There is no ceilings; there is only sky.

Wayne has done it again.
He's on his "Da Drought 3" shit mannnnnnn.

I'm happy I can actually say that Wayne is one of my favorite rappers again (like he was back from 2004-2008).

He fell off so hard to me to this year.
All that auto-tune and "martian talk" had me looking at him sideways.

As I said here, back in a August 2009 post:
"Can Wayne's egregious ass go one bar without mentioning anything martian and/or outerspace related?!
Someone needs to quickly give him this patch cause damn homie...
(in highschool he was the man homie)

But, this "No Ceilings" is a real good look for Wayne.
Gooooood looking.

Listen and download here:

P.S. Is it me or do most of these beats sound doper than they did on the original song?
Just saying.


  1. all i have to say is welcome back weezy.

    and you're right, lol.

  2. I agree so much! I loved everything about Lil Wayne prior to 2009. I was reluctant to download this but Im happy I did. Lil Wayne's mixtapes are always better than his commercial stuff. I hope we get the real Weezy back for the next album tho.

    p.s. I LOVE Halloween theme.

  3. I know!
    Mixtape Weezy > Commercial Weezy
    And thanks!