese music conversations on Brasilian message boards (and I don't speak Portuguese). Then one day, maybe a year or so later, this Youtube clip just practically found me.
I guess life just works that way. Ha.

5) Mos Def / Little Dragon - "Fat Booty, No Love" Remix by LMNtal
A smooth twist Mos Def's classic record.
The ending was dope, but if LMNtal would've mixed Little Dragon between a few verses?
This song would've been like Jayne Kennedy, word bond.


1) Frank Ocean: Novacane

This song is so addictive.
Ama put me on Frank Ocean a little while ago, and I DIG. Totally.

2) Britney Spears: Inside Out
Britney's new album "Femme Fatale" is doing it for me.
This girl delivers. Nuff said.

3) Curren$y: BBS
He is real good for rapping over the smoothest of beats.
If you like this song, go download Curren$y's new mixtape "Covert Coup."
The entire tape is really groovy.
It was honestly hard for me to pick just one.

4) Freelance Whales: Hannah
I was watching some countdown show the other week and this song popped up.
I thought it was cute.


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