Music Monday: 04.23.12

1. Lianne La Havas: "Forget"
This chick is up next.
Another UK artist about to leave her mark in the music industry.

She has amazing voice control, and sounds (is) beautiful live with just her and her guitar.

I downloaded her free EP "Live in LA" here, and then immediately bought her EP "Lost and Found" off iTunes....and I don't "buy" anything.

This is the official video for "Forget", but I prefer it live. The live version is below as well.

2. Jono McCleery: "Fears"
This was the first song I heard of his; and I instantly became a fan.

His album "There Is" became available last year, and it's quite enjoyable from what I've heard already.
His first album was released independently and partly funded by Vashti Bunyan.

His tone...there's something about it that I really like.
He's also from the UK...London specifically.

3. Danny Brown: "XXX"
Danny Brown...what a kid.
His style is sometimes reminiscent of Eminem to me and even Wu Tang  ...not sure why.
But I like it.

This song in particular is hype and just in your freaking face.
Which is pretty much what he is in general...crazy(looking) and in your face.

I just fear that he's gonna get out of control with the drugs and end up messing his life up.
The stars don't seem to know how much is too much.

*Cues up "Die Like a Rock Star"

Download Danny Brown's mixtape "XXX"  here.

4. Sade: "No Ordinary Love"
Let's throw a little Sade in there.
Just for good measure. ;)

5. Mac Miller: "Fight the Feeling" ft. Kendrick Lamar
Great song.
It gives me the exact feeling I love in music.
Light yet fully bodied, slightly dazed, and surprisingly crisp...especially when Kendrick breaks through the beat.


Download Mac Miller's mixtape "Macadelic" here.

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