Music Monday. 11.09.09

1) Robin Thicke ft Nicki Minaj-"Shakin It For Daddy"
That nigga Nicki is starting to grow on me.
I think its the fact that she's retarded lol...
and sometimes you can't help but stare at retarded people.

2) Curren$y-"Life Under the Scope"
I love the vibe of this song and the video.
Super refreshing.

3) Jamie Foxx ft Gucci Mane-"Speak French"
Gucci Mane is officially the Tpain of this year bc he is on everybody's song!
I love when he comes in the song tho.

4) Neako-"Cold Shoulder"
Me and Neako are cool on Twitter (@Neako), and he put me on his mixtape:The Rubix Cube Blue Edition Mixtape.
I like.



1) Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum and Durr-"You Cant Blame Me"
If you downloaded the "Burn After Rolling" mixtape, chances are youve had this song stuck in your head without even hearing the sample song Wiz Khalifa used on "When You Find".
Well here it is.
The original is the un-jealouus!

2) Heatwave-"Star Story"
LMo featured this song in a post a little while ago but I had to put it up again.
Ive been listening to it non-stop lately; the vibes are so lovely.
I even proposed to my best friends bicep, which I named "Bucky the Bicep", while this song was playing.
I was on some (*_*) stuff, of course. lol

3) The Joker-"Blow Ya Back Out"
Ive been bumping this song forever and we listened to it all night on my 21st birthday (7/29/08 was pure, random craziness fyi, lol)!
Still love it.


Welcome our special guest Music Monday Blogger:
Dru Dynamite

1)Cop shoot Cop- Migration

2) The Black Ghosts- Full moon

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