Happy Birthday, and R.I.P, to the legend that is Marvin Gaye.


Marvin had it all.
Not only was he the coolest motherfucker in the room at any given time, but the man had soul, substance and most of all, untouchable, unique talent.

The words and music he created were beautiful.
All these other goobers on the radio claiming to be R&B "artists" should be boycotted.
The state of black music (and music in general) is shameful (and it's so apparent when you listen to music of the past in comparison).
We've lost our soul along the way.

But anyway, besides being an incredible artist, Marvin also had style, sex appeal and this beautiful radiance.
My mom was addicted to Marvin Gaye as a kid, and looking back, I don't blame her one little bit.
I've been watching his videos for the past hour, and in that short time, I have decided that I too am in love with Marvin Gaye, and that he would have had no problem getting my V-Card (with unlimited swipes).

So in celebration, here are a few Marvin Gaye songs to vibe out to:

1) "Got To Give It Up"
I don't care if I happen to marry an Orthodox Jew, my future husband and I are dancing to this song at least one Sunday per month (preferably in the kitchen while making brunch).

2) "Is That Enough"
Come on, you can't deny this.
And fellow Three 6 Mafia fans, I think we all recognize that little beat (yep).

3) "I Want You"
Why'd he have to moan on the track like that, though?
And word to Theophilus London for the solid remake

4)"Mercy, Mercy Me"
He predicted the future. The lyrics are so relevant that it's creepy.

5) "Whats Going On"
Such an powerful, classic song of the times.
Sidenote: This is the kind of music we should be consuming and demanding.
It's empowering. And black people were so cool back then. Style and soul...



P.S. And he's an Aries, too? Please.

P.P.S. Damn, black men are beautiful.