Say it ain't so hoe.

So according to the New York Post, Rihanna and Aubrey Graham Cracker aka Drake were seen making out all night at some bowling alley/lounge in NYC on Monday night.

Come on Rihanna.
First my boo Shia and now Drake?
Do you have to eff with all the fly Jewish boys that hold a special place in my heart? lol

I already had beef with Rihanna but this story just makes me want to light up my grill and cook it...well done. lol

Drake, flatter me.
How about you hook up with someone like, I don't know, Adrienne Bailon?
She's hella pretty,down to earth and all around cool.
Do that for me.

Anywho, read below for more details:
"The pair were locked at the lips for most of the event, as they drank the night away.
'She was drinking whiskey and apple juice and making out with him all night,' a spy claimed. 'They were really cute together.' They reportedly left together at 12 a.m."


  1. ChallahBack5/21/09, 5:09 PM

    this is right here ruined my b-day but he denied it this morning

  2. Adrienne is taken by that Kardashian boy. How about... me? lol


  3. Adrienne is taken by that Kardashian boy, isn't she? How about... me? lol

  4. lol naw I think they broke up. And hey as long as you a cool chick (as if I have any say in real life, lm a fool lmao)

  5. WHACK! She needs to go elsewhere. I sound so bitter. Lol

  6. niggy..i AM bitter!! lol lets start a facebook group!!! lmao jk