No smoking sign.

Real talk, Nicki Minaj has one of the craziest (and when I say "craziest", I mean weirdest) voice/facial expression combo's on Earth.

It's so hard not to watch her though, because no rapper in their right mind would ever think about looking like she does when she spits.

It's like she turns into this right before she starts rapping, lol:

I just don't understand it, but hey.
This video is the perfect example of how she just does the most.

(peep how all the guys are looking at her like.."She serious!?")

I can't get enough of how she says "No smoking sign."
She's such a damn cartoon. lol

P.S. Sorry Im late.
I drafted this post a while ago and forgot about it :/



  1. hahahaha "no smoking sign" slays me everytime!! you gotta have a certain level of respect for someone who can do what she does without a second thought about it. i could NEVER EVER EVER EVER *craig in friday after next voice* be able to subject myself to do something, anything, like that.

    you were nicki for halloween, right Lmo? when are those pics coming? lol

  2. P.S. Does she inhale helium before she spits cause damn thats a tiny voice.
    I love when she says,"YEAH!" at the very end.
    So hard.

    And Joe killed it.
    They all did pretty much.

  3. lmao.. her facial expressions kill me i dnt knock her style its original and it shows that she is really i mean REALLY feeling every word she spits but.. c'mon son!!!

  4. wait a minute now, miss jai. am i sensing a bit of tolerant appreciation for the harajuku barbie from you? lol

  5. Man yal I used to really dislike Nicki Minaj but its something about her that entrigues me now lol. I just like to watch her be crazy(no lesbo lol). But hopefully Jai puts the pics up from Halloween asap bc I surely was Nicki for Halloween. I thought it was funny lol. I spit this crazy freestyle too..yal gon laugh.

  6. Also, let me just say that Budden killed that.