Ultimo frustración.

Question: Do you understand how frustrating it is when you hear a song that you love and you can't find it?
Answer: Hella frustrating.

Ive gone through the "courting" process with a good amount of songs, but there are 5 that damn near led me to a bout of insanity. lol

1. Zero 7 "Destiny"
- In my opinion, this is ultimate baby-making music and it's one of my Top 5 favorite songs.
It started haunting me in 2001 and I finally found it in 2003.
2. Brazilian Girls "Don't Stop"
- I spent hours in music forums looking for this little diddy in highschool. Chill song.
3. Citizen Cope "Suns Gonna Rise"
- I heard this in a Pontiac commercial that I only saw once back in 2005. Took me a minute to find it, but he's one of my favorite artist. They use Citizen Cope in everything!
4. Simple Red "Sunrise"
-Watch the video for pure awkwardness and sexiness!
Everyone in the video is sexy as hell except for the singer. He's just effin creepy. lol

But there was a final song that has been haunting me.
I found it on myspace back in 2007 and I have a program that "ripped" 75% of the song, but being a doe-doe head, I didn't write the artist down.
Whenever I play it, someone always ask where they could find it and I never knew the answer until now...

I present...
Fitzroy ft. Emon "Malibu Cranberry Juice"

(I suggest you play the entire song here)

I love this song, so smoooooth.
You should check out Fitzroy's mixtape "Recess" that dropped in 2007, pretty good tuneage on there.

sigh: I feel so liberated.


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