1)...when your parents make you select your own belt.
2)...if you have a Tweety Bird, Winnie the Pooh and/or Minnie Mouse tattoo.
3)... when you still have a BlackPlanet account.
4)...if you pronounce "Now and Laters" like "Nowalatas" and "polish sausage" like "polasausage".
5)...when your basic food groups consist of cereal, Ramon Noodles, hot pickles, Chicosticks, hotsauce and Red Hot Riplets.
6)...when you can understand this sentence,"Cut the switch in the liberry." aka "Turn the light on in the library." lol
7)...when your 2 yr. old cousin can do the stanky leg but can barely talk.
8)...when you still rock Tommy Girl and Baby Phat.
9)...when you go to the store with your hair wrapped and youre wearing house shoes and pajama pants like it's no big deal.
10)...when you know those neighborhood crackheads by name and you speak everytime.
11)...when you holla at girls by their shirt color and/or complexion. "Ay blue shirt!" "Ay light skin!"
12)...if Gucci Mane, Plies, OJ Da Juiceman and Jeezy are your favorite rappers.
13)...if you have ever been a "play mama" "play daughter" or "play cousin"
14)...when Pizza Hut wont deliver. lol
15)...if you didn't know the suburbs existed.
16)..."You finna axe dem how to do that dance cause they kilt it!" lol
17)...when youre looking forward to the Frankie and Neffe show.
18)...when your baby has on the latest J's yet you're struggling to pay the light bill.
19)...when you voted for Obama and stay rocking his gear but don't know any of his policies. Bold20)...when you leave with more than 3 plates from the BBQ. lol
21)...when you truly believe in your heart of hearts that "Five Star Chick" was written about you.
22)...when you feel feelings and have an Uncle Bebo! @hazelbrwnjenski @LMO4 lmao.
23)Bold...when you jump in my pics and I dont know who the hell you are! Why negros? lol
24)...when you wear a "Stop Snitching" t-shirt.
25)...when you drink Mad Dog and 211s. lol @BJordan211 @LMO4
26)...if you buy a shirt that says "Michael Jackson was my nigga" @the_asamp wtf homie? lol
27)...if you drink this!

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P.S. Growing up in East St.Louis, IL really came in handy for this "trending topic" huh? lol


  1. I promise I didn't see your twitter inspired title until now... Did see my last post title? I promise we have a friendship written in the stars! Haha...

  2. Yeah I saw it. lol
    I did another one called #howdareu or something like that.

    And yeah, you are not lying!
    I read your stuff tripping out cause I swear I think/say the exact things. lol

  3. Oh yeah and I was on the Made Monarchs site and saw a pic of some dude humping this statue in the Central West End and was like,"Wierd, I have a picture of me doing the same shit!"
    Turns out that dude is you.
    Way to freak me out even more. lol