Music Monday. 11.2.09

In celebration of that dude (aka Wiz Khalifa's) mixtape ("Burn After Rolling") dropping, we are dedicating this Music Monday to him!

On my birthday, July 29, Wiz had a show in STL, but I couldnt attend.
(I was in ATL for my internship where I got to stuff like this. ow.)
But my sister, LMo, and some other friends went.
Leslie drove two hours to get to the show which ended up getting shut down.
(Venue jealouused him for smoking. Have you never heard a Wiz song? It's expected cuz. lol)
But they still met up with him afterwards and got to chill.

I ended up talking to him on the phone for a good minute.
He wished me a Happy Birthday, did an authentic Wiz Khalifa,"Okkkaaaaay!" and is basically an all around cool dude/sweetheart.
But I was like,"Dude, just Tweet my sister @LMO4 for my birthday. It will make her life." and eventually he did.
Now they have this strange "Vampire Society" inside joke thing on Twitter and theyre cool.
(I guess they are both dorks with that Vampire Society thing? IDK. lol jk)
But naw, he's cool as hell AND his music is sick as hell!
(as we've said a million times on this blog)

Also, he shops The Clearance Aisle:

So if you havent done so, download "Burn After Rolling" here not now, but right now!

Sidenote: Alot of these songs are kinda old, but they are still fire nonetheless...

1) Wiz Khalifa-"When You Find"
If you dont find this song dope, do me a favor and click that X at the top of the screen and get the fuck off our blog.
Your kind are not welcome. lol

2) Wiz Khalifa-"Miles"
This beat needs a warning from the Surgeon General; it's that sick! (and yes, Im that corny. lol)
Both Leslie and I complained about the fact that this song is far too short, but then I understood that nigga is not stupid...
With a beat this ill, it's better to let it speak for you and let it ride out...

3) Wiz Khalifa-"Say You Will Freestyle"
Check that Biggie rhyme. lol

4) Wiz Khalifa-"The Thrill"
LMo Music Monday'ed this last week.
Of course, you cant go wrong rapping over Empire of the State...
"The show is far. You the only one with a car with yo girlfriends, but being that she's a big fan of course she made it..."

5) Wiz Khalifa "B.A.R"

P.S. Okaaaaaaaay!

P.P.S. Yeahhhhh bitch!

P.P.P.S. Go cop his album "Deal or No Deal" when it drops 11.24.09.


  1. damn, that is crazy(dope) as fuck jai... leslie is smiling like a mofo in that pick haha!!! hell naw...

  2. Thanks internet brother. lol
    She was so geeked!
    Her and some friends made it out to chill with him a few months ago and of course, I couldnt go that time either. Jealouus'd! Im never gonna be able to meet that nigga. lol

  3. ahhhhhh!!! i'm jealous!!

    that tis' all.. lol

  4. LMAO!! That was my first time meeting him, so dont do me! lol. But yea he's that nigga

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  6. p.s. do the 2 pictures at the bottom get anybody else WEAK?!!?!? LOL