Music Mondays. 10.19.09

1) Duck Sauce-"aNYway"
I am loving this video and Im guessing you will to.
Armand Van Helden & A-TRAK present this throwback to the 70s ...

P.S. Data Records drops the record 10.26.09.

2) Drake-"Fear"
I know this song isnt new but it set me back right with Drake.
I started to stray from him as a fan.
Alot of people dont understand where Im coming from when I complain about the "new" Drake hype and say that "he got too big too fast", but I think alot of the "OG Drake-heads" know where I'm coming from.
I feel like Drake made this record for the "OG's" like me; the ones who were bumping him religiously back in 2004/2005 before Lil Wayne co-signed and made it okay to like him.
I know he says "Thank me later" but I'll thank him now for this one...

3) Empire of the Sun "We are the People"
Anything Empire of the Sun related is legit, as is this.
As I mentioned here, if you havent jumped on EOTS's music, you are fooling yourself.
Nobody likes a fool.

4) The Fashion-"Solo Impala"
While driving to school today (and I was late as ever, mind you) I ran through some of my older playlist and this lil diddy popped up.
I used to rock out to this song, hard.

5) Mariah Carey-"Standing O"
Mariah Carey's latest CD "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" is dope.
Before this CD, I didn't even like her music anymore, but this has brought me back in.
You can play the entire thing all the way through (well almost, I still skip over "Obsessed" ha).
And I swear, it will have you hating niggas and then you'll turn around wanting to fall in love on the next track. lol
But I really love and can relate to this song "Standing O".
When Leslie put me on this CD, she was like,"This song reminds me of you." anddddd unfortunately, it does. lol



1) Wiz Khalifa- Wiz Khalifa vs. Empire of the Sun
This is Wiz's version of "Walking on a Dream" that JUST dropped today.
I can't wait for "Burn after Rolling"
Click here to listen and download.

2) Wiz Khalifa- This Plane
I love Wiz.
Be sure to look out for his upcoming album "Deal or No Deal" releasing November 24.
"Middle finger, screaming f#$k them niggas who hate it"

3)Wale- Let Loose(Inhibitions) ft. Pharrell
On Twitter, @Wale said "let loose" was my own leak that I wanted to give to all the #prettygirls who support me. "
This song isn't on the album, which drops November 10th,
but best believe if this is the stuff he's giving away, then the album will be crack!
Click here to listen to it.

4)Big Boi ft Gucci Mane- Shine Blockas
This the kind of stuff I been waiting for, off the new album.
Bout time Big Boi or Dre jumped back on the scene.

5) Leighton Meester ft Robin Thicke- Somebody to Love
I like this lil song :)
It's real happy and upbeat.
Something about the verse reminds me of Gwen Stefani..hmm.



  1. Im totally feelin u on the drake comment, he has changed and only the OG fans like you said would know. Alot of his fans now don't even know what he sounds like before So Far Gone and I love So Far Gone but I play his previous stuff more often, prolly cuz they play that cd to death on the radio and ive been hearing those songs lolz.

    But I also really liked the new music u guys put on here good lookin, I love the clearance aisle =]

  2. Yeah Comeback Season is still my ish and "Come Winter" is still my fav. Drake song...
    And thanks girl and we love you too!

  3. Aww thanks :)

    And Jai: why did u move my MM to second..I so wrote mine first, next time, know your place hoe!!